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Chapter 9 was also loved like that (2)

Fu Chenshang only glanced at him lightly, and Fu Huasheng shut his mouth immediately, so as not to continue to say more things.

An Jiu only noticed that he had misunderstood that Anping was a ridiculous thing between himself and Fu Chenshang’s son. “Hey, what are you talking about. This is my brother!” When

Song Xingguo and Fang Ru came to the door, the three of them were with Xiao Anping at home. Play mentally handicapped games.

An Jiu gave up his life to accompany the “little man”, and Fu Huasheng relied on not gagging. Only Fu Chenshang seemed to really like children. He called his assistant to buy a lot of toys and send them over at night.

The doorbell rang more urgently. Song Anjiu was about to open the door. Fu Chenshang grabbed her and looked at Fu Huasheng, who was trying to make a wicked move to knock down the building blocks piled high in Xiao Anping. “The third one, go and open the door.”

Fu Huasheng did not move. “Why let me go? I’m a guest.”

“Because you didn’t treat you as an outsider.”

Well, he said that comfortably, Fu Huasheng reluctantly got up and opened the door, muttering impatiently, “Who is that? Ah, it’s so noisy at night.”

The moment Fu Huasheng opened the door, Song Xingguo, with a gloomy and aggressive face outside the door, immediately widened his eyes in astonishment, and then panicked, “Fu…Fu Shao! Why are you here? ? “

Fu Hua Sheng no wonder in a City, Xingguo and he had a business up exchanges, naturally know.

Fu Huasheng leaned against the door, “This is my second brother’s place, I can’t be here, can you be there? What can Song Dong do for you?”

Seeing Song Xingguo’s expression, it is obvious that he is here to make trouble, damn it. Fu Chenshang, he said how good he was to say good things to himself, it turned out that he was pushed out to be a sect god!

Ah , may I ask, is the little girl in there?” Song Xingguo was up and down. He asked the address from the school teacher. He thought that the house was part of An Jiu’s break-up fee from Fu Chenshang, but he didn’t know that there were such two big Buddhas hidden inside.

Hope is not here…

As a result, things are counterproductive, Fu Huasheng replied simply: “Yes!

Something ?” Fang Ru behind him heard it, and immediately pulled Song Xingguo’s clothes to urge him to have someone.

Song Xingguo was upset and bit his head and explained: “That’s it. This morning, my four-year-old son, Anping, suddenly disappeared. The nanny said that he had seen An Jiu come back and took the person away. That girl probably had a tight hand recently. Well, Shao Fu must have heard about it a long time ago. My daughter is not very sensible…so…”

“So what?”

Seeing that Fu Huasheng was actually looking to protect An Jiu, Song Xingguo had to remind: “This It’s Song’s housework, so please don’t interfere with Fu Shao.”

Fu Huasheng smiled

unclearly , “This is also my housework, so naturally I want to intervene.” Song Xingguo obviously didn’t understand his implication, and he couldn’t think of it. More than a month later, An Jiu actually had contact with Fu Chenshang. Not only that, but also has a close relationship with Fu Huasheng.

Looking at Fang Ru, who was urging Song Xingguo on the side, Fu Huasheng’s eyes darkened, and his aura became more pressing, “Song Xingguo, you are also a director of a listed company anyway, why are you being led by the nose by a woman? Are you confused?”

Fu Huasheng It was the famous smiling tiger in the mall, and he turned his face directly at this moment, showing that he was really angry.

Song Xingguo had no bottom in his heart, so he had to play a family card, “I hope Shao Fu understands my heart as a father.”

Fu Huasheng was about to speak, An Jiu had already led Xiao Anping to come over, followed by Fu Chenshang behind him.

“Anping–” Fang Ru rushed over as soon as he saw his son.

“Ma Ma!”

“Are you doing Anping? Where did she hurt you?”

“Ma Ma, An Ping was not injured. It was not my sister who took An Ping out. It was An Ping who missed my sister, so I went to find my sister.” Explained clearly.

Fang Ru looked at the Fu Chenshang behind Song Anjiu jealously, “How could you as a child run so far? Did An Jiu teach you to say that? Anping, tell the truth, mom is here, no one dares to hurt you anymore. You.”

“Shut up!” This stupid woman! Song Xingguo hurriedly stopped Fang Ru from talking nonsense. Looking at the current situation, An Jiu is with the Fu family, and the possibility of kidnapping Anping is zero. Otherwise, could the two of the Fu family also commit accomplices? What I want to say to my son is the truth.

Song Xingguo showed a trace of embarrassment, “I might have misunderstood this matter.”

