Wind Chime 示铃录 Episode 1 Plot (Recap)

The mysterious lone girl Ji Tangtang came to Kundu with a string of windless chimes to investigate the disappearance of Ling Xiaowan a few months ago. She settled in the Maoge Inn and met the traveler Yuefeng. Knowing that Ji Tangtang wanted to go to the valley where Ling Xiaowan wrecked, Yue Feng was worried that her safety would prevent her, and the two clashed. Ji Tangtang ran into college student Chen Wei in the gorge and went to the Fairy Cave with his companions, but when praying in the cave, Chen Wei unexpectedly disappeared. Ji Tangtang looked for Chen Wei everywhere, but Yue Feng noticed the abnormality and asked what happened. Ji Tangtang couldn’t answer, Yue Feng became more suspicious of her, and the misunderstanding between the two gradually deepened.

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