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Chapter 7 Feeding the unfamiliar little white-eyed wolf (2)

“Really?” Ai Xin suddenly glowed, almost blinding her dog’s eyes.

“Why lie to you.” She didn’t lie, he didn’t have a girlfriend, he just had a wife.

Ai Xin has an expression that just asks casually, “Do you know what type of woman he likes?”

“Well, take the initiative and bold.” An Jiu guessed that Fu Chenshang was too idle to deal with her. play. Send him a woman in the past and I won’t have the energy to toss her anymore. Not only that, she can also take the opportunity to collect evidence of his derailment!

Hey, An Jiu, why are you so smart. An Jiu wanted to be more beautiful, so he tried harder to persuade Ai Xin, “Really, I know my uncle best. He has no girlfriend so far, probably because he looks like a stranger, and girls dare not chase him. He.” An Jiu yelled so smoothly as an uncle.

While talking, Fu Chenshang came back.

Anjou good mood, so gallantly ran to get him to change shoes, Fu-chen business a bit surprised glanced at her, “good.”

Then ask Ai Xin, “how?” ,

“Can be, the foundation is poor, but learn Very fast.” Ai Xin showed a professional attitude of diligence, only Hanchun pink eyes revealed the girl’s thoughts.

Fu Chenshang nodded, “I’ll take you back.” Did

he come back to take her home on purpose? Ai Xin was flattered, her eyes could not be concealed with joy, and she reserved: “I can go back by myself.”

“It’s too late.” Fu Chenshang’s tone is beyond doubt.

“Then…thank you.” Ai Xin’s heart was about to float.

The development is so smooth, An Jiu is also very excited.

In the VIP room of Shengjue, there is a smoky and beautiful scenery. Except for Fu Chenshang, everyone is surrounded by a beautiful woman. The one who is singing is the hottest film and television song in the entertainment industry, the talented girl in Sanxi. Next to Fu Chenshang, he hugs and enjoys the beautiful women, feeds and drinks, and is the only son of the Fu family, Ji Bai, who is the only child of the Ji family.

Ji Bai swallowed the crystal grapes fed by the beauty, shook his head and sighed at Fu Chen Shang, with an expression of “you really don’t know how to enjoy”.

“I’m really going to go back? What about the company outside of you?” Ji Bai pushed aside the beauty on the right, and sat closer with Fu Chenshang. “To be honest, I’m afraid it’s too late for you to go back now. Your two Brother, which one is the fuel-efficient lamp? No matter which side, the position has long been entrenched after so many years, how can you be allowed to intervene? Fu Hongwen also has your nephew Fu Jingxi this potential stock. Just the broken relationship between you and your old man Itโ€™s enough for your headaches. Just leave if you want, and come back if you want to come back. Itโ€™s that easy. According to your old manโ€™s temperament, even if you let you in, you will suffer from your hardship.โ€

Ji Baihua doesnโ€™t sound good, but itโ€™s true. It’s the truth. But Fu Chen didn’t have the slightest worry on the business surface, and his drinking posture was calm and calm.

Ji Bai saw the doorway and thought and stroked his chin, “I think you seem to be strategizing and confident! What trump card did you get?”

Fu Chenshang didn’t answer, just glanced at his watch, “You play, I Let’s go first.”

Ji Bai was anxious, “Hey hey, I’m leaving now?”

Others also tried to stay. We finally got together. It was just past nine o’clock, and the night show had just started, so why should we leave?

“My wife dare not sleep alone.” Fu Chenshang opened his eyes and said nonsense without pressure.

Everyone issued a tacit “Oh–“.

A few months ago, Su Huili frequently appeared next to Chu Mo, attended various public events, and showed various high-profile affections. Suddenly they didn’t want to know the fact that Fu Chenshang was broken in love. Immediately afterwards, an entertainment newspaper broke the news that Fu Chenshang had recently married in a low-key manner and the bride’s identity was unknown. This kind of eyeball gossip news has appeared many times before, but appearing at this juncture makes people have to believe a little bit.

