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Chapter 16 My heart is so tired, I feel I won’t love anymore (3)

Fell! An Jiu can’t wait to look up to the sky and roar!

Your hands are so sore, my heart is so tired, I don’t feel like I will love anymore…

During dinner, An Jiu was very inconvenient to pick up vegetables because both hands were sore. Fu Chen Shangmao cried the mouse and kept giving her food in a fake and compassionate manner. Unknowingly, Fu Zhengxun and Feng Wan thought it was an expression of their affection.

In fact, Fu Chenshang can’t be completely blamed. Although a few hundred boards sounded very scary, he didn’t do it hard. The reason for the pain was a large part of the reaction force when she beat Fu Huasheng.

At the dinner table, Fu Huasheng was lingering, avoiding An Jiu’s bloody eyes.

Fu Jingxi could naturally see the unusual bloody storm between them. In fact, he had expected this result when he saw Fu Huasheng explain the topic to her, but he didn’t remind her at the time.

He himself was also surprised that he would have such a behavior that was almost irritating. Because she would rather ask the unfamiliar Fu Huasheng than to come to him, which made him somewhat concerned.

Last night, did she still scare her…

Fu Huasheng had a sore waist and back pain at the moment. Except for that face, he had not been beaten, and almost every corner of his body had tasted An Jiu’s fists. It happened that he didn’t even wear a piece of clothing at the time, and he had a lot of blood stains.

He didn’t mean it, but just kindly helped him, he actually started so cruelly. Which woman beside him didn’t coax him and hold him, even when making love, he would never allow them to scratch their perfect body, and this one was actually so ravaged by riding on him… The

more he thought about it, the more hell he became, Fu Huasheng turned Grief and anger are appetite. As he was eating, with a snap, the chopsticks holding the vegetables were suddenly slapped, and the antler fell back onto the plate. Feng Wan re-clamped a piece of spare ribs for him, “Eat this, that is for your second brother to replenish the body.”

“I want to replenish my body too!” Fu Huasheng was upset.

Feng Wan hadn’t spoken yet, the old man was angry, “Asshole! What can I make up! Don’t you think I provoke not enough women?”

An Jiu wiped his sweat, the old man was really sturdy in his words, and he didn’t save his son at all. .

An Jiu couldn’t sleep in a strange place, so although he lay down at ten o’clock, he didn’t fall asleep until twelve o’clock.

He was tumbling irritably, and there was a big fiery palm on his waist. An Jiu threw it unceremoniously, and then the guy began to rub and touch shamelessly.

Feng Wan kept picking up vegetables for him at night, all with extra intensive ingredients, no wonder he couldn’t stand it. But what does it matter to her.

“Why? It’s not good for me to be cheap for nothing.” An Jiu deliberately responded to him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t move you.” Fu Chenshang hugged her from behind, his voice hoarse.

This sentence is again. He gave her a devastating blow when he said this last time. What will it be this time?

Fu Chenshang’s tone was rather helpless, “My mom put away all the condoms in my house.”

“…” An Jiu was full of black lines, “I said why you are so peaceful tonight!”

An Jiu still sleeps in the middle of the night. I was very restless. I woke up again at about three o’clock in the morning and found that there was no one next to him. An Jiu dumbly saw Fu Chenshang standing in front of the window and not knowing who he was calling. After only talking for a few dozen seconds, Fu Chenshang hung up the phone, then took his coat and went out.

Where is this guy going so late?

An Jiu didn’t think much, guessing that something happened to the company. She also just learned that Fu Chenshang had acquired Juxing Entertainment, which was once the boss of the circle, but is now on the verge of bankruptcy due to poor management and a series of celebrity disputes.

Ten minutes later, Jinxiu Park.

The iconic building of the park, under the nine-story viewing tower, stands a figure pacing back and forth faintly. As soon as the man saw Fu Chenshang, he hurried to the front, his attitude was definitely not polite, “You still have a conscience.”

Fu Chenshang raised his head and glanced at the vague figure on the top floor, with an expression indistinguishable.

The person waiting anxiously under the tower was Lin Xuan, who was Su Huili’s best friend.

