Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 9 Plot

At the funeral of Xiao Ma, Ye Liancheng discovered that Xiao Ma’s wife was crying. He questioned Xiao Ma’s wife from his nostalgia for midsummer and followed Ji Tangtang’s words. Ji Tangtang was moved in his heart, but he refused to tell Ye Liancheng the truth. He only reminded him to cherish the person in front of him. The thirteen geese were sincere to him. Qin Miao appeared suddenly, came to seek peace, wanted to follow Yue Feng to the world, Yue Feng was very helpless. Yue Feng’s friends found out that the cremated pony carcass was strange, with withered skin, like an old man, Yue Feng and Ji Tangtang became more suspicious.

Yue Feng wanted to accompany Ji Tangtang in investigating the case, but Qin Miao was frustrated by many obstacles. Yue Feng accidentally saw a huge amount of cash on the ceiling of Xiao Ma’s house, but was almost hit by Xiao Ma’s wife and almost injured. Qin Miao was very angry and accused Ji Tangtang of being a scourge. Yue Feng has been in danger since he was with her. Ji Tangtang happened to hear all this, and in order to drive away Yue Feng, she deliberately spoke harshly and the two quarreled.

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