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Young Sherlock – 少年神探狄仁杰

Young Sherlock – 少年神探狄仁杰
Genre(s): Historical, Mystery, Romance, Martial Arts, Detective
Release: Jun 19, 2014 – Jul 6, 2014
Episode(s): 40
Country: China
Broadcast: BTV
Director(s): Lin Feng
Cast: Bosco Wong, Ma Tian Yu, Qi Wei, Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong


At the height of Tang dynasty, a young man named Di Ren Jie went to the capital to take an imperial examination. During the test, he stopped an assassination attempt against Empress Wu’s life. Seeing his bravery and quick thinking, the empress ordered him to investigate the incident.

Young Sherlock tells of a series of thrilling and cryptic cases faced by 26-year-old protagonist Di Renjie (Bosco Wong). With him on his travels are his close friend Wang Yuanfang (Ma Tianyu), medical expert and love interest Li Wanqing (Stephy Qi), and childhood friend Tong Mengyao (Cindy Sun). Together, the four unravel various bizarre mysteries that take place during the Tang Dynasty.

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