Fu Chenshang did not deliberately conceal it, so friends in the circle knew this was true. But Fu Chenshang didn’t say who the woman was, and they didn’t ask too much. All I know is that Fu Chenshang seems to be very caring about that woman, he will inevitably rush home at nine o’clock no matter what kind of entertainment he participates in, and he can see a thing or two if he never asks a woman to accompany him.

Ji Bai couldn’t help but explode, “The more you are like this, the more curious I am, who is your wife?” It’s not

just Ji Bai. The masses have long been curious. Just imagine, which man who has been in love with a perfect woman like Su Huili for a full ten years can make a new love in just three months and still love him?

Ji Bai tried to get close, “Hey, I have time to bring the new sister-in-law here to let us know about it.” The

new sister-in-law… just so Ji Bai dared to bury Fu Chenshang.

Fu Chenshang’s face was as usual, not showing any signs of dew, “She is busy with the college entrance examination, and will not be free in the short term.”

“Puff–” Ji Bai spouted a sip of wine, “Ahem, college entrance examination? How old is your woman? I met Fu Huasheng in a few days, and he said that your tastes are so bad and perverted. I still don’t believe it!”

Fu Chenshang let the group of people misunderstand and left without explaining.

After many days of planning, An Jiu was finally ready to fire the first shot.

She had a bowl of mung bean soup on her hand and was immersed in writing exercises. In fact, she was not thinking about it at all, she kept secretly paying attention to the time on the watch.

Fifteen minutes later, An Jiu “accidentally” raised his hand and knocked over the mung bean soup, and a whole bowl of mung bean soup was spilled on Ai Xin’s skirt.

Ai Xin screamed in panic, An Jiu apologized in a hurry, and then pushed her to the bathroom to take a bath, falsely claiming that she would help her find a change of clothes. In fact, she secretly took away all her changed clothes and hid them. The whole bathroom has a towel. Nothing left.

After doing this, An Jiu picked up the high-precision SLR camera borrowed from Shen Huan, pulled the switch, and hid.

Sure enough, not long after, she faintly heard the sound of the car engine, and then the sound of approaching footsteps.

Fu Chenshang has never had the habit of carrying keys. When he rings the doorbell, she pretends not to open it. Ai Xin knows that it must be Fu Chenshang who is ringing the doorbell at this time. If she wants to hook him up, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So even if she didn’t have clothes, she would just open the door, and then dry the fire…

It turns out that An Jiu’s plan to deplete his brain cells was really not wasted.

As expected, Ai Xin left according to the script, and Ai Xinโ€™s whisper came from the hallway. It was not very clear, probably “I like you”, but Fu Chenshangโ€™s voice was not heard, and then there was a rustle in his ear. The sound of the clothes rubbing and then being taken off and thrown on the ground, the sound of water stains between lips and teeth, the sound of two people falling heavily on the sofa…

Sure enough, there is no man in this world who does not steal fishy! What’s more, the woman who was sent to the door, this woman is not ugly.

The plan went so smoothly that it couldn’t go smoothly, but An Jiu didn’t know why he was not so happy.

The entangled voices of men and women became more and more ambiguous. Although there were no lights, the curtains were not drawn. The lights outside the house clearly reflected the silhouettes of men and women entangled. An Jiu’s face was red and his ears felt like he had been put on fire. When he thought that he had treated himself this way, his heart felt like a thorn in his heart.

An Jiu calmed his mind, fumbled to the switch, and suddenly turned on the switch when Fu Chenshang’s unscrupulous bastard opened the zipper of his pants. The room was brightly lit for an instant, and An Jiu quickly ran to the best angle and began to shoot continuously.

“Ahโ€”” Ai Xin screamed loudly at the sudden change.

Humph! It’s best to be scared to stay together. An Jiu stared fiercely at the bare back on the sofa.

However, in the next second, An Jiu suddenly widened his eyes and looked at the man who was lazily rubbing his hair and turning his head, a face that looked exactly like Fu Chenshang!

“Why are you?” An Jiu was completely stunned. Isn’t this the man who came to the house to call Fu Chenshang out for a drink last time?

