Life Risking Romance – 목숨 건 연애

This Korean-Chinese joint film project is a romance movie combined with the elements of comedy thriller. Ha Ji-won and Chen Bolin star in this movie, which is director Song Min-gyoo’s debut film, who participated in the movie, ‘My Way’ as a producer.

Je-in is a mystery novel writer who chases after a serial killer with her longtime detective friend Rok-hwan. However, a love triangle kicks into gear when they come across Jason, an attractive and mysterious man with sharp probing skills.

Life Risking Romance – 목숨 건 연애
Also known as: Life Risking Romance (목숨 건 연애)
Genre(s): Comedy, MeloDrama, Romance, Thriller
Country: South Korea
Status: Completed
Release: December 14, 2016
Starring: Ha Ji-won, Lee Da-in, Lee Chae-mi, Chun Jung-myung, Jo Byung-gyu, Chen Bolin

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