Fu Huasheng sneered, “It’s better to go back and ask your conscientious nanny. I think it’s not that she lied, or she was accused. I lied. Or, do you suspect that my second brother’s woman will be short of money and extortion?”

“How dare you…” Song Xingguo bent over in sweat to apologize, then stared angrily. Wife who is more than happy.

Perceiving Song Xingguo’s skeptical gaze, Fang Ru hurriedly explained, “I don’t know anything. The nanny said that she saw An Jiu. She must have said that because she was afraid of taking responsibility. I was so good to her at the loss!”

Song Xingguo Angrily scolded: “Why didn’t you ask clearly at the time?”

An Jiu leaned to the side and ridiculed: “I want a child not to be born by myself? Do I need to steal you?”

Fu Chen said that the corners of his mouth were slightly bent.

“What are you talking about!” Song Xingguo originally saw that the unfaced Song Anjiu’s cute and cute appearance was somewhat distracted, and immediately became angry when she heard her talk.

“It’s just the facts.” After

looking at Fu Chen Shang, Song Xingguo finally endured this tone and dared not scold again.

Song Xingguo considered his words as much as possible, “I’m really sorry, the little girl has caused you trouble these days. I’ll take the little girl back and take care of it.”

What does this mean? Not to mention taking the son away, even the daughter should be taken away together?

Fu Huasheng looked at Fu Chenshang unexpectedly, wanting to see how he reacted.

Fu Chenshang hadn’t spoken yet, and An Jiu was sluggish first, “Who wants to go back with you! Don’t you want me? Please be a man, don’t just have sexual desires and have no credibility, okay?”

Fu Chenshang rubbed his eyebrows as usual. Fu Huasheng hooked Song Anjiu’s shoulders happily, “I said baby, you are so cute.”

Fu Chenshang flew over with an eye knife, and Fu Huasheng retracted his claws weepingly.

Song Xingguo was so angry that his veins burst. Fang Ru didn’t dare to scold him in front of Fu Chenshang and Fu Huasheng, so he could only whisper: “Shameless, corrupt the style!”

It is really hard to understand, are the Fu family’s men so unique in their tastes? Although this girl can still be seen when she is normal, it is definitely not a beauty. Which woman around them is not more beautiful than her?

A woman and two men live in the same room, and with Fu Huasheng’s ambiguous remark just now, all of this is unavoidable—she first followed Fu Chenshang and then Fu Huasheng? Or are you playing with the two brothers?

Obviously, both Song Xingguo and Fang Ru have gone to think about the discordant direction without looking back.

“Even if it’s corrupt, I’m defeated by my family, it’s your ass.” In front of Xiao Anping, An Jiu really didn’t want to make it too ugly, but he couldn’t help his temper.

“Xingguo, look at her! I have been married to you for so many years…”

Song Xingguo frowned, “You take Anping back first.”

Fang Ru whispered dissatisfiedly: “What are you doing? Are you really going to take her back?”

“Go back!” Song Xingguo said harshly.

It is rare for Song Xingguo to have such a bad tone to her. Fang Ru’s grievances made Fang Ru’s eyes redden and he dared not disobey.

Xiao Anping struggled and refused to leave, and wanted to talk to An Jiu, “Sister! Sister!”

Fang Ru glared at his baby son, the little guy didn’t repent at all, “Sister, I will see you next time.”

Fang Ru didn’t speak yet. Well, An Jiu is already facing a

big enemy, “Don’t! Don’t come again!” Xiao Anping called a grievance, “Sister, don’t you like Anping? Ma Ma doesn’t like her sister, Anping likes her sister.”

Fang Ru The little guy who was abducted by this elbow was so angry that he just lost and recovered as a baby, reluctant to beat and scold.

An Jiu helplessly said, “Come on, don’t give me ecstasy, in any case, no one else is allowed to run out.”

After that, he added a sentence to Xiao Anping’s pitiful eyes, “I will go back to see you when I have time. “

Only then did Xiao Anping burst into laughter, and obediently followed Fang Ru away.

When Song Xingguo saw that his son and daughter had a good relationship, he felt relieved, and his tone softened a bit, “An Jiu,

stop making trouble, and go back with me.” Song Xingguo didn’t know what his plan was . He was right not long ago. She avoids like a snake, but now rushes to take her back.

No matter what his idea was, An Jiu didn’t look at him straight at all, “If you want me to leave, go, and if you want me to go back, who do you think you are?”

“I’m your father!”

An Jiu couldn’t tell. Tired. Even the quarrel was lost, “Bye bye, I’m not in the mood to quarrel with you today.”

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