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Chapter 3 Starting today, I will take over your life (3)

“Love at first sight?” An Jiu asked with a smile.

This reason is too absurd. You know, at that time she had just returned from a racing car, fell and was covered in blood and ashes, and she was completely invisible as a woman in her dress. When he said the reason for marrying her in front of everyone, everyone’s jaws were shocked.

“Are you sure you are not gay. You married me because you can’t marry a man?”

Fu Chenshang glanced at her calmly, “Even if I look for a man, I won’t look for you like this.”

“…” count you ruthless.

After the cleaning was finally finished, An Jiu was so tired that he couldn’t straighten up his waist.

After taking a shower, I walked to the bedroom door and saw that Fu Chenshang was still asleep, leaning against the bed in light gray pajamas, wearing a pair of glasses, and a book in his hand.

An Jiu was stunned. It’s over. I just realized that she is already married, isn’t she going to sleep in the same bed with him? She waited at the door for a long time, and finally clenched a fist. What was she afraid of? She is a well-known bad student in this city. The boyfriend she has made can circle the Shengjin playground several times…

Finally , she mustered up the courage and walked over. Just about to lie down, Fu Chenshang said: “Go get a towel and put it on the pillow. On, your hair may fade after dyeing, and you are not allowed to eat on the bed in the future.”

An Jiu found out that all the sheets, bedding and pillows had been changed.

She can already imagine how dark life will be in the future. She felt something was wrong just now, and sure enough, this man has a habit of cleanliness!

“Fu Chenshang, or we should live apart. Otherwise, either you forced me to death or I pissed you off.”

Without even thinking about it, Fu Chenshang skipped her suggestion, “Go get the towel.”

An Jiu stepped forward. With a heavy step, I went to the bathroom and took a dry towel, not forgetting the dying struggle, “Otherwise, we sleep in separate rooms? Actually, my sleeping condition is not very good.”

“If you behave well, you can consider it.”

“What does it mean to be good? This is too general!”

“If you don’t make a big mistake within three months, you can make a request.”

“Whatever the request?”

“Divorce Except.”

“Uh…” was easily seen through.

“Okay, that’s it.” She thought about it and didn’t think it would do any harm to her. Anyway, I am finally looking forward to it.

When Fu Chen heard this, the corner of his mouth tickled. Pressing it too hard will only make her rebound even more. At this time, you can give her some decoys that she is interested in to stimulate her initiative.

An Jiu slowly climbed up, holding the thin quilt with both hands, and separated from a short distance, neither could he touch him, nor would it appear that he was afraid that he would be far away.

Seeing her with a look of death in her eyes, but pretending to easily walk over and lie down beside her, Fu Chenshang raised his eyebrows amusedly.

He moved suddenly, An Jiu’s whole body stiffened, and immediately opened his eyes and stared at him, only to find that he did not look at himself at all. It wasn’t until he was sure that he just changed his posture for An Jiu and he was relieved.

An Jiu was very nervous and couldn’t relax for a moment. The more I think about it, the more sad it is, there are still three months, how can I live this day!

“If you can’t sleep, just read a book.”

An Jiu smacked his lips and didn’t move. Forget it, she would rather not fall asleep than reading.

Fu Chenshang glanced at her, put the book in his hand on the bedside table, leaned over her, “If you don’t read the book, then do something else.”

“You…what are you doing?”

“What did you say? You won’t I thought I married you back as a display?”

“Fu Chenshang, shouldn’t your taste be high?”


“You can eat me like this?” An Jiu was filled with indignation.

“Reluctantly.” Fu Chenshang frowned, his tone sounded rather distressed.

An Jiu suppressed his anger, “You don’t need to be so reluctant, thank you!”

“This is my responsibility.” Fu Chenshang replied solemnly, and then step by step, kissing and taking off her pajamas.

“Wait…Wait! Fu Chenshang, I’m not ready yet!” An Jiu pushed his chest with both hands, and finally couldn’t hold it up when the matter came.

The moment Fu Chenshang’s palm touched the skin around her waist, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, and the slippery touch was amazing. In the beginning, I did it for the sake of doing it, but now I am addicted to it. Fu Chenshang’s eyes were stained with lust, and his voice was dumb, “You don’t need to prepare, just leave it to me.” An

Jiu developed a layer of goose bumps sensitively . He didn’t want to fall out with him, but now he can’t care about it. After so much, he fisted over, and quickly rolled to the side while he was avoiding it. Unexpectedly, he forgot that there was a hand on his waist and was easily pulled back, so he bent his knees and twisted again. After the struggle was ineffective, he couldn’t breathe. After moving, he took advantage of the moment when he was confused and infatuated…In a moment, the two of them had already done dozens of moves.

