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Chapter 5 Young and strong don’t work hard (2)

Obviously Zhou Jingyi thought so too. Although this daughter has always caused her headaches, it is her biological daughter after all. If she was taken away under the eyelids by a strange man, she wouldn’t be pierced in the spine when it was passed out in the future.

“Song Xingguo, are you still a man? Your daughter is going to be taken away!”

Song Xingguo reacted, “Mr. Fu, right? You took our daughter away inexplicably in front of your parents. It’s ridiculous!”

“So you are willing to continue to raise her?” Fu Chenshang raised his eyebrows.

An Jiu reacted very quickly at this moment, “Dad, I actually want to

follow you more.” Zhou Jingyi was overjoyed, and Song Xingguo was shocked.

“Mom, how about you? Are you fighting to pick me up?”

An Jiu had never called his parents so smoothly.

Both of them were silent immediately.

Fu Chenshang looked at the two of them, “Love is an inexplicable existence. Some people have known each other for a lifetime, and some have found each other at a glance. An Jiu and I fell in love at first sight. We hope that the two will be perfect.”

Fu Chenshang suddenly pulled out such a paragraph seriously, and even An Jiu was dumbfounded by him. When Song Xingguo and Zhou Jingyi realized that they were going to chase, Fu Chenshang had already drove away with An Jiu.

Liang Jiajia was so angry that she ran upstairs and hid in the room.

“How…what?” Liang Dong was a little uneasy, after all, he brought the people back.

“What else can I do? A young master like him is not looking fresh, I guess he will get tired of playing for a few days.”

Liang Dong rubbed his hands, “Look, can An Jiu say something nice for me? Today’s Things are really nasty, I’m afraid that it will affect the list.”

Zhou Jingyi was annoyed, “You can say that too? You can help me find people back, what if something happens in a long time?”

Liang Dong disagreed, “Women’s opinion. Who is Fu Chenshang? The second son of the Fu group, the hottest heir, how many women have tried their best to climb onto his bed, and An Jiu doesn’t know what luck it took to get him. He liked it. The break-up fee is enough for her to eat and wear for a lifetime.”

Song Xingguo only then knew the identity of Fu Chenshang and was surprised, but he didn’t expect to meet him here. Because Fu Chen Shang had been abroad for many years and was quite low-key, and rarely showed up, he didn’t recognize it. At this time, he secretly rejoiced that it was fortunate that he hadn’t said too much to offend him.

An Jiu originally thought that this man should only help her out, but he did not expect that he would go home with a sleepwalker to get his documents, and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the formalities that day. Hong Yanyan’s little book seems to be saying “Congratulations on her successful sales.”

Immediately afterwards, he left an empty house and disappeared for a week, until she was in trouble to remember that there was this person.

The price of “no one can control you in the future” is that he will be able to control you to death in the future. At first I thought there was no worse result, but at the moment watching the man sleeping in the same bed was confused. She couldn’t see what he was thinking at all, even though it was such a close relationship, she still didn’t know who he was. She only knew that no one in this world would treat another person completely and unconditionally.

Why do you want to do this for her? An Jiu fiddled with the information, muttering in a low voice: “I’m pretty bad. My parents don’t want me. Moreover, they all have their own children. Don’t expect them to give me the inheritance. Even if I look really good. Deceit, there is nothing to be deceived by you.” It

looks like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.

The little guy speculated another reason for marrying her.

“I’m not short of the money, can’t you believe that I am in love with your beauty?” Fu Chenshang gently rubbed her somewhat rough hair, looking at her eyes as if saying, “You are the most beautiful in the world.” important”.

An Jiu’s blood rushed straight to his forehead from the soles of his feet, almost smoking above his head. She has always molested others, and has never been molested, not to mention that Fu Chen Shang’s old man is treacherous and cunning, with such a high number of paragraphs, An Jiu’s little heart can’t bear it.

“I will start to make up classes tomorrow. You saw the schedule just now.”

An Jiu irritably grabbed his hair into a ball of straw, “Is it necessary? Except for studying, you can do whatever you want me to do.”

“Whatever I want you to do. You have to do it obediently, including studying.”

An Jiu did not protest fiercely. It’s better to go to class when you’re in class. It’s better to skip class than to stay at home like this.

Great, I can see Jing Xi tomorrow!

the next morning.

After eating breakfast, An Jiu couldn’t wait to run out, was caught by Fu Chenshang and led him to help her tidy up the bow tie on her school uniform. “You just go to school like this?”

“What else ?” An Jiu was a little impatient. .

Fu Chenshang turned around and went into the bedroom to present a schoolbag and hand it to her, which was quite heavy.

