Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 12 Plot

Ji Tangtang and Yue Feng finally found the old Chinese doctor and followed him to a tall private club. They wanted to enter but were blocked by security. Ji Tangtang remembered that the rich woman who died suddenly in the news was a member of the club. Intuitively, her death was also related to the old Chinese doctor. Because she could not enter, she had to ask Ye Liancheng for help. Although Ye Liancheng agreed to help, he asked Ji Tangtang to allow himself to be by her side. Ji Tangtang was very entangled, and later decided to agree with Yue Feng’s persuasion, but asked Ye Liancheng and Thirteen Goose not to ask more no matter what he and Yue Feng did. Ye Liancheng nodded, and the four walked together.

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