Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 14 Plot

Ji Tangtang found that Ye Liancheng was investigating herself secretly, and left in anger. The road bell rang again, and news reports that the body of a boy was found with signs of torture such as fire and knife cuts. Ji Tangtang dreamed of a crying little boy hiding in a warehouse. He kept saying that he could not find a home. Some broken scenes flashed in his dream: a pair of women’s hands, her ring finger wearing a ring, and her hands stained with blood. According to Ji Tangtang’s description, Yue Feng found out the location of the warehouse. The two went to find that the warehouse was empty and the clue was broken. On the side of the road, a little girl who was begging was beaten by others, Yue Feng helped him, only to find that the little girl’s coat was exactly the same as the little boy in his dream. It turned out that the little girl knew the boy. She took Ji Tangtang to an abandoned house. There were many children in the house. It was a den of human traffickers. The boy who died was beaten by traffickers because of the money he stolen and then abandoned. On the street, he died without help.

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