The Taste of Time

Taste Bud Time Machine is a Chinese food program produced by Singapore U Channel. Hong Kong TVB has introduced a Cantonese version. CH01 Some people continue to improve on the original basis of roasted pigs; some people stick to the traditional burning method and are unwilling to compromise with reality. In Singapore and Malaysia, roasted pigs and roasted meat have been integrated into the customs and daily life of the major places of origin. In the first episode of “Taste Bud Time Machine”, we can see the historical evolution of roast pig from the Central Plains to Lingnan and then to Nanyang.

This episode will go to Singapore-Malaysia Pahang Lam Ming-Hong Kong New Territories-Guangdong Jieyong Sham Tseng-Guangdong Qingyuan, Guangdong Guangzhou, Liwan-Hong Kong Wan Chai-Singapore, to see the hemp skin and light skin roasted pigs everywhere, to see the various burning methods, open flames , Dark fire, hanging stove, machine burning, charcoal burning, wood kiln burning, deep well litchi burning, underground furnace burning, oven burning, etc., under ancient methods and innovations, roast pigs, suckling pigs, roast pork and barbecued pork everywhere .

Taste Bud Time Machine
Also known as: 味蕾时光机, The Taste of Time
Genre(s): Gourmet, life, history, Show
Country: Singapore
Episode(s): N/A
Release: 2015
Starring: N/A

Categories: Variety Show

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