Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 3 Plot

Wan Yan Zeli was ordered to hunt down Zhao Yuanqing. He knew that Zhao Yuanqing liked food, so he began to find Zhao Yuanqing’s whereabouts in various restaurants in Hangzhou. When he came to Tianxianglou, Song Wusao saw at a glance that they were not idlers, and they also inquired. Song Wusao felt that there must be something strange about the whereabouts of Zhao Gongzi. Although she did not like Zhao Yuanqing, looking at these people with murderous faces, they must be unkind, so she did not tell the whereabouts of Zhao Yuanqing. Wan Yan Zeli saw Yudie while eating, and was instantly attracted by the beautiful woman in front of her.

Song Wusao saw his intentions and deliberately stated that her daughter Yudie was married. After Yan Zeli and his party left, Zhao Yuanqing came to Tianxianglou to look for Yudie. He couldn’t control this heavy armor at all. He wanted to behave in front of Yudie and was embarrassed. Zhao Yuanqing was very embarrassed and left quickly. Zhao Yuanqing showed ugliness on the armor. He must find his face elsewhere. Therefore, he personally painted a portrait of Yudie, and also showed his ability to write with both hands in front of him.

Yudie paid back through Zhao Yuanqing’s behavior. With the poems he wrote, I understood what he meant. In order to dispel his thoughts, Yudie informed Zhao Yuanqing of his upcoming marriage, and thanked him for the inscription on his portrait, which he gave to him. Marriage gift. Zhao Yuanqing had never been hurt like this before. He was very sad, so he got himself drunk in Tianxianglou and told Wang Jixian that if Li Ma and Yudie got married, then their heads would all move. Wan Yan Zeli’s subordinates received the spy’s news. They learned that Zhao Yuanqing was in Tianxiang Tower and his guard Zhou Xiang had gone to the Yamen again, so they planned to take this opportunity to assassinate Zhao Yuanqing.

The spy that Wanyan Zeli arranged next to the prince was Gong Quanfu. Gong Quanfu took Wang Jixian into the street under the pretext of looking for a sedan chair. This provided an excellent opportunity for Wanyan Zeli’s people to assassinate Zhao Yuanqing. Unfortunately, their plan still failed Succeeded. Wang Jixian and Gong Quanfu quarreled, so Wang Jixian returned to Tianxianglou alone. He and Song Wusao went to find Zhao Yuanqing, but found that Zhao Yuanqing had disappeared and was almost injured by the assassin. Fortunately, Wusao had some effort to wound the assassin. Wang Jixian remembered the two people who had just passed by, so he hurriedly chased it out. Song Wusao also chased it out.

In the end, the assassin escaped, leaving Zhao Yuanqing unharmed. In order for Qian Er to change his mind, Li Ma kept following him, hoping that he would not sell the land deed to shopkeeper Sun. Qian Er went to Yihongyuan, and Li Ma also followed him in. This scene happened to be caught by the young man in Zaju Garden. When the boss saw it, he informed Yudie of the matter in time, but Yudie was not angry. Li Ma was forced out of the brothel by the girl in Chunlou, he saw Lin Ji on the way back to Tianxianglou Er was fighting with a few men, but Lin Jier ridiculed him when he helped.

After returning home, Yudie smelled the powder on Li Ma’s body and became suspicious. Li Ma lied that the smell was caught in Lin Jue’s barracks. Yudie was dubious, so she went to the Lin family barracks the next day. Lin Jue asked the truth.

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