Fu Huasheng was a little more awake, looked at her and looked at the woman under him, finally fixed his eyes on her, then got up and closed the zipper with a swish, “Why…what’s the matter? Why isn’t it you…”

At the same time, The door opened, and Fu Chenshang, who was supposed to be the protagonist, walked in with a coat and a bunch of keys in his hand.

Fu Chenshang raised his eyebrows and looked at the situation in the room-Ai Xin shivering on the sofa with her arms around her pillow, An Jiu, drunk Fu Huasheng naked and drunk with the camera in her hand.

Just now he saw that the lights at home suddenly went out not far away, followed by a scream, he was shocked, and he opened the door by himself without delay. In fact, he always took the key to go out, but he just liked to let her open the door.

At this moment, he connected all the clues together, and came to the conclusion easily, and sneered at An Jiu, “You can put these thoughts on studying and you won’t repeat it for two years.”

Although Fu Huasheng was scared just now. I had to react slowly, but I quickly understood the strangeness. The woman who gave her arms and embraced him regarded him as Fu Chen Shang, and he regarded the woman as Song Anjiu. As for Song Anjiu who suddenly jumped out to take pictures at this time, what does it mean?

Damn it, I’m so dizzy, there will be such an oolong! He said how his luck could be so good, Song Anjiu was already unbearable and lonely and took the initiative to send it to the door before he did it. Don’t leave a bad impression. Fu Huasheng glanced aggrievedly at An Jiu, “Second Sister-in-law, this is the first time you came here, your gift is too unique. From your point of view, am I so unethical?”

An Jiu sat down on the ground, raging at Fu Huasheng all his life, “I think you like it!” After the anger, Yu Guang glanced at the Fu Chen Shang who looked at him calmly, and the boy smiled so much that he was called a man who was looking at him calmly.

Fenghua Peerless Qingguo Qingcheng Gentle and freehand brushwork…

At a glance, An Jiu knows…

she! dead! set! Up!

The idlers and others have all gone, the dust has settled, and the living room is so quiet that you can hear a needle falling on the ground.

An Jiu sadly sat on the sofa, with his head hanging down, his hands on his knees, and an aura of resentment that “whatever it takes to live and die, if you want to kill, it’s up to you”.

After taking a shower, Fu Chenshang took out a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator and drank a few sips. He sat next to her refreshedly, “Why don’t you talk? My tongue was caught by a cat?” The

hot and humid breath attacked her all at once. An Jiu stiffened with his senses, and spontaneously took the towel in his hand and wiped his wet hair.

Fu Chenshang did not refuse, and let her take care of him.

An Jiu held it back for a while and couldn’t hold it anymore, “Fu Chenshang, give me a good time.”

The warrior who was captured on the battlefield was as righteous as a warrior.

Fu Chenshang squeezed the mineral water bottle and said softly, “How come? It’s rare that you have worked so hard to set up a game for me. Of course, you should be good for you.”

An Jiu said angrily: “Can you stop being so yin and yang? I arranged things for tonight, but didnโ€™t it happen?”

Fu Chenshang laughed, “Oh? Then if there is no Fu Huasheng who has worse luck than you, let you make it? Are you particularly happy? Woman?”

An Jiu pressed his lips tightly without saying a word.

“Song Anjiu, are you brain-disabled?”

Anjiu broke his gong with anger, “Who is brain-disabled?”

Fu Chenshang drew out the towel in her hand, “Isn’t it a brain damage? I’ve only heard of a wife doing everything possible to keep her husband’s heart. Have you ever heard of anyone who puts a lot of effort into sending other women to her husband’s bed and taking pictures as a souvenir? I am handsome and gold with no bad habits. I am eight years older than you and can take good care of you. Being strict with you is also to make you on the right path. Marrying you is to protect you from harm. What is your dissatisfaction?”

An Jiu I couldn’t say a word while wringing my fingers.

“So much older children also learn to play the rebellious, naive not naive?”

Anjou blood rushed to my mind, Koubuzeyan, “I regret not do it?”

“Regret? Know what regret it?”

Anjou a neck Shrunk, secretly calling bad. She knew that tonight must have escaped the inhumane ravages of Fu Chenshang, but she guessed the beginning but not the end.

