Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 18 Plot

To go to GaSamo, you need to pass through the small town of Ganai. Ji Tangtang and Yue Feng went to look for Sheng’s house. On the way, Ji Tangtang had a bad stomach, and the two rushed to Ganai to seek medical treatment. In the deep mountains, Yuefeng nearly fell off the cliff, and Ji Tangtang almost drowned in the water. Ji Tangtang fell into a coma after falling into the water. He dreamed of the Sheng family again. When he woke up, he gained the ability to breathe underwater and was rescued by Yue Feng. Ji Tangtang and Yue Feng boldly guessed that there were two forces here. Someone wanted to hit the bell but was stopped, so the road bell never rang.

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