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Chapter 4 Young and strong don’t work hard (1)

A is big, the boys’ dormitory.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not here today?” Fu Jingxi’s roommate Su Muyang flipped through the magazine and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was already lunch time, and the girl had already rushed up like a gust of wind at this time.

Because of her attire, it has been two years, but the uncle in charge downstairs didn’t realize that she was a girl. Every time she came here, she was unimpeded.

“It must have been given up. After two years of chasing after Jing Xi, Jing Xi did not agree. But it is even more strange if he agrees, ha, that kind of person…” Zhu Meng on the other side painfully took out his wallet and counted the money.” It seems that I am going to buy roses by myself again today.”

Fu Jingxi paused when he arranged the desk, not knowing what he was thinking.

I haven’t seen Fu Jingxi for several days. An Jiu doesn’t eat well and sleeps well, just like the eggplant that frosted. This is all because of a certain abnormality who kept her in the house where she was not allowed to go. It was called to exercise her concentration. She has been stocked for too long, and now the first step for her to adapt to staying at home and learning is to “get home”!

“Fu Chenshang, return the phone to me. I’ll be worried if Jing Xi can’t get in touch.” An Jiu lingered on the sofa next to Fu Chenshang, being locked up to lose his temper.

Fu Chenshang was dealing with the documents sent by his assistant early in the morning, and he sneered, “Don’t feel so good about yourself. Your phone does not have a call from Fu Jingxi, only one called Shen Huan.”

“You lie! I’m everyday. have to look for him, how could he not suddenly do not contact me? ” “

I’m afraid is already tired, wish you were not. “

Anjou is stimulated too pale, stood up excitedly,” you’re talking nonsense! “

Then He hesitated and asked cautiously: “Did Jing Xi say something to you?”

Fu Chenshang glanced at the expression she was about to cry, and silently replied, “No.” While

she was

talking , her cell phone suddenly rang, and the ringtone was– “Jing Xi’s phone!” Take the phone out of Fu Chenshang’s pocket.

Fu Chenshang restrained her and sat her on her lap in two or two strokes, “It’s OK, turn on the loudspeaker.”

An Jiu promised in a hurry, just wanting to answer the phone quickly.

Fu Chenshang pressed twice and handed her the phone.

“Hey, Jing Xi!”

“An Jiu, what happened?” The

warm voice almost made An Jiu burst into tears. She has been treated so cruelly and inhumanly these days, and the huge changes that happened suddenly left her at a loss. Although she wanted to talk to him, she thought that if Fu Jingxi would call her second aunt, she couldn’t open the mouth. .

“Something went wrong, but it’s all resolved now.” She replied with force.

“That’s good. Have dinner together tonight?” Fu Jingxi’s original intention was to ask before meeting.

Hearing this, Fu Chenshang raised his eyebrows quite unexpectedly. He had never heard of a girl Fu Jingxi took the initiative to invite to dinner with him, and the gentle tone did not seem to be pretending.

Here his little wife is smiling into a trumpet flower, “Okay, okay, okay! Ah–“

“What’s wrong?” Fu Jingxi asked suspiciously.

An Jiu squeezed a hand on his waist and gave Fu Chenshang bitterly, but he couldn’t ignore the warning in his eyes. Fearing that Fu Jingxi would notice, she finally tried to stabilize her voice and replied, “It’s okay, but suddenly remembered that I still have something tonight, and I might not be able to go.” In

that tone, it was not too frustrating.

“It’s okay, next time.” Fu Jingxi vaguely noticed something wrong, but couldn’t tell what was wrong.

“Well, goodbye.” Hanging up the phone, An Jiu said with a calm face, “Are you satisfied?”

“You feel reasonable to agree to other men’s dating requests in front of your husband?” Fu Chenshang’s voice was as cold as ice. .

“I…” Why can he say so embarrassingly that it’s just a friend meeting.

“Anyway, you are justified in everything!” An Jiu exclaimed unconvincedly.

“That’s the truth.”

“The truth is that you imprisoned me illegally! Why do you not allow me to see my friends, or cut off my contact with the outside world!”

Fu Chen looked down at her with a mayfly look, “I am willing. “

An Jiu almost fainted, “I want a divorce!”