“The stationery is in the school bag, the class schedule is in the pencil bag, and today’s textbooks are all in for you.” After saying that, she gave her a delicate wallet, “This is your supplementary tuition fee and today’s pocket money. Sit by yourself. Is the bus okay?”

An Jiu stood at a loss, not knowing what to do, and nodded indiscriminately.

“What do you want for dinner? I’ll make it for you.”

“Whatever…whatever!” An Jiu became more and more guilty. He was about to run and was pulled back by his waist and gave a lingering kiss, his eyes fixed, “Come back early from school.”

An Jiu’s face is red and red. The land fell into despair and fled.

The most unbearable is that others treat her well, and if they are good to her, she doesn’t know what to do. This is probably the reason why she would return Fu Jingxi in a mess.

Originally, I wanted to go directly to A Big to find Fu Jingxi as soon as I went out, but I was embarrassed to go now.

Seeing her leaving behind, the corners of Fu Chenshang’s mouth softly disappeared, his expression complicated.

Walking on the familiar campus, Song Anjiu, who used to walk sideways, was all uncomfortable, but fortunately, no one recognized her along the way.

When I walked to the door of the classroom, I saw a familiar figure in front of me.

Seeing Shen Huan walking towards him, An Jiu just wanted to say hello, but his gaze passed directly over her and fell on the boy in front of her.

“Classmate, have you seen Song Anjiu?”

The man with glasses was walking while holding a book, but he didn’t react for a while.

“What are you in a daze? I want to ask you something.” Shen Huan was initially upset, and slapped the man with glasses on the forehead of the man with glasses.

“How did you hit someone?!”

“What did I do?” After speaking, he grabbed the boy by the collar.

An Jiu’s forehead blue veins violently jumped, and he couldn’t stand it anymore, and he slapped it forward.

Shen Huan clutching his forehead, was beaten Mongolia, and looked up after aggressive answered a God, was about to get angry, to see is a cute girl, no gas immediately, the amiable said: “Students, what is it?”

“Shen Huan , You don’t have eyes!”

Shen Huan pointed at her like a ghost, and yelled: “Song Anjiu! What do you want to dress like a woman?”

“Shut up and give me a little voice. You want to yell all the way. Does anyone know?” An Jiu covered his face and pulled Shen Huan to hide in a place where no one was.

Just about to speak, she found that Shen Huan’s face was flushed. An Jiu let go of his hand and slapped him again, “You blush and shit!”

“Who made you suddenly dress like this…” Shen Huan whispered and secretly raised his eyes to look at her. Pulling her hand for the first time, I didn’t expect it to be so small and soft. Ever since I met her, I have never seen when she dressed like a woman. I have always regarded her as a buddy. After a long time, I almost forgot her gender.

“What’s the matter for me making so many calls?”

“You still say! I disappeared without a sound for so many days, do you know how worried I am. I thought something was wrong with you. No, you…you must be out What’s the matter, or how could it be like this! Brother Nine, what are you irritated by, don’t think about it.”

“Where are there so many questions, now I’m asking you!”

Shen Huan said in a nonchalant manner, “It’s okay . You didn’t come that day, Xu Sicong and the others clamored for a few days, and no one paid any attention to him and then stopped. They just couldn’t contact you to worry about you.”

An Jiu didn’t know what to say for a while, “Is there a smoke?”


“Smoke” ! ” “

Oh, there is. “Shen Huan took out a cigarette on her to the point, hesitated and said:.” or still do not smoke it, “

I felt too unpleasant.

An Jiubai glanced at him, “I haven’t seen such a mother-in-law in a few days.”

Shen Huan pouted, my mother-in-law? You have suddenly become a woman.

“What’s the matter? Is it because your family used the Xue Hao incident as a condition to force you to study hard?”

An Jiu took a deep breath, “You think too much.”

“What’s the matter?” Shen Huan paused. For a moment, he tentatively said: “For the man?”

An Jiu’s fingers shook with Yan.

“Sure enough.” Shen Huan asked with a clear look on his chest, “For Fu Jingxi?”

An Jiu glanced at him, “A third of it was right.”

“Ha? What’s the cause of the third ?”

An Jiu ignored him.

One-third means that three words are correct.

Shen Huan had long believed that he was right, “It’s not that I said you. If you dress up like this, you won’t be able to chase Fu Jingxi for five years without results. Is your makeup technique a makeup? That’s a disguise.”

“Shallow, you know that judging people by appearance, Jing Xi doesn’t care what I look like. Also, we are just friends, and then nonsense that I will kill you.”

