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Chapter 6 Feeding the unfamiliar little white-eyed wolf (1)

The two went to a bar under the name of Fu Huasheng.

Entering the box, Fu Huasheng blasted the attentive manager out annoyedly, confessing that no one should be disturbed, and then angrily asked, “Second brother, what do you mean?”

Fu Chen, Shangfeng lightly threw it down. A blockbuster, “I want the position of President of the Fu Group.”

Fu Huasheng smiled angrily. “Second brother, are you kidding?”

“What do you think?”

Fu Huasheng sneered, “Do you think that woman is easy to handle?” “

Half a month ago, we had already received the marriage certificate.”

Fu Huasheng was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, his expression gloomy, “Are you fighting with me?”

“I just took back what should belong to me.” “

Are you still complaining that what I did last time did not help you?”

Fu Chen’s eyes darkened suddenly, “People don’t kill themselves for themselves. Even if they are brothers, this is the case.”

Fu Zhengxun, the founder of the Fu Group, has three sons. , And his ex-wife Yin Tinglan gave birth to the eldest son Fu Hongwen, also Fu Jingxi’s father. At the age of 41, she divorced and married Feng Wan, who was only 18 years old, the mother of Fu Chenshang and Fu Huasheng.

Being a wealthy family, it is natural to fight for inheritance rights. Among the three sons, Fu Hongwen was too pedantic. Fu Huasheng was born into a trendy and impetuous manner. Only Fu Chen had the highest genius in business and his calm, restrained and precise eyes. It was a pity that he and Fu Zhengxun had a very poor relationship, so he left the Fu family early and left the Fu family alone. Until Fu Jingxi gradually grew up, he was nearly perfect and outstanding. Although he lacked the shrewdness and old age of Fu Chenshang, it at least gave Fu Zhengxun a little comfort.

Three months ago, Fu Zhengxun, who had been abroad, moved back to his old house in City A, and suddenly called Fu Hongwen, Fu Jingxi, Fu Chenshang, and Fu Huasheng back.

Although he was nearly seventy years old, Fu Zhengxun had always been energetic and did not show his senility, but at that time Fu Zhengxun looked like he was aging overnight.

At the beginning, Fu Zhengxun was just gossiping and chatting with them about the death of an old deceased a few years ago. This deceased was one of the founders of the Fu Group at that time, and she also provided Fu’s first operating fund. The conversation turned around and mentioned that this old man had a granddaughter, who was twenty this year, stubborn, but in a very miserable situation. The only regret for this old man before his death was the granddaughter.

This old friend is Ruan Yun, Song Anjiu’s grandmother.

The old man suggested that whoever wants to marry An Jiu and take good care of her, Fu Jingxi, Fu Huasheng, and Fu Chenshang can get 20% of Fu’s shares. Of course, it is not just getting married, but also training her to rely on real talents to enter the A college and graduate smoothly within a year, so that she can become a lady who can match the Fu family from a young age. If you don’t get divorced within five years of marriage, you can get shares after five years. Otherwise, all previous efforts will be lost.

These conditions can be described as harsh, but 20% of the shares are enough to be tempting.

Originally, they had no choice but to make their own marriage with such an identity. Now that the old man has decided on a candidate and such attractive conditions are placed here, even if it is harsh, you might as well give it a try.

Of course, except for Fu Chenshang, who has never participated in power struggles.

Fu Chenshang had a girlfriend who had been in love for ten years, and the two were already preparing to get married. Although the old man had always disliked the girl, he couldn’t help it. Calling Fu Chenshang over this time is nothing more than just a cutscene.

As for Fu Jingxi, he had taken a big advantage, but he didn’t expect him to ignore his father Fu Hongwen’s obstruction and refused on the spot.

“Why? Aren’t you and the girl classmates?” The old man asked at the time.

“It is because of understanding that I refused.” Fu Jingxi answered neither humble nor overbearing.