In the end, Fu Chenshang held her firmly, looking at her angry and unwilling eyes like a little beast, and admiring her face, “There are indeed two things, the head is very smart, the shot is very flexible, and the reaction is fast enough. However, today I want to Teach you one thing. In the face of absolutely powerful power, any technique is useless. All you can do is to make yourself stronger. Before that, it is best not to overpower yourself.”

This is naked. Threat!

An Jiu couldn’t get rid of it, and protested: “This is unscientific! The book says that in this case, men should win women’s hearts with retreat as progress.”

“Retreat?” Fu Chenshang sneered, but it was completely the opposite. Actions.

An Jiu’s hands suddenly grasped the bed sheet under him, and his whole body was trembling with pain, “Asshole, you are definitely not the male lead, you are cannon fodder…”

Fu Chenshang was a little surprised to feel a barrier, and

her voice was excited and cheerful, “Good girl.” She was speechless, but she still choked hard: “Good girl!”

Fu Chenshang chuckled lightly. Screamed.

It’s really a small wild cat with sharp teeth. But it doesn’t matter, what he has is time to adjust slowly.

In the middle of the night, An Jiu woke up in a daze, and found that Fu Chenshang was not asleep, and he was holding his head and looking at him.

After being silent for a while, An Jiu asked, “If it were me like that during the day, would you do this to me?” I did

n’t know why, but suddenly he cared a little bit about this question.


“…” The answer was so simple! Bastard!

An Jiu buried his head in the quilt dejectedly, and then felt that his forehead across the quilt seemed to be touched by something –

“No matter which side, it’s you.”


“If an apple falls into the mud, you Will I just pick it up and eat it? I just picked it up, washed it, and ate it.”


However, it seems quite reasonable…

At 4:30 in the morning, An Jiu fell asleep soundly and didn’t even listen to the phone alarm. To. Fu Chenshang frowned and touched her cell phone to turn off the alarm. What are you going to do when you get up so early? Nothing good anyway.

At half past five, the phone began to vibrate. This time An Jiu woke up. At first glance at the name of the electric display, and then at the current time, it’s awful!

Originally planning to go outside to pick it up, because of the big palm on his waist, An Jiu had to lower his voice, “Hey, Shen Huan…”

“Nine brother, why are you not here?”

” Ah, something happened .”

“Come here, the bastard Xu Sicong said that you were afraid of him because you were afraid of him!”

“Let him eat…” He glanced cautiously at Fu Chenshang next to his eyes and swallowed the word behind. , Irritably said: “Wait, I’ll come over right away.”

“Sixth Ring Road, the old place. I have already pulled your car over.”

“I know.” An Jiu cursed and hung up the phone. She is sore all over now, she doesn’t want to move at all.

At this moment, he was completely naked, touching his skin. Realizing this, An Jiu bit his lip and his cheeks quickly warmed up. I carefully looked at him for a while, and made sure that he had no signs of waking up, An Jiu gently pulled his hands away slowly.

By the way… this guy looks really good-looking! The facial features are so exquisite. If he were ten years younger, he would definitely be a beautiful and enchanting boy. But now because of the solemn and cold traces of time and experience, that beautiful face can’t see the soft shadow at all. Instead, it looks like a stranger who is not close and high, just because it is now asleep and unprepared. Slightly pleasing to the eye.

stop! The focus of attention is wrong! An Jiu continued to carefully put his hands down, then lifted the quilt and walked out of the bed. He didn’t expect to get up too anxiously, and his body immediately suffered a sharp pain. An Jiu grinned and held his waist, lifted the hem of his clothes and took a look. A very clear purple handprint came into view. damn it! The beast…

“There is still energy to toss.” The

sudden voice frightened An Jiu’s back stiff, and he turned his head slowly, and saw Fu Chenshang leaning on the bed with his hands around his chest, and he didn’t know how long he watched. .

“Let’s talk, what are you going to do?” Fu Chen Shang glanced at her, saw that she was silent, and said loosely: “Tell me, maybe I can consider letting you go.”