“You say it again!”

“I want a divorce, I want a divorce, I want a divorce!”

Fu Chenshang dismissed her disdain, “Dead this heart,” Without my consent, you can only be mine for the rest of your life.”

“Then we’ll see you in court. I must divorce this marriage. Even if Liang Jiajia ridicules me, I must divorce!”

“You can try.

” Fu Chenshang, you’d better not let me catch you!”

She didn’t believe that he had no flaws at all. Or lie to him to beat himself up and say it was domestic violence? No, no, this is too cruel. That means he has an affair. Yes, even if you can’t catch a third, you have to make a third.

Thinking about it this way, An Jiu immediately gained momentum.

An Jiu has been insomnia for several days.

He woke up again in the middle of the night and found that there was a bright light on the head of the bed. Fu Chenshang was not asleep yet, holding a lot of papers and looking at it. Under the soft light, the look with glasses is really so focused and charming.

After realizing the commendation that he gave him in his heart, An Jiu immediately sighed to himself, a charming ghost, clearly a gentle scum.

An Jiu was curious and quietly looked up at what Fu Chenshang was holding, and caught a glimpse of a table. The numbers in the table are vaguely: 7, 8, 22, 3, 0, 0…

Why do you think this string of numbers? Inexplicably familiar?

what! She remembered, this is not her college entrance examination results for each course last year.

An Jiu was taken aback and continued to look at it, and found that not only last year, but that form almost included all her grades from childhood to growth, and even after the form there are all her class teachers’ evaluations of her…

An Jiu was uncertain, It was even more curious and unbearable as a cat scratching, so she slightly propped her arm and wanted to continue to look down, but saw Fu Chenshang turn a page, strikingly focused on her every file, which dazzlingly lists her various evil deeds. …

“Baby, you can do all the bad things without fail, and you are considered capable.”

An Jiu was taken aback, and when he looked up, Fu Chenshang found out that she was awake at some point, and looked at him with a smile. she was.

An Jiu was choked, but he didn’t have time to care about him at the moment. He was completely touched by the things in his hand, and he simply got up to his feet and leaned in anxiously.

Fu Chenshang chuckled and didn’t hide it, and let her take a look at it slowly.

The information is so detailed that she can’t even remember many things. For example, in the third grade of elementary school, he took off his little Zhengtai’s trousers to study the structure of the house; in the sixth grade of elementary school, he hooked up with the handsome boy and dumped him. Later, the boy sat on the top floor of the school and committed suicide and made the whole school known; In the first year of junior high, I molested the intern teacher who had just arrived and scared them away alive… As for after high school, I changed the same table for eight consecutive years until Fu Jingxi sat next to her. The rest was nothing more than fighting, driving, skipping school, and premature love. It’s really not a fall.

An Jiu became more and more frightened as he watched, and said unbelievably, “How did you get this?”

“You don’t need to know this.”

“It’s related to me, why can’t I know! Why are you investigating me?” Although An Jiu said dissatisfied, he obviously lacked confidence.

At first, she was very angry that her privacy was spread out in front of others, but when she turned to the back, she saw a handwritten analysis plan, which was visually written by Fu Chenshang. Although he had only seen him write when he was applying for the marriage certificate, his handwriting was vigorous and sharp, and his momentum seemed to jump out of the paper, and she recognized it at a glance. She grew up and never had anyone cared about her things so attentively, summed up her studies, and made plans for her to plan for the future. She still remembers that year. She waited silly for a compliment from an adult with a Sheng Jin Admission Notice, but in the end it was everyone’s ignorance…

An Jiu’s mother Zhou Jingyi was born in the scholarly family, and lost her father in her early years. , Leaving her mother Ruan Jun alone to take care of her family’s career, and devote all her efforts to Zhou Jingyi, the only daughter. Before Zhou Jingyi married Song Xingguo, she had a childhood sweetheart, Liang Dong. Because of her poor family situation, she was always opportunistic and was disliked by Ruan Yun. Under Ruan Yun’s firm opposition, Zhou Jingyi eventually married Song Xingguo, the son-in-law chosen by his mother.

