Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 10 Plot

It turned out that the little girl named Tongtong went up the mountain with her neighbor’s grandfather to look for the crested ibis, and found that the pony gang was hiding poison in the crested ibis’ den and was kidnapped. Ji Tangtang wanted to take Tongtong away, but found a person standing in front of him: Little Ma! At that time, the pony gang saw the neighbor’s grandfather, but did not see the little Tongtong, so the grandfather was killed and became a substitute for the pony because the pony had been spotted by the police.

Ji Tangtang found out that his grandfather was actually Xiao Ma’s middle school head teacher, so he did not call the police immediately, but persuaded Xiao Ma to turn around. Ji Tangtang uses his grandfather to impress Xiao Ma and ask him to let Tong Tong go. Xiao Ma agrees, but his wife finds him and stops him. Thirteen wild geese lured the accomplices of the drug-trafficking gang to the bait. She followed the driver up the mountain, followed by Yue Feng, Ye Liancheng, and Qin Miao, but because the driver used his hands, everyone was exposed in advance.

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