Doesn’t that mean that no one is fighting with him at all? Fu Huasheng is simply triumphant in the spring breeze.

Originally, my brother didn’t fight with him, but I didn’t expect to overwhelm another opponent so quickly.

Fu Huasheng’s pride ends when he sees Song Anjiu’s information, and his despair is when he sees Song Anjiu himself.

Forget it, he would rather continue to fight with the boss slowly. Life can last for a few years, so why bother with yourself. Even if that girl is half eye-catching, he can try it. But really, challenge the limit.

The turning point of the matter happened two months ago, when Fu Chenshang’s girlfriend Su Huili’s father was imprisoned for corruption and bribery. Fu Chenshang begged everyone at the time but failed to rescue Su Huili’s father.

Thinking of the time that Fu Chenshang ran to him almost desperately, such a proud man bowing his head to him, Fu Huasheng felt… very happy. He was inferior to Fu Chenshang since he was a child, and even this inheritance right seems to be all because he gave it to his younger brother. No one saw the hard work he put in for this, coupled with that arrogant and arrogant attitude, it really made him dislike this brother. However, he is not dead for his opinions. At that time, Fu Zhengxun spoke harshly, and no one was allowed to help Fu Chenshang. How could he have the courage to disobey.

The final result of this incident was that Su Huili became the lover of Fu’s rival, Chu Mo, the president of Zhiyuan Group, in order to save her father.

At that time, Fu Chenshang locked himself in the room for seven days and nights. Fu Zhengxun was really cruel, and stopped Feng Wan in a daze, not allowing anyone to control him.

Then, standing in front of him is today’s Fu Chen Shang.

Without saying a word, he married Song Anjiu’s Fu Chenshang, and told him that he wanted Fu Chenshang who was the president of Fu.

Both brothers were silent.

Fu Huasheng sighed in sorrow: “Second brother, why bother…”

Fu Chen Shang Yang leaned on the sofa, looking at him with a sad expression blankly, “You don’t need to play these tricks with me.”

Fu Huasheng was guilty and sad. Retired in an instant, “Haha, I really can’t lie to you. In that case, second brother, don’t blame your brother for being cruel.”

Originally, I wanted to play the family card so that he wouldn’t be too cruel, but this guy really didn’t give any face.

Fu Chenshang glanced at him, “I am determined to win.”

Fu Huasheng tickled his teeth with hatred, and the conceited expression of “there is nothing I can’t get, only what I don’t want” really made him angry. What are you proud of, for five years. There is a chance to pry your feet! And I’m young, strong, vigorous, and suave, a woman you can handle, why can’t I handle it? Only what the young master does not want to eat, there is nothing that the young master can’t eat!

Finally caught up with Fu Chenshang and could get a good night’s sleep without coming back at night. As a result, as soon as An Jiu fell asleep, he heard the door knocking loudly.

An Jiu didn’t even bother to turn on the light, so he fumbled out and opened the door. He was about to turn around and go back to sleep when he was hit by a sudden heavy object and fell to the ground.

“Lao Tzu’s waist!” An Jiu cried out in pain, “Can you take the key next time you go out?”

“No. You open the door for me.” Fu Chenshang pressed on her, taking it for granted. Tonight, the two brothers tore off their masks and drank a drink happily. Fu Huasheng was so drunk that he wanted to come to his house to sleep, and Fu Chenshang called his assistant to come and give him where he came from.

An Jiu went crazy with anger, and was even more upset by the breath.

Fu Chenshang finally got up with a kind heart, An Jiu also stood up with his waist, and turned on the light in the house by the way.

I saw that Fu Chenshang’s clothes were not trimmed and his neckline was wide open, his bangs were messy, his eyes were covered with mist, and he was completely unworthy of his usual meticulous image, but he was very charming.

Fu Chenshang went to the sofa and sat down by himself, rubbing his eyebrows, “Water.” The

bastard made me so smooth. An Jiu angrily went to pour him a glass of cold water.

