Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 20 Plot

Ji Tangtang woke up and found herself in the intensive care unit. The road bell rang, and she came to a ward where Yue Feng was lying. Ji Tangtang remembered that after leaving the village, the thirteen wild geese called and said there was something important. When the two rushed back, there was a car accident on the road. Yue Feng’s rescue was unsuccessful, and he was likely to become a vegetable forever. Brother Mao came and warned Ji Tangtang that he would never approach Yue Feng again. Ji Tangtang was so guilty that he learned from the mouth of the thirteen wild geese that the car accident was strange, and the investigation found that it was Scarface. It seemed that the target was Yue Feng. Ji Tangtang rushed back to the hospital and ran into a suspicious doctor who wanted to act on Yue Feng. He hurriedly stopped but was injured, but the doctor escaped.

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