Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 21 Plot

Ji Tangtang, Ye Liancheng, and Thirteen Goose launched an investigation. The hospital was owned by the Qin family and specifically “handled” those who disobeyed them. Those patients in their dreams were all killed by them. The magic stick accidentally discovered that the color of Yue Feng’s infusion seemed a bit strange. Ji Tangtang remembered that the liquid medicine held by the patient in his dream was the same color, and concluded that poison was added to the infusion, which made people die “naturally”. Ji Tangtang found out the doctor who had been bought by the Qin family, learned about the ingredients of the poison and found the medicine. When she rushed to rescue Yue Feng, she found that Yue Feng had disappeared, and it was Qin Miao who had kidnapped Yue Feng. Ji Tangtang accidentally found the train ticket left by the god stick, and suspected that he was his uncle Sheng Qingmin.

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