Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 4 Plot

Yudie learned about the land deed of Tianxianglou from Lin Jue. She knew that Li Ma was rushing about this matter recently. After returning to Tianxianglou, Yudie approached Li Ma and asked in detail. Seeing that Li Ma could not hide it, he had to tell the truth. Yudie wanted to tell her Wusao about this. After all, the matter was of great importance, but Li Ma thought she could settle the matter, and didn’t want her mother to worry about it, Yudie had to compromise.

Zhao Yuanqing still refused to give up Yudie. He bought a lot of gifts and delivered them to Tianxianglou in person. He said that he would change Yudie’s mind before he got married. Yudie recognized Li Ma from an early age, so he rejected Zhao Yuanqing’s gifts. . Zhao Yuanqing couldn’t get Yudie’s heart in every way. Yudie has always been cold and frosty. Now Zhao Yuanqing has changed his mind. He decided to start embarrassing Yudie. As long as Yudie encounters difficulties, he will help him again. In this way, Yudie may be able to help. Feel good about yourself.

The Cold Food Festival in Hangzhou is about to come. On this day, there are competitions in various restaurants, but Tianxianglou never participates, and instead decides to prepare a white old banquet. Feng Zhizhou was pressured by the prince, so she took the initiative to ask Song Wusao to participate in the cold food festival this year. If she did not participate, she would not be allowed to prepare for the white old feast. Song Wusao could only agree to Feng Zhizhou for the white old feast. Song Wusao handed over the game to Yudie.

Because it was very sudden, Yudie could only hurry to prepare now, but they didn’t know that Li Ma, in order to keep Tianxianglou, privately promised that treasurer Sun would lose the game. Sun’s Restaurant became the first place. During the competition, Li Ma served a very unpalatable dish that he made and scored zero points. In the end, Sun’s Restaurant became the champion. Song Wusao was very puzzled by Li Ma’s behavior. But in the end, Yudie still appeared with a delicacy made by himself. The unique fragrance of this dish attracted many butterflies, and the fragrance diffused throughout the stadium. The judges and the people present all tasted this dish, which was named Dielianhua and won the first place.

Later, Feng Zhizhou remembered about embarrassing Yudie, and immediately changed his decision. He said that Li Ma’s dish was representative of Tianxianglou, so Yudie’s dish was not a competition work. It was time for Zhao Yuanqing to behave. He praised Yudie’s dishes, and Feng Zhizhou finally awarded Tianxianglou the first place. But shopkeeper Sun was not willing to give up. He called unfair, and Yudie told a story about Dielian cauliflower. This is her personal experience. This story touched everyone present.

Song Wusao took the opportunity to announce the marriage of Li Ma and Yudie to the villagers, and invited the villagers to eat in the store. Even if things have reached this point, Zhao Yuanqing still refuses to give up, so he asks Yudie to cook hot dishes for himself because his stomach is not good. Comfortable. Because it is not possible to make a fire and cook on the day of the Cold Food Festival, Zhao Yuanqing understood that he was making things difficult for Yudie.

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