One is arrogant, the other is male chauvinism, life after marriage can be imagined. When An Jiu was three years old, Zhou Jingyi had an affair with Liang Dong, and she secretly gave birth to a daughter outside without telling everyone. Ruan Yun pulled his face down and went to the Song’s family to apologize in person. He vowed not to allow Zhou Jingyi to see Liang Dong and the illegitimate daughter again, and promised a lot of benefits, so that he didn’t get to the point of divorce. After that, although Zhou Jingyi was trapped in Song’s house, her heart remained with Liang Dong’s father and daughter. One is the dispensable daughter born to the man who ruined her life’s happiness, and the other is the inexclusive daughter born to the beloved man, which can be seen at a glance.

Since then, Song Xingguo has also started to look for women outside openly, sometimes in order to provoke Zhou Jingyi and even openly take them home to spend the night. Zhou Jingyi had long since had no hope for Song Xingguo and just turned a deaf ear. Once Xiao Anjiu teased the woman for protecting her mother and was severely beaten by Song Xingguo. At that time, Zhou Jingyi had only Liang Jiajia missed day and night, only as An Jiu mischievous causing her trouble, except for an upset sentence of maintenance.

This situation lasted until An Jiu was ten years old. That year, Liang Jiajia was seriously ill and was dying of her life. She almost could not be saved. It was also that incident that made Zhou Jingyi maternally maternal, mustered the courage to rebel against Ruan Yun, divorced Song Xingguo at all costs and returned to Liang Dong’s father and daughter. The incident was very ugly at the time. Ruan Yun was so angry that he couldn’t afford to be ill. He has been in poor health since then and passed away a few years ago. In this family, the only person who maintained An Jiu, and the only person who could allow An Jiu to stand still and listen to the words, died.

After that, An Jiu’s rebellion reached its peak. If it hadn’t been for the existence of Fu Jingxi from time to time to remind her of her young girl’s heart, perhaps it would have been even more trouble now.

After his parents divorced, An Jiu was in charge of Song Xingguo’s side, but because she really didn’t make people worry, she made the house restless, and the little wife was blowing pillow breeze in his ears from time to time, Song Xingguo was finally cruel. Decided to give up Anjiu’s custody rights. The daughter is not his own. Why should he teach him alone? No one will say that he is good after he is taught well. It is all his fault if he is not taught well. He dignified the chairman of a listed company, first the woman cheated, and then the daughter cheated, and his face was almost ashamed. Finally married his wife and gave birth to a big fat boy. He must get rid of everything in the past and start a new life.

After learning about Song Xingguo’s plan, Zhou Jingyi naturally refused. She will return to the life she wants at all costs, so how can she accept this mess again and make Liang Dong embarrassed?

The day Fu Chenshang appeared was the day An Jiu’s biological parents, stepmother and stepdad, younger siblings, all gathered together to discuss the issue of An Jiu’s belonging.

On that day, Song Xingguo brought his wife to the door. Zhou Jingyi was anxious and called dozens of calls to summon An Jiu anxiously who was racing outside.

An Jiu was upset at the time, and accidentally overturned the car while dragging the car. Fortunately, his agility was not a big problem. She didn’t care that Shen Huan wanted to take her to the hospital, but she dragged up the motorcycle that had turned off the highway on the spot, and then went straight to Liang’s house. Regardless of the butler’s scream of chasing behind, An Jiu walked directly into the house with this humiliated face. Not surprisingly, as soon as his feet stepped in, Song Xingguo’s teacup smashed over.

“Let’s see what you look like!” Song Xingguo saw that she was able to avoid the teacup, and heard the cracking sound on the floor more angry.

An Jiu casually glanced at Zhou Jingyi, who was afraid of her to avoid her, Liang Jiajia who was gloating, and Liang Dong and stepmother Fang Ru who looked indistinguishable. On this occasion, Liang Jiajia was inconvenient to be present as a junior, but she was too worried that Zhou Jingyi would take over Song Anjiu’s custody right for a while, and stayed softly. She has to personally check, in short, she must not be allowed to enter the door of Liang’s house. That is her home.

An Jiu dragged a chair carelessly and sat down, “Today, everyone is there. Don’t talk nonsense, just tell me what you want me to come back.”

