Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 17 Plot

Ji Tangtang had misunderstood that the head nurse was the murderer, but soon discovered that he had made a mistake. The head nurse turned out to be a woman from the Sheng family. Mastering Yuanling can save the dying fetus. After marrying a man from the Shi family, she did not want to be restrained by the family and both fled. In order to find her, the Qin family did not hesitate to use several innocent pregnant women. The head nurse didn’t dare to use Yuanling again, but she couldn’t save her life, and finally ventured to treat Ding Li, but she was unsuccessful and was discovered by the Qin family. At the same time, Ji Tangtang learned that the head nurse knew her mother and deliberately asked the address of Sheng’s family, but the head nurse learned that Sheng Qingping had not informed Ji Tangtang and refused to say it. The Qin family pursued and killed the head nurse, and the head nurse asked Ji Tangtang to destroy Yuanling, and finally died with a smile.

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