Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 1 Plot

During the Northern Song Dynasty, the royal family of the Song Dynasty was addicted to food, wine, poetry, painting and calligraphy, but they did not expect that Jiangshan Sheji was already facing a crisis. The Wanyan Department looked at the territory of the Song Dynasty. The whole world knows that the royal family of the Song Dynasty is keen on food and the sport of Cuju. There is a chef who is not only beautiful but also exquisite in cooking in Hangzhou City. This female name is Song Yudie, the proprietress of Tianxianglou.

Daughter of Song Wusao. Song Wusao cooks good dishes, but she has a pungent personality. Song Yudie is actually his adopted daughter and the signature chef of Tianxianglou, but her true identity is the princess who lives in the palace. Song Wusao is a favorite of this daughter in every way. Li Ma is the adopted son of Song Wusao. He and Yudie’s childhood sweethearts are also Yudie’s sweetheart. Li Ma learned martial arts abroad. He was eager to see his mother and Yudie, who had been separated for a long time. On the way home, he met his good friend Lin Jue. Lin Jue is a captain of General Hussar and is in charge. Lin Jiajun. As soon as they met, the two greeted them in a special way—hands-to-hands.

After a match, Lin Jue praised Li Ma Wuyi for his expertise. Li Ma also met Lin Jie’s younger sister, Lin Jier, who looked like a tomboy and acted carelessly. She fell in love with Li Ma the first time she saw him. Lin Jue hoped that Li Ma could apply what he learned and persuaded him to follow him into the barracks and work for the country. But at present, Li Ma only had his mother and Yudie in his mind. He did not think too much, so he did not give Lin Jue an accurate answer. Tianxianglou’s business is very prosperous, and there are bound to be many competitors. The shopkeeper Sun who runs the restaurant always sends his own cook to watch Song Wusao cooking, but Song Wusao has his own coup to manage such people.

When Li Ma Xuewu returned, Song Wusao and Yudie were both very happy. Song Wusao knew the thoughts of these two children, so she decided to take this opportunity to let them get married. In the evening Song Wusao pretended to be drunk and asked Yudie and Li Ma to help them into the room. They just heard the conversation between them. Li Ma told Yudie about Lin Jue today and explained that Lin Jue wanted to go. Joining the Lin Family Army and guarding the border with them, Yudie was a little sad when he heard what he said. Zhao Yuanqing was the prince of the Song Dynasty. He was suave and loved food and Cuju.

On the order of his father, he came to Hangzhou for a private visit. The main purpose was to collect food and grass. Zhao Yuanqing came to Hangzhou with his guard Zhou Xiang, royal chef Wang Jixiang and Gonggong Gong Quanfu. They were attracted by the fragrance of Tianxianglou, but it was a pity that Tianxianglou had already closed when they came, so Zhao Yuanqing decided to come again tomorrow. Later, Zhao Yuanqing and his party went to see Zaju, where they found the little old man in Zaju Garden Ban likes to play Cuju very much, so he has to compete with him. If he loses, he will invite Hangzhou’s No. 1 Cuju master to play against Zhao Yuanqing. The little boss is very confident and immediately agrees. He didn’t expect to lose in the end, he could only Do as agreed. It turned out that the first Cuju master in Hangzhou was Yudie. The little boss of Zaju Garden came to Yudie, explained the situation to her, told her the time and place of the game, and told her to arrive on time.

The next day Yudie was invited to take Jindou and Guier to fight against Zhao Yuanqing and the others. When Zhao Yuanqing saw the beautiful and fragrant Yudie, he fell in love with him, but he didn’t know that the beauty in front of him was himself. Sister. In the match between Yudie and Zhao Yuanqing, Yudie and others lost miserably, so they could only fulfill their promise and be willing to bet and accept the loss.

They could only entertain Zhao Yuanqing and his party as previously stated. Guier remembered that Wang Jixian had spoken insultingly just now, and compared them to the women in the brothel. Guier was so angry that he put the fishbone into it while delivering the food, but by mistake, Zhao Yuanqing had the fishbone, but fortunately he handled it in time. He is not in a big trouble.

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