Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 25 Plot

Ji Tangtang went underground and found that the organization’s process is very strict from transportation to surgery. Ji Tangtang found You Si. The Qin family could not find Ji Tangtang, so they used Qin Miao deliberately. Qin Miao did not know the conspiracy of his family, and brought Ye Liancheng to find Yue Feng. Qin Miao begged Yue Feng to leave Wa Village immediately, but was refused. Feeling sad, determined to bid farewell to Yue Feng completely. Ji Tangtang was taken to the Feitian organization leader Tiesuo’s room, and encountered an unprecedented crisis. At a critical moment, Yue Feng and Shi Jiaxin rushed to pick up Ji Tangtang by posing as the Qin family. Shi Jiaxin lied about bringing Yousi again. During the process of leaving, the four were unfortunately seen through and were hunted down. After Yuefeng was broken, Shi Jiaxin went to drive, and Ji Tangtang took You Si to escape. Ji Tangtang asked You Si to find Shi Jiaxin, but his life was hanging by a thread.

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