The danger in his eyes just now seemed to be an illusion, the lingering, unangered kiss almost sucked all the air from her, causing her to suffocate, and there were ambiguous traces between his lips and teeth. Fu Chenshang has always been going straight back and forth, sometimes even violently, but at this moment, he is slowly twirling and picking. He has never been so gentle, and An Jiu has almost no resistance to throw away his helmet and armor…

Her clothes are stripped, but he is neatly dressed. Looking at her blurred eyes, Fu Chenshang smiled slightly, and after trying his best to get up and straighten the collar without any hesitation, he drove her away from the house without doing anything after it made her angry.

It took An Jiu for a long time to realize that he was severely humiliated, which was more uncomfortable than beating her. The body that was still hot the moment before was like falling into an ice cave. Shaking, she put her clothes on one by one, curling her knees into a ball.

Yes, she regretted it.

At first, she thought that the worst result would be going from one fire pit to another. She herself couldn’t figure out what she was thinking. Happiness came too suddenly, making her whole person like a tight bow, which made her feel more frightened than the situation before. If you were once begging on a cold street, and one day you were suddenly taken home for an obviously perfunctory reason, and you were coaxed like a sweetheart to eat, can you sleep well? She would only think that she was going to be fed to the fat and white to do a perverted human experiment or something.

Faced with the feeling of unknown danger like this, no one could say that he was so uneasy that he was going crazy.

What frightened her even more was that she was about to fall, sinking into this dangerous warmth bit by bit, becoming more and more uncontrollable and more and more worried about gains and losses. God knows how much she enjoys his meticulous arrangements for her study and life, and how much he likes his nasty words to force her to learn, even if she scolds her sternly, she is very happy.

She wanted it, but she didn’t dare to bear it. I was afraid that he would leave, but wanted to push him away…

Fu Chen Shang was upset and didn’t go back for three days. At this moment she should be happy, crazy and lawless.

This girl really hit his self-confidence severely.

In five years, can he really endure five years? For the first time, Fu Chenshang was uncertain.

The picture of Song Anjiu stretching his teeth and dancing claws jumping up and down again appeared in his mind. Fu Chen and Shang’s eyebrows were tightly locked for a long time, unable to calm down for a long time.

When Qi Jin knocked on the door and came in, he saw his boss’s helpless and dumbfounded expression. In the past month, he has seen this expression many times. Following Fu Chen’s business these years, Qi Jin knows that he has always been a person of unrevealed affection. No matter how much stimulation it is, what he feedbacks is only the indifference and indifference that has not changed for thousands of years, and a giant meteorite falling in does not necessarily arouse the slightest splash. It seems that the new boss lady is a very powerful person if he can make such a person of emotion and anger often show sadness.

“Boss, Juxing Entertainment’s information is here.”

Fu Chenshang waved his hand, Qi Jin knowingly put down the information and left.

Fu Chenshang looked through the information for a while, and finally was disturbed by the messing around in his mind, and took the car key and went downstairs.

Too much is too late, the neglect these days should be enough.

Fu Chenshang drove very fast all the way, returned home, rang the doorbell, no one responded, and he was not there. Pushing the door in, the balcony windows were wide open, and the light-colored curtains were violently raised by the wind outside, and then fell heavily. In the past few days of heavy rains, the windows have not been closed, so that the living room has been flooded and messed up.

Suddenly, Fu Chenshang’s gaze was stagnant, and he focused on the little figure curled up on the sofa. She was still wearing the clothes of the night, two buttons on her coat had been torn off, and the mark of his bite on her white neck had not disappeared. At this moment, she was lying there quietly, without movement, her face was pale…

Fu Chen Shang felt a sudden cold, strode over, and touched An Jiu’s forehead, which was astonishingly hot!

After running through several red lights and finally sending her to the emergency room, Fu Chenshang pulled off the collar panting.

An Jiu opened his eyes, moved his hand hanging from the drip, and looked at the white ceiling with a dull expression in his eyes. Fu Chenshang was moistening her dry and cracked lips with a cotton swab. He opened her eyes and touched her head. “Silly?”

