Beauty Private Kitchen – 美人私房菜

Song Yu Die, a renowned chef in the Jiangnan area, was actually a lost Song Dynasty princess. She grew up among the commoners and learned her trade from her adoptive mother. Just when she was about to marry her childhood sweetheart, she got entangled in a warfare between a Song prince and a Jin general. To settle the conflicts between the two countries, she left her beloved to marry her country’s enemy.

During the Northern Song Dynasty, the prince Zhao Yuanqing, who came to Hangzhou to supervise the transportation of grain and grass, occasionally got to know Song Yudie, the beautiful chef of Tianxianglou, through Cuju, and was enamored with her. At this time, Yudie was about to marry his righteous brother Li Ma who had returned from Xuewu. The Wanyan Tribe sent General Wanyan Zeli to follow Zhao Yuanqing and serve. He was killed by machine, and Wanyan Zeli set fire to Tianxiang Tower during the hunt. At the same time, Li Ma was sent to jail for injuring Lin Jier’s food inspector who almost defiled Lin Jier. Yudie failed to rescue Li Ma, but saw the Tianxiang Tower turned into ashes, and went straight to the capital to ask Zhao Yuanqing to explain.

Zhao Yuanqing learned that Yudie was extremely guilty and promised to rescue Li Ma. Soon, Concubine Qin accidentally discovered that Yudie was her daughter who disappeared 18 years ago. At this time, Wanyan Zeli took the opportunity to propose to the court to “marry” Yudie. In order to save Yudie who was in Wanyan Daying, Li Ma self-destroyed his appearance, mixed into Wanyan Daying, inside and outside, and finally Wanyan Zeli and others wipe out. When the war subsided, Li Ma was going back to Hangzhou to reopen the Tianxiang Tower. As everyone knows, Zhao Yuanqing had already opened the Tianxiang Tower. When the new store opened, Yudie and others suddenly appeared. Since then, the beautiful chef Song Yudie and Li Matthew have been together for a hundred years.

Beauty Private Kitchen – 美人私房菜
Also Known As: Mei Ren Si Fang Cai
Genre(s): Food, Historical, Romance, Wuxia
Director: Liang Xinquan
Writer: Bai Tong
Country: China Mainland
Episode(s): 50
Broadcast: Anhui TV
Release: Dec 4, 2016 – Dec 28, 2016
Starring: Zheng Shuang, Ma Tianyu, Jiang Yi, Wu Qijiang, Wang Chun, Yuan Qiongdan, Bai Yu

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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