Fu Chen Shang had finished drinking in twos, and he seemed to be a little more awake, and his eyes had a focus.

“Have you done your homework?”

An Jiu was dumbfounded, “Huh?”

“Bring me to check.”

“Isn’t it? You have to check your homework if you drink it like this, please take a bath and go to bed?”

” Go get it.” The tone was with irresistible majesty.

An Jiu’s calf trembled, and he went and fetched the homework.

Obviously he was still a drunk just now, so he stared at her workbook in a blink of an eye and started tossing her.

An Jiu sat tremblingly and watched him make corrections.

I saw that Fu Chenshang’s face was getting more and more ugly, and in the end it was the rain and the wind all over the building. He threw her workbook on the coffee table with a “slap”, “Only five of the ten math questions were done, and all five were wrong; all the multiple-choice questions in the English test paper were B, fill in the blanks and write in a random composition…”

An Jiu The more I listen, the more guilty I am, “I won’t.”

“Redo everything.”

“What? Now?”

“You can’t sleep

if you can’t finish it.” “I won’t do it!”

“Then let’s do something else.”

Then we Just do something else…your sister! I hate this sentence the most, can’t I change it?

An Jiuxin held his injured waist with lingering fears, “Just do it!”

This “do” is of course the “do” of doing homework.

Fu Chenshang had already gone to sleep in the bedroom, but she had to stay up all night while reading a book in a hurry while doing questions. Because there are too many words in English, I checked the dictionary for almost all night, and my fingers are about to wear out calluses, let alone math.

This is done at dawn.

What Fu Chenshang woke up in the morning was the appearance of Song Anjiu lying on the coffee table sleeping with the test paper.

She took out the test paper and glanced at her homework. It was still terribly correct, but at least she used her heart, and nodded with satisfaction, “It’s pretty obedient.”

As soon as he was about to take her to bed, An Jiu woke up, hurriedly flipping through the dictionary against the dark circles of her eyes, “I’ll do it right away! Only a few questions left!”

“Reluctantly pass the test, go to sleep. No class in the morning. You can sleep a little longer.” The

sentence passed, almost making An Jiu excited and tears in his eyes.

Before I was moved, I heard Fu Chenshang say: “Your foundation is too poor, and the school’s supplementary lessons are not enough. I will help you hire a tutor and come to my home to teach you the first and second

grade courses in the evening.” An Jiugang He stood up and sat back weakly, “Fu Chenshang, did I plan your ancestral grave in my previous life? Did you treat me this way?”

No matter what she said, the things he decided would not change.

The make-up teacher came that night, she was a very beautiful young female teacher.

An Jiu lied over there while reading a book while slandering. Couldn’t it be to satisfy her selfish desires in the name of making up lessons for her?

“An Jiu, call someone.”

An Jiu put down the pen and moved over, “

Hello, teacher.” “Song Anjiu, hello, I’m Ai Xin, you can call me Teacher Ai. Mr. Fu has already followed me. After talking about your situation, let’s start today. I’ll tell you about the study schedule for the next two months. “

Tsk tusk, this little voice is gentle, it makes people’s bones crisp.

An Jiu obediently said, “Teacher Ai, please advise.”

Fu Chenshang rubbed her head, “I have something tonight, you listen to the teacher at home.”

“Oh.” An Jiu’s eyes brightened.

“If you are naughty again, you know the consequences.”

Threatening her every time before going out! An Jiu wiped a handful of bitter tears, and watched him leave like a quail. Ai Xin, who was on the side, followed her gaze, seemingly reluctant to give up.

Ai Xin is good-looking, gentle-tempered, and she does well in class, even when she talks several times during class.

After the course, Ai Xin couldn’t help but talk to her, “An Jiu, your uncle is so handsome, and your girlfriend must be very good-looking, right?”

Uncle? It seemed that Fu Chenshang didn’t tell her clearly about his relationship with him. An Jiu bit the pen, “He has no girlfriend.”

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