Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 3 Plot (Recap)

The wind chime named Lu Ling in Ji Tangtang’s hand will be knocked by the grievances of the deceased. As Lu Ling’s hand, Ji Tangtang needs to help the deceased find out the truth and resolve their grievances. At the same time, her ability will be improved accordingly. Lu Ling comes from a mysterious family named Sheng, whose daughter is the destined bell-keeper. But Ji Tangtang is different. She does not live in the ancient Sheng family. She has always lived as an ordinary person, but all this has completely changed since the tragic death of her parents. In order to escape, Midsummer had to use the name Ji Tangtang to wander around. When she was most at a loss, the mysterious Mr.San appeared, rescued her, and even activated the road bell.

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