Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 2 Plot

Zhao Yuanqing took advantage of the opportunity of being alone with Yudie to express her intentions to her, but was politely rejected by Yudie. As a prince, Zhao Yuanqing has been so cold-hearted. The more Yudie is like this, the more Zhao Yuanqing wants to treat her. conquer. Moreover, the relationship between Li Ma and Yudie made Zhao Yuanqing very suspicious, it seemed that it was not as simple as his brother and sister, so Zhao Yuanqing sent Zhou Xiang to investigate. People in the Wanyan Department learned that Zhao Yuanqing had come to Hangzhou, so they kept looking for him.

The leader was General Wanyan Zeli. They burned the grain and grass prepared by Feng Zhizhou and attacked Zhao Yuanqing late at night. Fortunately, Lin Jier found the suspicious people in black and stopped them in time, which saved Zhao Yuanqing and others. The back kitchen of Tianxianglou is very busy. Wang Jixian, who just wanted to get the secret recipe of Tianxianglou’s cooking, came to Wusao to learn the cooking skills. Wusao agreed. She decided to let Wang Jixian cook with herself and let the guests taste.

They also judged their cooking skills, and took the opportunity to give many of the menus ordered by the guests to Wang Jixian. In the end, Wang Jixian realized that Wusao had used herself. After frying these dishes, Wang Jixian was half tired, and his hands kept shaking. Wang Jixian still didn’t give up. He invited Feng Zhizhou according to Zhao Yuanqing’s will, and asked Feng Zhizhou to arrange a culinary discussion, so that he could compete with Wusao Ming. After the test, Wusao indeed beat Wang Jixian in cooking, but Wang Jixian deliberately picked up the fault and asked him to cook another dish with Tianxiang on the grounds that there was no Tianxiang in his dishes, otherwise he would have to accept the signature of Tianxianglou. .

Wusao gave this task to Yudie. After thinking hard, Yudie made a dish called Tianxiang Fish Balls. The fish balls were wrapped in pancakes, and the aroma rose to the sky when the pancakes were cut. This dish shocked everyone, and the sign of Tianxianglou was kept. The land occupied by Tianxianglou belongs to the Qian family. Originally, Mr. Qian owed a gambling debt and borrowed a sum of money from Father Song, and then mortgaged the land to Father Song, who built it here. Tianxianglou. But the shopkeeper of the Sun’s restaurant has always wanted to bring down Tianxianglou, so he ran into trouble with Qian’s son, Qian Er, and he bought Qian Er and asked him to take it back.

When Li Ma learned of this, he didn’t believe what they said, so he went to ask his mother Wusao. The fifth sister-in-law told Li Ma the origin of Tianxianglou. Li Ma did not expect that this piece of land really belonged to the second family of Qian. Moreover, at that time, the papers that Old Man Qian borrowed money to mortgage the land were gone. Li Ma didn’t want his mother to worry. Decided to solve this matter by himself, so he went to find shopkeeper Sun to reconcile himself, but it was a pity that shopkeeper Sun ignored Li Ma. Zhao Yuanqing has always been obsessed with Yudie. He thinks that the reason why Yudie likes Li Ma may be because Li Ma can martial arts, so Zhao Yuanqing wanted to make Yudie feel good about him.

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