What Lies Beneath (2000)

Claire moves with Norman to his old house, where she experiences disturbing supernatural activity. Soon, she discovers a shocking truth about her husband and Madison, his student who is dead.

The wife of scientist Dr. Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford), a university professor, believes her Vermont lake house has been haunted, or she is thinking. The unusual story begins when Claire tells him he hears a mysterious voice and sees a picture of a young woman in their home, and sees her fear as a misunderstanding. Until she saw more and more unusual things.

What Lies Beneath
Also known as:  ซ่อนอะไรใต้ความหลอน
Genre(s): Thriller, Horror
Country: USA
Release: July 21, 2000 (USA)
Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Amber Valletta

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