“At night, I saw that she was in a bad mood, so I slept with her. Who knows that she slept well in the middle of the night, so she sleepwalked here, and I didn’t dare to wake her up and run her away, so I had to quietly follow along…”

Lin Xuan’s words are actually very meaningful. One is to tell him that Su Huili has been under pressure recently and has caused an illness; the other is to tell him that Su Huili has always slept alone, not with Chu Mo.

Fu Chenshang didn’t say a word, and walked towards the viewing tower unhurriedly.

Behind Lin Xuan looked at Fu Chenshang’s back inquiringly. Although he still came, he couldn’t see what he was thinking at all, and he didn’t know whether he still cared about Su Huili. I don’t care why you are here, why are you so calm? It seems to be just for a walk in the park instead of saving people.

On the top level of the viewing tower, in the darkness, a woman with long hair and a thin back was sitting quietly on a bench by the railing. The height of the night light is far from here, only the cool moonlight blurs her figure.

Fu Chenshang’s footsteps were extremely light, and his voice was low, “Eli.” The

woman did not respond, completely immersed in her own world.

Fu Chenshang did not continue to try to call her, but sat quietly beside her.

Five minutes later, a car drove up under the tower. A few people walked out of the car and quickly laid air cushions under the tower, and then got back into the car. The process was quite smooth, no one said a word from beginning to end, and nothing seemed to happen in the quiet night.

Fu Chenshang sent a text message to Lin Xuan who was waiting downstairs-“Thank you.”

With these three words, it can be seen from the tone that he still included Su Huili under his protection.

Lin Xuan replied-“Eli is my best friend, and this is what I should do. Maybe you will be unhappy if I say that, but you are really cruel. She has been with you for ten years, is she right? How are you still unclear? You know that she was forced to do so this time, how could you marry another woman without listening to a word of explanation? Do you know how much wronged she has suffered with Chu Mo? Do you know her? Whose name is called in my sleep every day…”

Fu Chenshang did not reply. Lin Xuan raised her head and looked at it. Seeing that he had no response, it would be no use staying here, so she stamped her foot angrily and turned and left. Although he has long been accustomed to his appearance of being indifferent to everyone, he is still very frustrated. He didn’t even look at her tonight. This man is really as difficult as ever!

A few hours later, Su Huili remained in her original posture and looked at the sky gradually lit up in the distance. Fu Chenshang had been sitting by her side. At six o’clock, she raised her hand and looked at her watch, and then stood up. Do you want me to hug you if you go by yourself?”

Su Huili’s back trembled slightly, she bit her lip lightly, and after a while she slowly stood up with the red tower. Sure enough, her feet were already numb, and there was a sharp pain on the soles of her feet when she stood up, she just bit her lip and said nothing.

Fu Chenshang silently helped her sit down, then leaned down and massaged her calves expertly.

Su Huili lifted her face and forced her tears away. It turned out that he still remembered when he would wake up from sleepwalking, and that she would have numb feet.

Two people who are so familiar with each other are now close to each other.

He will still come, he will do everything to protect her, he will stay by her side, and even give her a massage like he is now, everything is the same, but this is just a mirror image, everything can’t go back.

“Enough.” She pushed him abruptly, her face pale, her footsteps barely touching the ground, like a soulless body, step by step down the stairs…

Fu Chenshang followed behind without a word.

When she finally reached the bottom of the tower, she almost lost her strength.

“Get in the car.” Fu Chenshang opened the car door.

Su Huili turned her back to him, “Let’s go.”

” Get in the car.” He repeated.

“I’ll go back by myself!”

Fu Chen directly dragged her into the car with no expression on his face, seemingly rude, but did not hurt her at all.

The car was driving smoothly on the early morning highway, with bright sunshine and fresh air, why she felt so depressed.

Fu Chenshang drove her back to the villa in the south of the city, took out the key directly, the door was successfully opened, and she never changed the lock.

As soon as she enters the door, there is a strong smell of paint, color and ink, waste paper all over the floor, and the style of painting is messy, not at all as delicate and vivid as she used to be. On the middle easel is a huge black graffiti, but a closer look reveals that it was not painted with black paint, but was repeatedly painted in various colors, layer after layer, and finally mixed into ink, which became dull. It’s suffocatingly black…

Looking at the mess in the room, Fu Chen Shang, who has a serious habit of cleanliness, only slightly frowned.

