Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 2 Plot (Recap)

Yue Feng secretly investigated Ji Tangtang and found that Ling Xiaowan and Chen Wei had not died accidentally, but were murdered, and that the matter was related to the mysterious bone-eating ceremony, so he asked his friend Shencun for help. The eccentric god stick is a fan of mysterious events. He told Yue Feng that according to the legend, he can be brought back to life by just eating the yin and yang pairing with the same birthday as the patient. Ling Xiaowan and Chen Wei are the chosen yin and yang partners. Yue Feng and Ji Tangtang were shocked. Yue Feng guessed that Ji Tangtang’s identity was bizarre, but was warned not to be nosy. Yue Feng didn’t want to cause trouble, so he hardened his heart to remind Ji Tangtang not to involve innocent people.

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