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Chapter 2 Starting today, I will take over your life (2)

“Speak.” Fu Chenshang urged.

“…He bullied me first.” An Jiu finally said.

Mrs. Xue jumped out excitedly, “What are you kidding? Only you bully others, who can bully you? Besides, it is our Haohao who is injured, so don’t frame people!”

Fu Chenshang remained silent, and continued to ask: “Where?”

“School parking lot.”

Fu Chenshang raised his head with satisfaction and looked at several persons in charge, “The parking lot is under surveillance, so I can retrieve the surveillance video of the day. “As

soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned, including An Jiu himself.

She has long been accustomed to being indiscriminately given to her by others, and has never thought of proving her innocence.

“It seems that I am not mistaken. You have convicted people without knowing the cause and effect. If things are true as An Jiu said, I hope the school will apologize publicly to the whole school.”

An Jiu’s heart shook fiercely.

The vice-principal, the instructor, and the head teacher were already in cold sweat, just in case…in case Song Anjiu didn’t lie, it would be troublesome.

Mrs. Xue is also a little guilty.

During the stalemate, one person came in hastily, and laughed as soon as he came in, “Mr. Fu! Hehe, how can you bother you personally with this little matter. Don’t worry, everything will be handled by me.” The

person here is the principal of academic affairs. , Seldom come forward at ordinary times.

Madam Xue was already a little frightened when she saw Fu Chenshang’s eyes. Just now, she felt that this man was unusual. Is it true that she has a lot of background? guardian? This man seems to be in the next year. I have never heard of such a person in the Song family or Zhou Jingyi.

“No, since it’s here, let’s solve it now.” Fu Chenshang obviously didn’t want to save face, and was ready to investigate it to the end.

Finally, according to Fu Chenshang’s request, the surveillance video of the day was obtained. In the picture, Xue Hao stopped An Jiu from making several provocations, An Jiu ignored him, and wanted to get around him, but Xue Hao started to use his hands, until Xue Hao’s hand reached her chest, An Jiu couldn’t bear to lift her knee and push it over, and put her school bag. It hit him hard, and then another punch and kick… The

awkward silence lasted for dozens of seconds.

Fu Chenshang hugged Anjiu to stand up, “I hope that tomorrow the school can call all parents of students to clarify this matter publicly.” With a cold face, he continued to add: “The Criminal Law stipulates that a person who has reached the age of sixteen should be responsible for a crime. criminal libel offense is three years imprisonment, criminal detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights. indecent assault shall be liable to five years imprisonment or criminal detention. ” “

you, you want to do? just minor children only, Isn’t it too much to make trouble in the court!” Madam Xue’s face was earthy, and she completely forgot who just kept telling her to see him in the court.

“If you have anything, please talk to my lawyer.” Fu Chenshang turned to several teachers after speaking, with a modest attitude, “We An Jiu also made a mistake in this matter. If it weren’t for her usual misbehavior, the teachers would not misunderstand. I will ask you to take care of you in the future.”

“Where and where, it should be! Student Song is actually very smart, but he doesn’t work hard. I believe that as long as he can study quietly, he will definitely make a difference!”

From start to finish, An Jiu just shrank in Fu Chen Shang’s arms, without saying a word, watching him orderly give orders, completely reversed the one-sided situation, and pulled her up from the quagmire.

Opening the car door, Fu Chenshang placed her in the co-pilot.

“Hungry? Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

“Whatever… I’m sorry to trouble you when I first met, thank you for your help.”

“No thanks, you are my wife.”

He didn’t expect that he would answer that way, An Jiu thought . There was a sudden jump.

wife? At that time, it was just a decision made on impulsive anger, and she still has no real feelings.

A week ago, on the twentieth birthday of An Jiu, she and this man went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate. He went on a business trip abroad in a hurry that day, and he went there for a week.

In fact, she and this nominal husband have only met once.

Everything is like an absurd dream. As a senior in high school, marrying a man who has just met and is eight years older than herself is probably the greatest rebellion in her life. The reason is very simple. People she hates are against it, so she won’t refuse!

Song Xingguo opposed it, Zhou Jingyi opposed it, and Liang Jiajia strongly opposed it. He even went on a hunger strike to protest, and had trouble with his family.

The moment she agreed to that man, she looked at the overwhelming jealousy on Liang Jiajia’s face, and listened to her parents’ censure and questioning, and she felt sickly pleasure.

After eating, Fu Chenshang brought An Jiu to a modeling club. Watching him look at his hair, An Jiu hurriedly said: “My hair has just been cut, so I don’t need to fix it.”

“Go in.”

Just received a favor from him, An Jiu couldn’t refuse, so he had to follow him in without knowing him. What do you want to do.

A stylist who knew each other as soon as he came in greeted him, “Mr. Fu, how can I be free today…” I didn’t finish speaking, and seeing the girl behind him, I was so surprised that I could put an egg in my mouth, but he was a good professional. His accomplishments quickly brought him back to his senses, and asked carefully: “This is?”

Fu Chenshang did not answer, but directly asked: “Arrange for a female stylist to come.”

“Please wait.”

There will be one soon . The woman came over, “Hello, this is Tina! What is Mr. Fu’s order?”

“Wash this color off.” Fu Chenshang said. Put the big palm on An Jiu’s hair and rubbed it twice, seemingly dissatisfied.

“I don’t want it!” An Jiu immediately refused when he heard this, but was unable to move while being held down by his shoulders with a pair of big hands.

“Students should look like students.”

“You don’t need to control what I look like!” An Jiu entered a first-level alert state.