An Jiu slowly turned his neck and looked at him. She has a small face that is almost thin, and her eyes are extraordinarily large. The moment the big eyes saw him, they filled up with water and couldn’t stop sliding down silently.

Even the first time I saw her, I never saw her cry. Fu Chenshang’s heart seemed to be eaten by thousands of tiny aphids. He reached out to touch her, but she immediately shrank into the quilt. Fu Chen’s hands stiffened when he went out, and he smiled bitterly, “Are you still wronged? I was wronged when you pushed another woman, and I was scared to death by you when I went home…”

An Jiu arched inward.

Fu Chenshang was a bit annoyed, “What a little white-eyed wolf who is unfamiliar with

him !” An Jiu was motionless.

After a while, Fu Chenshang stood up, as if he was about to leave. The moment he took his steps, An Jiu hugged him tightly from behind, and his vest got wet within a moment.

Fu Chenshang was startled, turned around slowly, and stroked her furry head with a big palm, “Isn’t it just that I didn’t satisfy you, so sad? Would you be compensated tonight?”

An Jiu cried even more sad this time. It’s mad.

This proactive pounce made Fu Chenshang’s heart hard to press, and all the days of depression were wiped out.

“Can you be patient, for seven consecutive days, the high fever did not go away, until the fever was in coma and shock, the doctor gave me a critical illness notice, Song Anjiu, why are you able to toss people like this?” Fu Chenshang’s tone was indescribable exhaustion. At the beginning, the company was severely suppressed by the old man. He was not so tired when he stayed up for more than ten nights to preside over the overall situation.

Although she was reproaching her, the gesture of picking her up and putting her back on the bed and covering her quilt was gentle.

An Jiu was lying on the bed, looking a little annoyed, as if he was holding a thousand words in his heart but couldn’t speak. She has never been a talker, she can’t act like a baby, and she can’t talk sweetly. Why did she rush to her just now? She just thought that she was going to be abandoned again, and when she reacted, her body had already reacted.

The phone’s ringtone broke the silence. Fu Chenshang glanced at the three words “Fu Zhengxun” beating on the phone screen, his expression unchanged, “I’ll take a call.” The

hospital corridor.


“Each time you say one more word on the phone, will you die?”


Chenshang was silent for a moment, “Dad.” Fu Zhengxun hummed, obviously still dissatisfied, “Get me back right away.”

Fu Chenshang cocked. Eyebrow, “I can’t do it now, An Jiu can’t live without people.” The old man

immediately became angry when he heard that, “You still have a face to worry about An Jiu! You tell me what you did to that girl. It’s only a few days, even the critical illness. The books are all down!”

Fu Chenshang was not surprised that Fu Zhengxun would know. But this time he was really wronged, he just did nothing.

“When An Jiu gets better, I will take her to see you.”

“Humph!” The old man agreed. Both sides took a step back.

In the ward.

Fu Chen Shang was feeding Anjiu and drinking millet porridge one bite at a time.

A bird was almost fading out of his mouth, and An Jiu was given this thing to drink, and An Jiu looked disgusted… drank several bowls.

Recover well and take you home when you get better.” An Jiu raised his head sensitively. Fu Chenshang understood what she was thinking, “Don’t worry, it’s not the Song family or the Liang family, it’s my family.”

An Jiu’s heart beat wildly, his family?

What she has always cared about the most is that the origin of Fu Chenshang is unknown, and she doesn’t even believe that he is the second uncle of Fu Jingxi, and this is also one of the important sources of her anxiety. Is it finally time to unravel this mist? An Jiu was very nervous.

Some things, not to say it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know. For a long time, she kept shutting herself away from thinking about those things, not thinking about Liang Dong and Zhou Jingyi’s respect for him, not thinking about his inherent noble temperament, not thinking about his luxury cars and high-end residences, no Think about…how can his family accept this kind of self?

Seeing that her face was not good, Fu Chenshang put down the bowl and wiped the corners of her mouth, “Don’t worry, everything has me.” The morning sun came in, and Fu Chenshang’s enchanting face looked so many at this moment. Divine. Although the chin has green stubble, and the eyebrows are tired, it looks very pleasing to the eye.

This man is actually her own husband…

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