“Asshole, who do you think you are talking to!” If there is a teacup on hand, Song Xingguo Will definitely throw it out again.

“Zhou Jingyi, you saw it. This is the good daughter you gave birth to! Anyway, I can’t teach it anymore. If she is good, it will be fine. Look at her now. Wouldn’t it be like this if you spend a

little time ?” “The court was divorced. So I sentenced An Jiu to you. Now that I have married a wife and gave birth to a son, it’s too much trouble and I want to push it to me. You want to be beautiful. I tell you, it’s impossible! Also, what is a good daughter I gave birth to, isn’t it you? Daughter?”

“You…” Zhou Jingyi wanted to say, but Liang Dong held her back.

Liang Dong calmly said: “Calm down, today we are here to solve the problem.”

“Then what do you say?” Zhou Jingyi asked sullenly.

“Well, ask An Jiu’s opinion, ask who she would like to follow?” Liang Dongzhuang suggested understandingly.

For a while, everyone’s eyes fell on An Jiu, and Liang Jiajia straightened her waist even more nervously, staring at her warningly, afraid that she would say to Zhou Jingyi.

An Jiu held his chin, after listening to them arguing for a long time, he finally understood why.

It’s just that neither side wants her anymore.

Looking at those people who were facing each other with nervous gazes, so now she has the right to choose? Did she move her mouth, saying that whoever can pull someone into hell?

The feeling of holding the power of life and death in my hand is really joyful. However, it is not enough, how can it be enough to just pull one.

“It’s better to take turns.” An Jiu’s slow reply was unanimously opposed by everyone.

Then came another round of never-ending quarrels.

“An Jiu, it’s not that my mother doesn’t want you. You can have a better life with your father, and your mother is for your own good.”

“You woman, have less fakes! Liang Dong has made a fortune, so making so much money is not enough to raise his mouth. Start?”

“Song Xingguo, you are still shameless. At the beginning, you wanted to grab An Jiu’s custody from me.”

“Come on, you think I want it, that’s not what your mother forced.”

An Jiu’s face She has been smiling lightly on her, watching them arguing, but can’t hear what they are arguing, only knowing that they are trying every word and every sentence to isolate her from their own world. One sentence at a

time, one piece of her was cut and one piece less trouble…At this moment, a man’s slightly teasing voice suddenly came from behind him in an untimely manner—

“Since both sides are so embarrassed, how about going with me?”

Liang Dong looked at him and leaned back. The man who had been standing by the door of the guest room for an unknown period of time immediately showed an annoyed expression, panicking and embarrassed: “Mr. Fu is awake? How was your sleep last night?”

Their company recently took a big order, on it. He was sent to receive this Buddha-Fu Chenshang, the second son of the Fu Group. Originally the hotel had been arranged, but Fu Chenshang heard that his place was clean and proposed to stay at his house for a few days. When Liang Dong heard of the opportunity to get close to such a big man, he would naturally not refuse. Moreover, he was very confident in his wife’s taste. He bought a house on the hillside. The house was designed by her from the inside to the outside, and everyone praised it. He has a lot of mouths, and he has face.

Sure enough, Fu Chenshang was very satisfied, plus Jiajia’s innocent and charming, the atmosphere has always been very good. Everything was going very smoothly, but Song Xingguo didn’t expect Song Xingguo to make trouble at this time. He was reluctant to change the day no matter how to persuade him, and had to end the matter at this moment.

Fortunately, Fu Chenshang drank outside last night and came back very late. He hasn’t woken up yet. He can only pretend to be calm and relax the atmosphere, hoping to resolve the matter before Fu Chenshang wakes up. He didn’t expect it to be seen by the family. It’s a joke, and I don’t know if it will leave a bad impression and affect future cooperation.

“Yes.” Fu Chenshang simply responded to Liang Dong, and then his eyes were still locked on Song Anjiu with interest. “How about a little girl?”

Liang Dong hurriedly said, “Mr. Fu, don’t be kidding.”

Although it was just a joke. Zhou Jingyi still frowned, feeling that he was unkind by eavesdropping on other people’s family affairs. At this moment, it was too disrespectful to ridicule others, but because of his identity, he couldn’t say anything. Mr.

