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Chapter 15 My heart is so tired, I feel I won’t love anymore (2)

Fu Chenshang: “I can’t take care of myself, how can I take care of patients.”

Song Anjiu: “Writer?”

Fu Chen Shang: “It’s easy to have intermittent schizophrenia.”

Song Anjiu: “Designer?”

Fu Chenshang: “Do you want to overwork to death?”

Song Anjiu: “Teacher?”

Fu Chenshang: “Don’t hurt the next generation.”

An Jiu was full of irritation, “Then what do you think of me?”

“It’s not what I want, but what do you want?”

“I, no, think, what, what!”

Fu Chenshang had a headache, and instantly felt that he was old. Several years old, “You can’t be behaved, what do you want to answer, what do I ask?”

An Jiu said indifferently: “You are still alive now, it is enough to prove that I am behaved.”


An Jiu After hearing the sound of Fu Chen, he turned his head and saw Fu Huasheng pushing the door in. He didn’t know how long he had been standing outside the door and listening.

“Second brother, Dad told you to go fishing with him.” Fu Huasheng smiled.

“I see.” Fu Chenshang finished speaking and looked at An Jiu, “I don’t arrange much. As long as you try your best, you will be able to complete

it within the time I set.” That’s not much! If she doesn’t turn the book at all, she may not have time, OK!

Seeing Fu Huasheng still standing there, An Jiu angered him in an angry manner, “Why are you still not leaving?”

“Express my admiration for you. This is the first time I saw someone alive after he was so angry. “Fu Huasheng deliberately imitated the tone she had just spoken to Fu Chenshang.

An Jiu’s mouth twitched, “Is it such an exaggeration? It’s obviously that he provoked me first.”

“Why not? You don’t know how annoying he used to be. He only talked with his eyes and didn’t even bother to give a word. But just now after he was choked by you, he didn’t kill you directly with his eyes, and he told you so much nonsense!”

Obviously, the reason why Fu Huasheng could look at him knew that what Fu Chenshang wanted to express had been practiced over the years.

“I can’t read his eyes again.” An Jiu replied.

Fu Huasheng suddenly realized when he heard the words. Because Song Anjiu’s IQ is really limited, it is undoubtedly difficult for her to observe words and colors. She may not understand a word even if it is missing. If she does not explain it to her clearly, she can’t understand it. ? Don’t expect her to understand with just one look.

Fu Huasheng wiped away his bitter tears with glee. It was really embarrassing for that guy.

Seeing that An Jiu was turning over the book and beginning to work hard, Fu Huasheng ridiculed, “

Are you really ready to work hard?” “No way?”

” Okay , I’ll go, I won’t bother you to work hard.”

“Do n’t leave .” An Jiu Suddenly stop him.

“What’s the matter?”

An Jiu scratched his head, “Help me see, can you do this question?”

Fu Huasheng took the test paper, “I will naturally do the high school questions.”

An Jiu looked at him suspiciously.

Fu Huasheng felt that he was insulted, “What is your look, I was the number one in the total score that year, OK?”

An Jiu nodded in agreement, “That’s right, after all, you are Jing Xi’s third uncle.”

Fu Huasheng’s face turned black immediately, so, I didn’t believe him at all, but just touched Jing Xi’s light.

An Jiu thought for a while and asked him: “Are you free now?”


“Then can you sit here and answer questions for me? Just teach me to do math.”

If she does it by herself, it will be done. , The correct rate must be terrible. There was no way, so I had to ask for foreign aid. Anyway, Fu Chenshang didn’t say forbidden to ask someone for help. It’s okay for her to ask for advice humbly.

Asking her to find Jing Xi at this time, she must have no face. It happened that Fu Huasheng came to the door, so you don’t need to do it in vain.

“I am happy to help.” Fu Huasheng was worried that he had nowhere to start. Since she had asked him for help, he would naturally not refuse.

Time passed quickly in the busy schedule. In the middle, Fu Jingxi came over to look at it once, and saw Fu Huasheng solve the problem for her and didn’t say anything.


“Yeah. That……” An Jiu hesitated to speak.


“Thank you.”

“If you say thank you, don’t you see it.” Fu Huasheng didn’t care. “I’ll take a bath and call me if I have something to do.”


