Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 6 Plot

Ye Liancheng returned to Haicheng and found Lao Ding who was the gatekeeper of the Shengxia family community. He learned from his mouth that before the explosion, Lao Ding had seen Shengxia. He sent a letter to Shengxia according to Shengxia’s mother’s request. After listening, Ye Liancheng thought of all the things he had encountered Ji Tangtang before, and rekindled hope. Ji Tangtang is very likely to be in midsummer. The road bell rang again, and Ji Tangtang went to investigate: a school bus accident, ten children died on the spot, only one child Tiantian and the driver survived. Tiantian was seriously injured and was treated in the hospital. The driver drove drunk but was sent to a mental hospital for treatment because of a mental disorder. Ji Tangtang realized that things were far from simple, and the real murderer was still at large.

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