Riddick 1 Pitch Black

A horror story about a crew member and a passenger in a trans-space ship who accidentally crashes into a barren, arid planet where the sun never sets. But the moment that the victims experienced it was exactly the same as the solar class of the star system. The first thing that frightens everyone is that the vehicle is loaded with a deadly and extremely dangerous prisoner named “Riddik” and when the “Riddik” cage is released, he is ready to become a time bomb that can Kill people easily.

But when the darkness and the solar class arrive, everyone makes a more terrifying discovery than the “Riddik”, that is, the “horde of sharks”, whose origins feed in the dark and ready to devour. There is everything in the way of life. The only survivor in the transport vehicle is “Using the devil to fight the devil” so the brutal “Riddik” became the hope of all survivors.

Riddick 1 Pitch Black
Also known as: ฝูงค้างคาวฉลามสยองจักรวาล
Genre(s): Action, Thriller
Country: USA
Release: 2000

Categories: Movies, Oversea Movies

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