Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 5 Plot

Yue Feng accidentally found Ji Tangtang’s box and determined that Ji Tangtang was in midsummer. But at this time, Yue Feng was attacked by the murderer. Yue Feng was lost for a while, and at a critical moment, Ji Tangtang rushed to rescue Yue Feng. Yue Feng testified that Ji Tangtang’s identity was not only in Midsummer, but also the daughter of the Sheng family in the mouth of the gods. She was the bell of Luling and possessed mysterious power. Yue Feng confided that he was tempted by Ji Tangtang and wanted to protect her, but now he knew how ridiculous he was because Ji Tangtang’s affairs were too big for him to control. Yue Feng was sad to bid farewell to Ji Tangtang, and before leaving, begged Tangtang not to take risks anymore.

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