Shen Huan drew his ears, “Yes, it’s just friends. I listen to these words. Calluses are coming out. You, I’m not afraid of the sky, it’s just that there’s no such thing as Fu Jingxi. Is it interesting to hide your ears and steal the bell all the time?” After saying that, I habitually wanted to take her shoulders, and finally retracted and scratched her head, “Go,” Go for a drink.”

“What to drink in broad daylight?”

“Then go racing, this time you must be shameful!”


“Then what do you want to do?”



It wasn’t until Song Anjiu had gone so far that Shen Huan reacted to catch up, “Nine brother, don’t you, a man, don’t you need to be like this? Didn’t you say that Fu Jingxi doesn’t care about this? If you really like it, you should like it. You are the way you are.”

“Young and strong don’t work hard, it’s better to hang on to the southeast branch. For my good, don’t affect my study anymore.” An Jiu thought about it and decided to let him misunderstand this way. I really don’t bother to explain. I can’t explain it anymore.

Shen Huan is stupid, is this still the Song Anjiu who “should be happy in life, don’t let Jinzunkong face the moon”?

Everything went well today, but in the last class, I still broke my work.

The boy in the front seat fell to the back. Ask her to help pick it up.

An Jiu picked it up for him.

After a while, his pen fell over again.

No way, I picked it up again.

The third time, pick it up again.

For the fourth time, An Jiu came up with the crime and grabbed the boy’s collar directly, “Looking for a ballast, right?!” The

audience was in an uproar, and the boy had an incredible expression. He didn’t expect such a well-behaved appearance to be so sturdy. The character faints at the moment.

At night, Fu Chenshang sat on the sofa to check her homework, and the doorbell rang. Fu Chenshang went to open the door, and was about to close it back as soon as he opened a slit, but was stubbornly held back by the people outside the door.

Second brother, this is how you welcomed me?” The visitor was Fu Huasheng, the third youngest of the Fu family.

“How do you know here?” Fu Chen walked out like frost, and concealed the door from behind, obviously not planning to let him in.

Fu Huasheng did not answer, “Second brother, why don’t you go home after returning home? Tsk, there is a golden house here. It seems to be very close to that girl’s school. I deliberately approached Liang Dong a few days ago, so what was his idea? “”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“You won’t move that mind?” Fu Huasheng seemed to think of something, but felt it impossible.


“Don’t pretend to be garlic with me. Fu Er, I hope you have a little bit of integrity and don’t engage in unfair competition.” Fu Huasheng was serious and decided to swindle him.

“The third son of the Fu family actually talked about morals with me.”

Fu Huasheng sighed, and seemed to feel that his words were untenable, “Cough, what? I think it, second brother, you really don’t need to be so cruel to yourself. You didn’t see it. Did that kid Jing Xi give up when he approached the water tower? The old man’s proposal was simply fantastic. Who would be so stupid to marry that alien creature. Hey, don’t you want to keep talking to me outside the door like this?”

Fu Chenshang didn’t say Let him in, and didn’t say not to let him in, I was silent and didn’t know what I was thinking.

“Is there a woman in there?” Fu Huasheng understood the embarrassment, and immediately smirked, “Then I have to go in, and see what woman has the ability to let the second brother set up a golden house to hide it.”

This time, Fu Chenshang did not go any further. Blocked, and went straight into the room, Fu Huasheng immediately followed him in excitedly. As a result, he was stunned as soon as he walked in, staring at An Jiu, who was lying on the coffee table and writing his homework.

Fu Chenshang looked at An Jiu, who was wearing only thin pajamas, and frowned: “Go in.”

“Oh.” An Jiu curiously peeked at the one that looked somewhat similar to Fu Chenshang, but it looked very frivolous. Like a good man, he packed his things and went into the study, cursing in his heart. Some guests didn’t tell me earlier, so now he is showing me something.

Fu Huasheng Junyi’s face was ruined by an insignificant air, “Second brother, you have a slightly heavy taste, and you can start with it as a minor? Even the girl from the Song family is twenty years old this year.”

Fu Chenshang He didn’t explain, “This is not the place to talk.”

“Go to me?”

Fu Chenshang took his coat and agreed.

“An Jiu!”

Hearing Fu Chenshang calling him, An Jiu poked his head out of the study.

“I have something to go out, you are at home alone…”

“No problem!” An Jiu hurriedly said.

“After finishing the question, I will come back to check it.”

“I see.” An Jiu retracted in frustration.

Fu Huasheng was shocked, “An Jiu? It’s Song…”

“Go out and say.” Fu Chenshang interrupted him with cold eyes.

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