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Pure Bird Husband Is Not Reliable

Pure Bird Husband Is Not Reliable
Other names: 纯禽老公不靠谱
Author: Jiǒng jiǒng yǒu yāo
Genre: romance
Release: 2016
Status: Ongoing


Provide the latest chapters about the unreliable husband of the pure bird. The unreliable husband of the pure bird is a work of embarrassing and demon.

[” From today on, I will take over your life.”-Uncle Cold Teach a Rebellious Girl] As a senior in high school, marrying a man who has just met and is eight years older than herself is probably the grandest in her life. A rebellion. The reason is very simple. People she hates are against it, so she won’t refuse! At the moment of agreeing to that man, the overwhelming hatred on his sister’s face and the questioning of her parents gave her a kind of perverted pleasure. Have fun and enjoy!

Enjoy the taste of depravity, especially this depravity can make them feel painful! [1] “Bird-beast! I’m still a high school student!” “An Jiu, if I still don’t respond, then it’s not as good as a bird-beast! Besides, is there a high school student as old as you?” You! Old!” [2] “Smoke?” “Absolutely not!” “I’m not old enough to lose my taste! This month’s pocket money is deducted five hundred.” “Why!” “Drinking is deducted 1,000 “You’re not a human!” “You curse three hundred in one word.” “…” “If you let me see you go on a blind date again, all pocket money will be deducted, and I will be compensated for 3,000 yuan for mental damage. If I don’t have money, I will also Don’t mind the compensation.” “…”


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