“Really?” An Jiu hurriedly told the story. , It was nothing more than that when she took the first place in a black car race and won a prize of 100,000 yuan, the result was that she robbed others of the limelight and was asked to be singled out.

The next second, Fu Chenshang refused without even thinking: “Don’t go.”

An Jiumao said, “At least consider it before answering! Hey! This incident is not my fault, it is someone else’s provocation!”

Fu Chenshang rubbed his eyebrows, and put his palm on her back to help her. Are you not tired?”

Tired, how can you not be tired.

“Since I don’t want to go, why do I have to force myself?”

You think I am willing!

“Is it safe to rest? I guarantee that after you wake up, this matter will not affect you in any way.”

Yes, he obviously didn’t let her go, and now she didn’t want to go, he just kindly helped her make a decision. The more I think about it, the more I feel bored, even once or twice, why this man can completely reverse the situation in a few words every time, and people have to be convinced that this black and white skill is too bad!

“Hey, go to sleep.” The voice like the ability to calm the heart and the warm palms behind her gradually calmed down. An Jiu was really too tired, and once she was relieved of the burden, she fell asleep almost immediately.

In the morning, Fu Chenshang was making breakfast, and the doorbell rang.

Today is really not clean.


“Dad, why don’t you believe me? That Song Anjiu really looks like a dinosaur, how can you take advantage of her from your son’s eyes!”

“Sucky boy, shut up! How can I know which one of you is? It’s not right!”

He really had a brain cramp to make a bet to provoke the monster, so that he is about to graduate now and still feel uneasy. Now the school is rumoring that he is hungry and looks after Sheng Jin’s first strange girl, and his face is almost lost.

When Fu Chenshang opened the door, the father and son were quarreling very hard.

Xue Zhenchu ​​was stunned when he saw Fu Chenshang wearing a pink apron, but quickly recovered his composure and pulled his son out from behind, “Mr. Fu, sorry to disturb you so early, today I brought this stinky boy Your family Anjiu apologized!”

“Dad, you have to apologize, so I won’t go to that monster…”

“Pop!” Xue Zhenchu ​​slapped him down, and Xue Hao covered his face in disbelief. Dad had never hit him like this before. Damn Song Anjiu, today this Liangzi is finalized, if you don’t die, I won’t be called Xue Hao!

There was a noise here, and An Jiu heard the movement, flicking his slippers and holding a pillow in his arms, and walked over in a daze. At this moment, she was facing the sky, and she was wearing a pink floral cotton pajamas that Fu Chenshang prepared on the head of the bed.

Obviously she was still unconscious, otherwise she would not wear that pajamas to see people.

Seeing Xue Hao’s face, she suddenly became sober, and in a blink of an eye she changed her cynical slapping face, “Oh, it’s not Xue Shao. Why, haven’t she been beaten enough the day before yesterday?”

At first sight, An Jiu left. When she came out, Xue Hao didn’t recognize it at all. Seeing that she was still blushing in her pajamas, the moment she heard her talking was like lightning strikes.

“Song… Are you Song Anjiu?”

This is impossible! There must be a problem with the way he opened his eyes! The girl in front of me is pure and cute, like a lily, she is clearly the type he likes!

“Morning classmate An Jiu…” Xue Zhenchu ​​also froze for a while, brat, he knew he was lying to himself, and he said that someone has to be like a dinosaur.

Fu Chenshang frowned, and calmly guarded An Jiu behind him, “It has nothing to do with you, go in and sleep for a while, and I will call you when the meal is ready.”

“Oh.” An Jiu backed away in a jealous manner. Since he wants to deal with it, just leave it to him. She doesn’t want to talk nonsense with Xue Hao anyway.

“Uncle I’m sorry, uncle is my fault, uncle, I will never dare anymore, I will treat Song Anjiu well in the future, please rest assured!” Xue Hao’s gaze chased An Jiu and said in one breath. Say “I will be responsible, please let me be responsible”.

Xue Zhenchu ​​looked at his son in disbelief. Did this kid take the wrong medicine?

The final result was that Fu Chenshang did not pursue any further investigations. The school invited all the parents of the students in the name of the graduation celebration, and found a suitable time to clarify the incident of Anjiu’s beating of people. Xue Zhenchu ​​also personally came forward to tell everyone. Apologize. However, An Jiu did not appear as the subject. I didn’t sleep much last night. I was harassed again and again this morning. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if Fu Chenshang can’t go. She simply turned off the phone and fell asleep. When she woke up, there was already a hot meal waiting for her. An Jiu was already very vigilant, but at the end he lost his mind after eating. Two bowls were not enough, and another bowl was filled, regardless of the invariable law of nothing to do.

