Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 23 Plot

Yue Feng was shocked by the secrets of the Qin family, and asked Qin Miao to take care of Ye Liancheng, and went to the Wa village to find Ji Tangtang by himself. Ji Tangtang was chased and killed by the Qin family. Yue Feng rushed to find Ji Tangtang. He encountered several gangsters violently murdering people in the abandoned building. A woman died and the road bell rang. When Ji Tangtang arrived, the Qin family followed. Several people tried to create chaos and escaped. Bao Xiaotian reminded Yue Feng that those gangsters belonged to a criminal gang and were careful to retaliate. Ji Tangtang accidentally learned that Miao Miao was originally the daughter of the Qin family, misunderstood Yue Feng and felt that everyone was untrustworthy.

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