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Chapter 8 was also loved like that (1)

At this moment Fu Chenshang went to go through the discharge procedures, An Jiu looked at his cell phone boredly.

For a whole month, the contact with Jing Xi was pitiful. She didn’t know how to face him, so she could only hide for one day. Later, I heard Fu Chenshang talk about his eldest brother Fu Chenshang’s family living with the old man of the Fu family, and Fu Jingxi also came back during the summer vacation. If you go there, the probability of meeting him is almost 90%. . Thinking of this, An Jiu was even more upset.

The phone on the bedside buzzed and vibrated. Song Anjiu glanced at the words “Song Xingguo” on the screen, and his mood was even worse.

An Jiu didn’t answer it until the phone vibrated for the fourth time.

Pressing the ON button, it was not Song Xingguo’s voice that sounded, but it was even more annoying than Song Xingguo.

“Song Anjiu, are you still not a human? You are all mad at me, Anping is still so young, he doesn’t know anything, how can you do it! You return Anping to me…” Ru yelled hysterically.

An Jiu slightly took the phone farther away and asked: “What’s wrong with Anping?”

“You still pretend to be garlic! Anping calls you sister, how can you be so cruel?”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.” Song Anjiu frowned. eyebrow.

“Do you want money? Let’s say, how much do you want?”

An Jiu’s temples were sore, she asked, “What’s the matter with Anping?”

“Xingguo, I said earlier, she just wanted it. I am in pain. Anping still doesn’t know how to be tortured. If he has any shortcomings, I won’t live! You still speak for that little bitch…” Fang Ru’s unbearable insults and cries fade away on the phone. It was replaced by Song Xingguo, “An Jiu, you are too much this time. Now send Anping back, I can treat it as never happened.”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about! You don’t understand human words?” An Jiu finally lost control.

“Little beast! I tell you, I will stop here if you are good, if you are stubborn, don’t blame me for not thinking about father-daughter affection!”

“So we still have father-daughter affection?” An Jiu sneered.

Fang Ru’s complaint came over there again: “Xingguo, what are you talking nonsense with her? Only she has the key to the house, and the nanny also said that she had seen her come in. This is kidnapping! I want to call the police, I must call the police now… …”

The noise on the other end of the phone made her forehead tingle unbearably, An Jiu couldn’t bear it, and snapped the phone off.

Anping was gone, and they suspected that she abducted the person.

It’s… ridiculous.

Shot while lying down!

As soon as Fu Chenshang came back, he saw Song Anjiu, who was blushing and in good spirits before he left, as if the branches were drained and the nutrients were withered.

Seeing her staggeringly standing up and almost falling, Fu Chen Shang stretched his leg and stepped over, “What’s the matter?”

An Jiu shook his head and pushed him away, “Anping is gone.”

She was afraid that Fu Chen Shang didn’t know. Another sentence was added, “Song Xingguo’s son.”


An Jiu was silent, so that she could say it, his biological father suspected that she had kidnapped his son.

Fu Chenshang’s index finger was slightly bent against his chin, and he thought: “So, he suspects that you did it?”

An Jiu shook his head, “It’s not a doubt, it’s for sure.”

She was taken away by a strange man for a whole month and he hadn’t heard anything. On the phone, when you look for her, you just buckle the shit bowl on her head.

“Then where are you going now?”

” Go to Anping.” An Jiu muttered to himself with a worried face, “If only I kidnapped it…”

“You are not in good health, don’t run away.” Fu Chen thought that her relationship with this half-brother should not be very good. Even if unfortunately, she would never interfere. She didn’t expect her to help. Find someone.

“No, Anping is only four years old. If it weren’t for me, it’s probably something dangerous.” An Jiu insisted.

In the end, Fu Chenshang compromised, and drove her to find one by one. From the grove on the mountainside behind the Song’s house, he found the old woman selling marshmallows at the gate of the nearby sculpture park, and found the kindergarten slide from the carousel in the playground. …

An Jiu searched every corner of the streets and alleys attentively, and looked dizzy.

In the twilight, the street lights are gradually turning on. Fu Chenshang glanced and leaned his head against the car window. An Jiu was obviously tired but refused to rest. “It’s getting dark soon, it’s impossible to find it so aimlessly.”

“…” She has no energy. speak.

“The Song family should have already called the police. Now we’d better go back and wait for the news. Also, you’d better explain to them that you didn’t do this thing, otherwise they will focus on you and delay finding a child. “Fu Chenshang calmly analyzed.

“It can only be a waste of words.” An Jiu switched his mobile phone, and finally called Song Xingguo’s number. When he was about to press the call button, An Jiu’s eyes suddenly lit up, and something seemed to pass by just now, “Stop! Go back! Go back to the gate of Shengjin School!”

“You can’t turn around here.”

An Jiu waited impatiently for Fu Chen to walk around. Back to Sheng Jin in a circle. As he drove closer, there was a kid wearing denim overalls, a pink-blue Arale hat with white wings, and a blue schoolbag that was too big for him, standing there.

An Jiu quickly got out of the car, and was about to run over but was pulled by Fu Chenshang, “Don’t worry, calm down. Don’t scare the children.”

An Jiu nodded, “I see.”

After finishing running, he roared imposingly: ” Song Anping, you are dead! If you don’t interrupt your legs, I will give you your last name!”

Fu Chen did not listen to his words at all.