The stylist was so frightened that she was silent. She had never seen anyone dared to talk to Fu Chenshang like this. Who is this woman who is full of country heavy metal, kills Matt non-mainstream, washes and blows exaggerated hairstyles?

“An Jiu!” Fu Chen Shang frowned.

“If you can’t bear it, don’t watch it, who made you watch it!” An Jiu became more and more excited, “Who do you think you are! Why do you point fingers at me!”

“If you continue to disobey me, I don’t mind sending you back to Song’s house. , Or the Liang family?”

An Jiu was trembling with anger, unable to speak.

“Last time I walked too quickly, I didn’t have time to take care of you. Now, let’s take your time.” Fu Chenshang sat on the sofa to the side and took a newspaper and read it leisurely.

“Help her dye.”

“Remove makeup.”

“Change clothes.”

“That pink set.”

“Flat bottom.”

“Um…pink too.”


Tina and the assistants were busy with each instruction. Turning round and round, An Jiu was at the mercy of a puppet, but his eyes were staring bitterly at him.

“Mr. Fu, it’s okay.” Tina looked at the modified girl with satisfaction, her eyes full of deep admiration for Fu Chenshang.

You have to look so harsh to see that this is a piece of uncut jade! The girl now looks like a very well-behaved doll. Big eyes, small mouth, high nose bridge, lip color is superb cherry blossom powder, the eyebrow spacing is very high, so it looks very childish. He is not tall, but he is protruding forward, his legs are straight and slender, and his proportions are perfect. It’s just that the skin is a bit poor due to long-term makeup. She can recover with a little care at this age. You can see the skin on her neck. You can barely see the pores. A little touch will leave traces, and it can be broken by a natural blow. This gene, at least three generations of celebrities in the family.

Compared to the amazingness of others, Song Anjiu, who was dressed up in pink from head to toe in the mirror, almost didn’t overturn the dressing table.

Noting the fleeting consternation in Fu Chenshang’s eyes and squinting her gaze unkindly, she shuddered, “What do you want?”

“Come here.”

“But come!”

Fu Chenshang didn’t get angry. Laughing, it seems funny because no one has resisted him like this.

The long hand stretched out and shackled her to the point where she couldn’t move.

She had a pierced ear in her right ear, and seven pierced ears in her left ear. His face looked like frost, one by one, he took off all the cheap and exaggerated studs from her ears.

An Jiu felt like she was stripped naked from top to bottom, her protective shell, her protective color, everything.

Her bewildered and insecure appearance made Fu Chenshang a little distressed, and she relaxed and hugged her into his arms.

“What are you afraid of?”

“Afraid of your sister! Who is afraid?”

Fu Chenshang chuckled, “I have a month of wedding vacation in the future. It happens that you are going to summer vacation, where do you want to go?”

“Summer school make-up lessons!”

“Well, I will accompany you at home.”

Let’s toss her at home!

“No.” She didn’t want to peel off another layer of skin, not to mention that she hated being supervised. This man is definitely not a good stubborn, the good feeling that he had just started to relieve himself is now not left at all.

“Do you want Liang Jiajia to take pleasure in my misfortune and leave you out as soon as I got married?”

“I wish you would leave me out!” Song Anjiu, who didn’t expect to see people’s expressions at all, to compromise is impossible.

“Okay, I’m going to have an extramarital affair.” Fu Chenshang adjusted his cuffs and was about to set off immediately, “With your sister.”

“Come back!”


“I’m obedient.” An Jiu don’t start, shame what.

Back home, leaving the house for a week is already a mess. Leftover takeaway boxes, drink bottles, changed socks… can be seen everywhere. Fu Chenshang rubbed his eyebrows. Although he had guessed it a long time ago, he did not expect the “disaster situation” to be so serious.

“It will be finished in two hours.” Fu Chenshang went to take a shower after he finished speaking, as if forgiving her and not daring to go against it.

An Jiu sank to his dantian, working hard to be smooth. She did it herself, and she really should take care of it, but that guy’s uncle’s posture and commanding tone were tantamount to touching her inferior scales in her hand, making her want to resist involuntarily.

After taking a shower, Fu Chenshang walked around the house wiping his hair, gesticulating from time to time. Wipe the rag with disinfectant blisters, and wipe the floor at least three times. Not even a single strand of hair can be let go. The snacks and cosmetics have been thrown out…so the hairs made her squeeze her fists creaking.

Repeatedly remind myself not to be agitated, not to get angry. In this case, she must be calm. She doesn’t understand this person at all. Watching his changes is the best policy, she doesn’t believe that he has no weakness.

She just finished her mental construction, the guy found an idiot apron with Hello Kitty pattern from nowhere, and fastened it for her while she was evasive gaze, “Don’t get yourself dirty.”

An Jiu finally reached out intolerably. Take off, “Don’t wear something like that for me anymore!”

Miss Song’s style is sturdy and she is known to be more men than men.

Fu Chenshang gave a chuckle, took the apron thrown on the ground unhurriedly, shook it, and put it on again, “Do you really consider yourself a man?”

An Jiu continued to pull the apron, and Fu Chenshang took advantage of the situation. Hugging her from the front, locking her hands behind her, “No matter what kind of person you were before, from the moment you marry me, I will take over your future life.”

For his intimate contact, An Jiu is special Disgusted, and even more disgusting is being threatened and unable to resist.

“Fu Chenshang, why on earth did you marry me?” An Jiu sighed, a little weak.

“I think I made it very clear when I proposed.” Fu Chenshang looked unpredictable.

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