Fu, would you like to have a drink?” “Brother Fu, I’ll take you there.” Liang Jiajia hurriedly greeted him, not wanting Fu Chenshang to have too much contact with Song Anjiu.

Just hearing his ambiguous joke, Liang Jiajia was heartbroken. It was an insult to Song Anjiu for such a perfect man like a god to have a relationship with Song Anjiu.

“Not in a hurry.” Fu Chenshang’s gaze was impartial, focusing on An Jiu from beginning to end. That gaze made Liang Jiajia almost bit her teeth with hatred.

In fact, he woke up from the sound of the teacup falling to the ground, and he heard every sentence of their argument clearly. Every word was poked into people’s hearts, but the girl only said two sentences from beginning to end, not even a word of resistance, and some only had disdain. Ignoring her nondescript dress and heavy makeup, these eyes are really intriguing. It is clear that there are overwhelming despair and sorrow under her eyes, but the opposite arrogance and sorrow are on her face.

I can’t remember how many years I have been cold-blooded. At this moment, he really felt distressed.

“An Jiu, would you like to marry me?” He said that sentence before thinking.

One stone stirred up a thousand waves.

An Jiu stared at him blankly, then blinked, then blinked again, it was probably an idiot look.

Fu Chenshang didn’t mind a little

bit of chuckles, that smile was like a poison called bewitching, “Marry me, you can leave this home.” An Jiu suddenly raised his head, his eyes were no longer inattentive, but with Scrutinize.

“I swear, I’m serious. As long as you nod your head and agree, I can take you away immediately. No one can stop you.” Fu Chenshang’s tone was arrogant and confident, with a look of harmless humans and animals.

The bewitching flowers bloomed crazily, spreading layer by layer across the wall of her heart.

“…Really?” An Jiu said in a daze unconsciously.

“Of course, no one

can care about you in the future.” Liang Dong was shocked when he heard it, and kept wiping his sweat. “Ah, that, Mr. Fu, this joke is not allowed!”

Zhou Jingyi also hurried over to pull Song Anjiu away, “Mr. Fu Maybe I just think it’s fun for a while. This girl is

ignorant , if you really get entangled in you, it will be in trouble.” Liang Jiajia is anxious and don’t know what to do, “That’s right, Brother Fu, stop playing, be careful of getting entangled!” He shouted at Song Anjiu: “What are you doing in a daze! There are guests here today, it is not convenient to receive you, you should go back first!”

Song Xingguo and Fang Ru were confused. They don’t know the identity of Fu Chenshang, but looking at Liang Dong and Zhou Jingyi’s nervous attitude, they can feel that he should have a lot of background, so they are cautious not to interrupt and watch the development of the situation.

An Jiu couldn’t listen to anyone’s words, Fu Chenshang’s words kept echoing in his mind repeatedly.

Fu Chenshang calmly pulled away Liang Jiajia’s hand, ignored the noise of Liang Dong and his wife, and walked to An Jiu step by step, watching her with deep pool eyes, without any joking in it, “Will you? “

Brother Fu!” Liang Jiajia stamped her foot in a hurry, and went to ask Zhou Jingyi again, “Mother, look!”

Rumor has it that the second son of the Fu family is very deep in the city, and his secret behavior is unclear. I don’t know what he meant by this matter today. Both husband and wife didn’t know what to do, Song Xingguo was completely in the posture of “This is your territory, and you will naturally handle things if something goes wrong”, regardless of whether the person involved is his biological daughter.

“I’m willing.” An Jiu stretched out his hand tremblingly, but answered with a loud voice.

Refuse? Why refuse? Anyway, there is nothing worse than it is now.

“Good girl, come here.” Fu Chen smiled, his smile was as stunning as the flowers from all over the world blooming together.

Zhou Jingyi exclaimed, “An Jiu, you are crazy! Do you know who he is?”

She couldn’t see or hear, and she didn’t want to see or listen…

Fu Chenshang naturally took her hand, “You should be bothered for a long time. Go away.”

Liang Dong looked at a loss, and he hasn’t been relieved up to now. The development of things is beyond common sense. The only explanation is that Fu Chenshang had never seen a girl like An Jiu before, and wanted to play on a whim.

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