Fu Huasheng doesn’t seem to be that unreliable either, right. She is still very kind. She admits that she is now looking at people with colored glasses, but no matter who knows their identities, I am afraid that she can’t calm down.

Finally, after finishing the last question, Fu Chen, who happened to be fishing with the old man, came back, and An Jiu hurriedly asked him for acceptance.

Half an hour later, the study room on the second floor heard intermittently miserable screams, followed by the sound of bang dong dong quickly coming downstairs.

I saw Song Anjiu rushed down like a small whirlwind, holding the math test paper in his flushed palms, his face was full of grief and anger, “Fu Huasheng! I’m not finished with you!”

Angrily pushed Fu Huasheng’s door open. , Just about to pounce on, it was actually a fleshy color, An Jiu hurriedly covered his eyes and turned around, “You can put my clothes on for me!”

Fu Huasheng just came out of the shower and only wrapped a towel around his waist. Seeing her suddenly broke in, she was shocked, “Second Sister-in-law? Why are

you looking for me in such a hurry?” “You dare to ask! Look at it for yourself!” An Jiu threw the crumpled test paper behind and hit it accurately. Fu Huasheng said, “Didn’t you say that the high school questions are not a problem at all? Didn’t you say that you were the first in the college entrance examination A total score? The total score is the first. You can make 22 mistakes in 43 questions? Many questions were originally me. What you did was right, you corrected me!”

An Jiu said more and more angry.

“Huh? It shouldn’t be.” Fu Huasheng muttered softly while looking at the red cross full of test papers, touching his chin, “How could this question be wrong, I am definitely 50% sure; this is how it should be done.” That’s right, it’s wrong for you to do that…”

An Jiu couldn’t listen anymore, and shouted impatiently: “Put on clothes!”

“If you don’t, if I get dressed, you will surely hit me.” Fu Huasheng just so light. Sit down on the bed.

An Jiu was mad, “Are you wearing it or not?”

Before Fu Zhengxun came back from fishing, she had to clean up the goods, otherwise she could not guarantee that she would not be tempted to pour the soup on him when she ate dinner later. On the head.

“I won’t wear it if I’m killed.” Fu Huasheng originally wanted to get close to it, but he was depressed at this moment when he knew that stealing the chicken again would not result in the loss of rice.

An Jiu quickly turned around abruptly, a hungry tiger rushed to eat, “Then I will kill you, you are a scam! I haven’t seen anything, mother, do you think I won’t look back if you don’t wear it? If you dare to take it off, I will dare to watch! “

When she said that, she smashed her fist over her head and covered her face. She didn’t care about the pain in her hands. It didn’t matter if she had this bad breath first, or she would be so angry that she would die.

When Fu Chenshang heard the movement, what he saw was the scene of his little wife sitting on Fu Huasheng’s waist, punching and kicking…

Fu Chenshang’s eyes flashed with anger, and he picked her up like a chicken, smoothly. Picked up the quilt and covered Fu Huasheng from head to toe.

“Is there enough trouble?” Fu Chenshang held her waist with one hand from behind.

An Jiu struggled and rushed forward, “Fu Chenshang, don’t stop me! It’s still fifty times before finishing the fight!”

Fu Huasheng shrank in the quilt and didn’t dare to move, only secretly pulled out a corner to reveal a pair of eyes. , Just came into contact with An Jiu’s murderous gaze and then hid back, not to mention how pitiful.

Fu Chenshang turned her body around and scolded her sternly: “Whoever makes your own foundation is not solid, just listen to others who just say a few words, don’t you have a brain yourself? Today I will teach you a lesson.”

An Jiu Her hand was sore and numb. I didn’t feel it when I was beating someone. Now that I stopped, it hurts like a needle stick, but Fu Chenshang even scolded her, and she was so shocked that her tears came out, “You…you are all bullying.” Me! “

Sure enough, there is only Jing Xi in the Fu family!

Looking at her pitiful little appearance, although Fu Chenshang still had a serious and indifferent expression, the smile under his eyes betrayed his true feelings, “How did I bully you? You bully me.”

“Am I bullying you?” An Jiu widened his eyes in disbelief.

Fu Chen Business evoke the mouth, it is difficult to say: “You know you play at hundreds of palms I was very tired, sour good hands.”

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