Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 7 Plot

With the keys, Ji Tangtang and Yue Feng found a huge amount of cash in a cabinet of the refinery, which was presumably kept by the driver who caused the accident. The two rushed to the mental hospital to question the driver. Unexpectedly, he committed suicide by jumping off the building. The clue was temporarily interrupted, but soon Yue Feng found through a friend that the account of the surviving girl’s mother had received a huge sum of money.

So the two rushed to the hospital and inquired again and again, and finally found the suspect. Ji Tangtang rushed to investigate the distress, and Yue Feng rescued Ji Tangtang from being injured. Ji Tangtang refused to let him take risks, and the two quarreled. Ji Tangtang discovered the real man behind the scenes. She was determined to solve the matter in her own way. Yue Feng noticed that and secretly informed the police friend to come and arrested the prisoner. Ji Tangtang was surprised to find that after the prisoner was arrested, Lu Ling was calm and stopped ringing. She was pleasantly surprised and thanked Yue Feng for his help.

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