“Have you eaten?” Fu Chenshang had already put his chopsticks down and sat on the sofa to read a book, watching that she finally stopped and asked.

“I’m full.” An Jiu felt his stomach contentedly. This man is not worthless, at least the cooking is too good to say.

Fu Chenshang patted the sofa next to him, “Come and sit down, let’s talk.”

“No!” An Jiu hates the four words “let’s talk” most.

Fu Chenshang was unmoved and asked herself: “Yesterday the parent meeting was going to talk about volunteerism?”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about this.” Because her score does not need to consider volunteer issues.

“Do you plan to keep going like this? Is it fun to wait until you are 30 years old and still in the third year of high school until you finally have a class with your son?”

An Jiu twitched his mouth, so poisonous…

“Don’t say far, just say near Yes, Liang Jiajia will be promoted three years later this year.”


keep talking about her!” “And it’s very likely that you will be in the same class as you.” Fu Chenshang continued.

“You crow’s mouth, don’t talk nonsense!” She couldn’t bear it just assuming that.

“You can afford this person, I can’t afford it.”

An Jiu sulked, holding his chin, “I want you to take care of it!”

“Be sure to be admitted to a major A next year.” Fu Chenshang glanced at her, closed the book in his hand, and ended the conversation.

An Jiu jumped up immediately, “What? You kill me!”

A big? What a joke!

“As far as I know, your grades were not so bad before, at least you were admitted to Shengjin High School.”

“That’s because I sat next to me in the city during the high school entrance examination .” An Jiu perfunctorily.

“The number one in the city is my nephew. He hates plagiarism the most. No one can see his papers.”

“It wouldn’t be a coincidence? Fu Jingxi is your nephew?” An Jiu missed a beat, his eyes dodged. .

Fu Chenshang looked at her inquisitively, “You like him?”

“You…you nonsense!” The

answer was already written on her face, Fu Chenshang chuckled, “I didn’t understand it, but now it seems to make sense. Yes, did you enter Shengjin for him?”

“I didn’t! Don’t talk to yourself!”

She was so naive that she could only deny, not even cover up.

It was not a shame to like Fu Jingxi at first, but in front of Fu Chenshang admitted that she felt very shameful.

Fu Chenshang seemed to have thought of something and pondered: “Could it be…”

Song Anjiu was nervous and stared at him. Intuition he was about to say something amazing below.

“Did you send the nine roses and loving lunch to Jingxi’s dormitory every day?”

An Jiu slumped. I hope she can’t wake up after a long sleep, she has no face to see people!

After a while, Fu Chen and Shang lightly scoffed: “Naive.”

An Jiumao said, “You are naive, and your whole family is naive!”

“My whole family also includes Fu Jingxi.”

“You…” crying to death! Scratch the wall! Can’t noisy him!

“Why do you like him?” Fu Chenshang asked with interest.

“What’s up

with you !” “As your husband.”

“I have the right not to answer.”

Fu Chenshang looked like an old and cunning fox, “Then as the second uncle Fu Jingxi, why do you like my nephew Er? Maybe I can help you say a few good things in front of my big brother.”

“Ok…so shameless!” Knowing that this is absolutely impossible, anyone who wants to cuckold himself on the pole, it is really for him to say it. .

“Let’s talk about it.” Fu Chenshang held his chin and continued to coax, obviously he was indeed quite interested.

An Jiu did not start, and said awkwardly: “He… looks good, I

fall in love at first sight.” Fu Chenshang laughed, “That’s it?”

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter! I’ll allow you to fall in love at first sight, can’t I fall in love at first sight?”


I’m not allowed to do it in the future.” “Why? It doesn’t bother you!”

“Don’t forget that you are now a married woman.”

An Jiu stayed in a daze, a little lost, “I never thought about what to do with him. I never thought about it. He is good to me, I just want to be good to him.”

“You didn’t let you be good to him. From now on you will be his second aunt. As an elder, you should love him well.” Fu Chen doesn’t matter. Speak slowly.

An Jiu felt a thunderbolt on a sunny day blasting her head and face.

Second aunt! This is not true!

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