Wind Chime – 示铃录

When a young woman leaves her family to go on an epic journey, what truths will she uncover? Sheng Xia (Xu Jing Yuan) is the youngest daughter of the Sheng family, which has inhabited Mount Bawan for many generations. Xia mother, Sheng Qing Ping, was the master of the Wind Chime, which gives mystical powers to the bearer. Qing Ping eloped with Qin Shou Cheng, only to be murdered at the hands of his family after giving birth to Xia. As the new master of the Wind Chime, the grown Xia sets off under the name of Ji Tang Tang to uncover the truth behind her mother murder. On her journey, Tang Tang meets the dashing Yue Feng (Meng A Sai). Can Feng help Tang Tang discover the road to her own destiny? Wind Chime (aka Shi Ling Lu is a 2016 Chinese web drama directed by Lin Nan. It is based on the novel Yuan Qi Zhuang Ling by Wei Yu.

Wind Chime – 示铃录
Also known as: Shi Ling Lu
Genre(s): Thriller, Suspense
Screenwriter: Zhang Yuan Ang, Bai Yi Cong
Country: China
Episode(s): 27
Broadcast: Sohu
Release: February 25, 2016
Starring: Xu Jing Yuan, Meng A Sai, Li Nai Wen, Calvin Li, Wang Mei Ren, Jeam Zhu

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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