It used to be neat, clean and spotless…

Su Huili indifferently stepped on the drawing paper, littered clothes, empty wine bottles… and sat on the sofa.

He picked up half of the red wine on the coffee table and took a sip, “Just sit down.”

Fu Chenshang did not sit, moved his fingers, removed one of the keys from the keychain, and threw it on the coffee table in front of her.

Su Huili’s calm and numb expression was finally broken. She clenched her fists tightly, and put her nails into the flesh of her palms. “What do you mean?”

Fu Chenshang didn’t answer, but glanced at the painting and said, “Don’t worry. Myself.”

Su Huili smiled bitterly, “Will you care?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

The moment Fu Chenshang walked away, Su Huili, who was hurriedly chasing him, hugged his waist tightly, “Don’t go…”

Look. Looking at the face that I missed day and night, and feeling the temperature of his real existence, her cooling blood quickly boiled, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated. At this moment, she felt that she was alive.

Realizing that he was about to break his hand, Su Huili’s heart was twisted like a knife, and the hatred in her heart turned into an impulse, she suddenly hooked his neck and kissed his lips…

Fu Chenshang raised his hand, and finally stopped at the sides of her body without moving, as if to save the last trace of face for her. Even in this situation, she is still so calm, even this makes her extremely hate.

He did not refuse, but he did not accept either. She was in a dilemma, very embarrassed, but unwilling to let him go like this. The slippery catkin pressed against his neckline and tentatively unbuttoned the first button without being stopped, so she held her breath and continued in his deep gaze.

Fu Chenshang also gradually began to breathe unstable, but when her hand touched the trouser zipper, her expression was slightly stiff, stopping her movement.

With a plop of her heart, she fell to the ground. Su Hueli lowered her head and chuckles with self-deprecating laughter. Wouldn’t he even want to touch herself even after this step?

He turned to leave, without reluctance, she looked at him in disbelief and grabbed his cuff, “Evan…”

Fu Chenshang frowned, looking a little impatient, “Eri, this is not like your character. Now that you have made your choice, there is no need to entangle you anymore.”

Su Huili explained nervously: “Are you despising me? I didn’t let him touch me!”

Fu Chenshang was stunned, and finally pulled her down. “It has nothing to do with me.”

“I’m sorry…” She trembled her lips.

Fu Chenshang interrupted her directly, “You are not wrong.”

Su Huili kept shaking her head, but didn’t know how to explain it.

This man is too perfect, almost omnipotent, even under the cover of the strong aura of the Fu family, he can’t hide the light on his body. However, no matter what he deals with, he appears lacking in interest, including women. After ten years with him, she even suspected that he had no love for herself at all, just because of habit. Even at the most intimate moment, she couldn’t see even the trace of fanaticism and love she wanted to see in his eyes.

It’s not that he treats himself badly, it’s just that… She can’t say clearly that feeling, he can be gentle and considerate to her, but it’s completely programmed behavior, as if he just needs a fixed partner, and this person is not. She has to be, but she is just right, and she can be replaced at any time.

This feeling tortured her all the time, and his indifferent attitude finally became the fuse of their breakup after his father went to prison.

She thought he would regret it and would come to find herself, but she couldn’t think of turning upside down overnight, waiting for news of his marriage.

Sure enough, can it be replaced at any time…

But, since it has nothing to do with you, why do you want to take over Juxing Entertainment which was downed by Chu Mo? Why rush to take power and fight him everywhere? Why did I know I was in danger or would rush to the first time… When

Fu Chenshang returned to the old house, An Jiu just got up, and he was brushing his teeth at the moment. When he looked up, he suddenly saw Fu Chenshang’s face in the mirror. She was so scared that she almost swallowed all the foam in her mouth.

“Lizushi…” An Jiu glared at him angrily.

“Speaking of people.” Fu Chen Shang Qi’s long body leaned against the door, his coat hung on his arm, he seemed to have just returned.

An Jiu vomited the foam in his mouth, “You have to die! Standing behind you suddenly want to scare people to death?”

After speaking, he glanced at Fu Chenshang, then glanced again. After lowering his head, he looked in the mirror again after a while. Take a peek at him.

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