Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 13 Plot

Finally, the thirteen wild geese successfully entered the health center and found that the so-called secret formula of the old Chinese medicine doctor made people go in and out was a handsome man. And vaguely heard a strange ringtone, followed by a trance. When Ji Tangtang learned of it, he found something strange and stopped allowing Ye Liancheng and Thirteen Gooses to intervene, and he and Yue Feng alone ambush the old Chinese doctor. However, he was tricked into a trap by the old Chinese medicine practitioner. Seeing the girl (Sheng Yun) that Ji Tangtang had encountered before, the girl suddenly drove the bell. The two heard the bell and looked trance, Ji Tangtang was arrested. Yue Feng anxiously looked for Ji Tangtang, and Shi Shencun rushed to tell Yue Feng that the old Chinese doctor was the Qin family.

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