Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 15 Plot

The thirteen geese used their beauties to lure the trafficker leader Big Fei, but he was accidentally taken hostage. Seeing this, Ji Tangtang was anxious and wanted to exchange her for the thirteen geese. The police arrived and turned the danger into a breeze. Bao Xiaotian found new clues. It turned out that the boy was not abducted by the trafficker, but his family took the initiative to abandon it. Following the clues given by the head, Ji Tangtang found the boy’s mother Qiu Ya in the city. In a car accident half a year ago, Qiu Ya’s husband died.

The child was seriously injured and unable to pay for the medical expenses. She had to ask her parents for help. She had no choice but to conclude a deal: she went home to marry, and her parents paid for the child’s medical treatment. Orphanage. Qiu Ya’s parents were worried about their children’s growing up and came to the door to cause trouble. They sent their children to distant relatives to raise them, but they were abducted by traffickers. The old man was ashamed and kept hiding from Qiu Ya.

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