Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 5 Plot

Li Ma used Jin Sui’s principle of getting heat to cook for Zhao Yuanqing. Zhao Yuanqing and Gong Gonggong were convinced by the scene in front of them. Zhao Yuanqing hoped that Yudie would be able to drive Tianxianglou to the capital and let him follow him into Beijing, but Yudie directly refused. After Yudie refused Zhao Yuanqing and was about to leave, Zhao Yuanqing followed Yudie to persuade her, hoping that she could change her mind. At this time, Wanyan Zeli was hiding in the corner and staring at them, only when the time came.

Start with Zhao Yuanqing. Because this was the matter of Yudie and Zhao Yuanqing, it was inconvenient for Zhou Xiang to follow them. He could only look at them from a distance. Wanyan Zeli and others started to do it when they saw the opportunity. Later Zhou Xiang found that something was wrong and hurried forward to protect the driver. Zhao Yuanqing was rescued, Wanyan Zeli and others lost to Zhou Xiang and left quickly. Zhao Yuanqing was injured because of protecting Yudie. Li Ma wanted to keep Tianxiang Tower but was deceived by shopkeeper Sun. Shopkeeper Sun learned that Song Wusao had neither a land deed nor an IOU, so he took Qian Er to Tianxiang Tower and told Wusao everything, and Let her move out of here within three days. Wusao knew that the deceased husband and Qian Er’s father had a lot of friendship.

Thinking of the relationship between the deceased husband and Qian Er’s father, Song Wusao didn’t break her face with Qian Er, so she could only agree with the shopkeeper Sun. Unreasonable request, Song Wusao intends to use the remaining three days to manage Tianxianglou. Zhao Yuanqing learned about this accidentally from Guier, so he just persuaded Song Wusao to take Yudie and others to open Tianxiang Tower in the capital, but Wusao refused him.

After all, this is their home, even if Tianxiang Tower does not have them. Not wanting to leave Hangzhou City, Zhao Yuanqing had no choice but to make an agreement to investigate the matter, trying to help them. Li Ma still did not give up investigating the matter. He felt that there must be a reason for Qian Er to take back the Tianxiang Building soon after he arrived in Hangzhou, so he had been following Qian Er secretly to investigate and asked Lin Jier to help himself. Sure enough, he found that Qian Er went to shopkeeper Sun to ask for money, and he was threatened by Qian Er in taking back the Tianxiang Building without thinking about it. So he asked someone to get rid of Qian Er. Fortunately, Li Ma discovered the conspiracy of treasurer Sun.

After being stabbed, he was rescued in time and taken back to Tianxiang Tower to recuperate. At the same time, Lin Jier found out Qian Er’s childhood sweetheart, Chang Xiumei, who came to Hangzhou together, so she found this woman. Qian Er came to his senses at this time. He gave the real title deed to Song Wusao and apologized to them.

Wusao and others forgave him regardless of the previous suspicion, and let him stay in Tianxiang Tower to recover. After Qian Er was cured, he returned to his hometown with Chang Xiumei. Before leaving, Yudie and Li Ma gave them 20 bunches of money, falsely claiming that Old Man Qian left him. Qian Erxin thought he really accepted the money. , Only Xiumei knows the truth. Tianxianglou crisis was resolved

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