Anping’s two white and fat little paws were holding the school’s electric sliding door. When he heard the sound behind

him, he turned around happily, stepped on his short legs and rushed over, “Sister–” An Jiu hit him hard. He clicked, “Dare to laugh!” An

Ping didn’t care when he was beaten. He hurriedly took the schoolbag behind him, took the contents out of it, and stuffed it into Song Anjiu’s arms.

“Delicious chocolates, delicious sugar candies, delicious potato chips, this is also delicious, this is my sister’s favorite… books, sisters want to read to me…” Anping Almost the whole little head was buried in the schoolbag, and I took out everything very hard, and I was breathless when talking.

Finally finished all, he happily put his arms around An Jiu’s neck, “Sister, I miss you so much, no one will play with me when you are not there.”

“Who allowed you to run out by yourself? Do you know how worried your family is !” An Jiu sullenly.

“But… Sister, you never come back… You haven’t come back for a long time…” Song Anping’s eyes were full of tears.

“…Smelly boy.” An Jiu sniffed and hugged Xiao Anping.

“Sister, why are you crying? Do you want Anping too?”

“Missing you too.”

When An Jiu took out his phone, Xiao Anping immediately grabbed the phone and hugged him tightly, with an expression about to cry. “Sister…”

“What are you doing?

Give me back!” “Sister, don’t let Papa Ma Ma come to pick me up!” Jin Douzi rolled down.

An Jiu lightly coughed, “It’s useless to cry, take it!”

Fu Chenshang walked over, “Forget it, don’t worry for a while. Your two brothers and sisters get together.”

An Jiu glared at him, “Why not in a hurry? What do they do if they find someone I kidnapped? That’s all the money they get.”

Fu Chenshang smiled, “So what? With me, even if you kidnapped you, he won’t be able to move you.”

An Jiu: “…”

This man really dared to say it, but she heard it. Really feel relieved.

An Jiu put everything in his schoolbag, and tried to pick up Xiao Anping but didn’t hold it, and almost fell. Fortunately, the hands behind her held her in time, holding her big and small in her arms.

Xiao Anping immediately poked his head out of An Jiu’s shoulder to look at Fu Chenshang, her eyes filled with alertness, “Sister, Ma Ma said you ran away with a man, don’t Anping anymore! Sister, is he that man?”

An Jiu was sweating and sweating, and I really didn’t know how to explain it.

Fu Chenshang touched his little head, “I’m your brother-in-law.”

An Jiu: “…”

Xiao Anping nodded seriously.

An Jiu was speechless, “Nod what, do you understand?”

Xiao Anping thought for a long time and didn’t know how to express, “…Brother-in-law is the one who treats her sister well.”

Fu Chenshang was in a good mood, “Well, you are right. Come here to hold your brother-in-law, your sister can’t hold you.”

“Brother-in-law holds!” Xiao Anping opened his hands.

Give up your weapons so soon, what’s your morals, brat.

In the car, Fu Chenshang raised doubts, “How can a four-year-old child run so far?”

An Jiu hugged Xiao Anping, who was already asleep, and answered casually: “As long as you pull someone on the road and say,’Auntie, I’m lost, I’m at home. At Shengjin Middle School’, someone must send him where he wants to go.”

Fu Chenshang expressed his admiration, “This kid is very smart.”

“I taught it!” An Jiu proudly said.

Fu Chenshang instantly got a black line, “It’s okay to teach a child how to run away from home, Song Anjiu, you really are…”

Knowing that he had failed, An Jiu scratched his head awkwardly.

If it was only accepted before, now Fu Chen has completely bought Xiao Anping’s heart with a dinner.

Then a child who is picky eaters shouldn’t be urged not to feed, and ate two bowls of rice spontaneously.

After dinner, the siblings sat on the tatami mats and chatted, and the small square table in the middle was placed with various exquisite snacks.

An Jiu turned off the phone a long time ago to save it from vibrating all the time.

Small Anping look of frustration complained: “Sister, I hate doing the math arithmetic wrong yesterday, Ma Ma swore I stupid!.”

Anjou fully understood, “Me too, Zuifan mathematics no one!”

“I I don’t want to do homework, so much homework!”

“I don’t want to do it either!”

“Ma Ma asked me a teacher again, and I can’t play with my homework after finishing my homework!”

An Jiu nodded and stared at Fu Chenshang by the way. Yes, yes, so am I! It’s so inhumane!”

Fu Chenshang who was washing the dishes in the kitchen: “…” I

finally understand how the friendship between the two children was established.

While talking, the doorbell rang suddenly. An Jiu walked over and opened the door, and the moment he saw the face outside the door, he quickly closed the door.

The person outside the door stretched out a foot to stop her closing the door, and the result was painful and cold sweat, “Hey—Second Sister-in-law, you have only married him for a few days, how can you do exactly the same thing!

” are you doing here? “

Fu Hua Sheng smile to a large bunch of lilies pushed to her,” Yisow, I is not heard a thing you’re sick, visiting a specially over the way things apologize for last! “

Then they Secretly approached her ear, “Second sister-in-law, I know you, I can help you!”

An Jiu sneezed with the fragrance of flowers, he understood? This guy is the younger brother of Fu Chen and Shang’s relatives, how could he stand on the united front with her.

“Who’s here?” At this moment, Xiao Anping leaned over.

Fu Chenshang followed closely behind.

Fu Huasheng stared at Anping with an expression of grief and anger to the extreme, “Fu Er! You profiteer! What’s the matter? Fortunately, I thought you were so innocent! Too insidious! Even your son is so big. Could it be that you…”

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