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Baby genius: This president, I want it! (End of text)

Baby genius: This president, I want it! (End of text)
Other names: 天才宝宝:这个总裁,我要了!(完结正文)
Author: Jiǒng jiǒng yǒu yāo
Genre: romance
Release: 2016
Status: Ongoing


This article is the final text of vip, and I will make another document outside! !
Who said that rabbits don’t eat grass at the edge of the nest, Xia Yuxun has decided to eat his grass! A childhood sweetheart for more than ten years, she will live at the age of three, give her first kiss when she is ten, and be his chief executive’s bodyguard at twenty, so that the bamboo horse can be ridden by others, so her martial arts career for so many years is considered a hairy? Look at her green plum squeezing a bamboo horse! However, the sad reminder that, seemingly far from start to finish oppressed are their own ……


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