Men Of Honor (2000)

after Carl was crippled, he and Sunday team up against the system. Unexpectedly unified. There has never been any face. Dare to twitch the tiger’s tentacles before. This rebellious senior officer helps Carl fight the naval system, overcome his disability, and make new history. For the army to inscribe By the time he reached his retirement age, Carl was regarded as Master Diver and Master Chief, the highest honor. That the Navy had given to civilians.

A black US Navy recruit resolves to overcome racism and become the force’s first black diver, even after losing a leg.

Men Of Honor (2000)
Also known as: ยอดอึดประดาน้ำ เกียรติยศไม่มีวันตาย
Genre(s): Drama, Movies
Director: George Tillman Jr.
Country: USA
Release: 2000

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