Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 27 End Plot

A few years ago, Ji Tangtang, who was wandering around, was harassed by small gangsters. In a critical moment, Mr. San appeared and rescued her. A middle-aged woman came and begged Mr. San to help find her missing daughter Ling Xiaowan. Mr. San said that Ling Xiaowan was already dead. When Ling Mu collapsed and committed suicide, Ji Tangtang hurriedly saved her and promised to persuade Mr. San again. Ji Tangtang went back to ask Mr. San, and unexpectedly mentioned his dream state. Mr. San noticed that Ji Tangtang was from the Sheng family and was in charge of Luling. Mr. San began to conduct crazy training sessions for Ji Tangtang, allowing her to master the fighting skills in the shortest time. Ji Tangtang is full of doubts about family secrets, but can only set off on his own with Ling Xiaowan’s information to go to Kundu, and start a fateful encounter.

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