Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 22 Plot

Ji Tangtang found that the god stick went to Wa Village and went to look for him intentionally, but he couldn’t worry about Ye Liancheng. At this time, Yue Feng suddenly received a call from Qin Miao. Qin Miao said that Ye Liancheng was in her hand, and he did not allow Yue Feng to tell Ji Tangtang about it, and only asked Yue Feng to come to his wedding. Yue Feng reluctantly agreed and could only let Ji Tangtang look for the magic stick alone. Yue Feng went to attend Qin Miao’s wedding, secretly snooped on the conversation between Qin Shouye and Qin Shoucheng, and found out that the Qin family had been tracking Ji Tangtang, just to wait for the bell to reach 21 grams, then grabbed it and killed Ji Tangtang.

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