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Chapter 14 My heart is so tired, I feel I won’t love anymore (1)

Don’t be too exciting.

Fu Chenshang made a phone call, and assistant Qi Jin sent over the test papers as high as a hill, and Wuzhishan directly crushed her.

The servant looked down at her with his arms around his chest and said, “

I’ll finish all these before dinner.” An Jiu decisively hugged his thighs, staring eyes, “You should go to me.”

Fu Chenshang kicked her away shamelessly, and gave her a chill. With a gorgeous and noble profile, all the buttons on the shirt that had just been unwrapped with passion were all buttoned up, “That’s a reward, I can think about it if I perform well.”

“No, thank you.” An Jiu secretly raised his middle finger. Pick up an exercise book. He dusted the table, swept away the morals that Fu Chenshang had just dropped, and then set up his posture and started to do his homework.

Isn’t it just finished, it’s a matter of minutes.

“Take ten strokes for a wrong question.” Fu Chen Shang You’s leisurely voice turned into a small transparent skeleton arrow, and a flop was inserted into her knee.

With a “click” the refill of the mechanical pencil was broken by her, “How can you physically punish students!”

“Why not?”

“You are domestic violence!”


“So…” bit his lip. , An Jiu sadly discovered that no one in this family could ask for help. What’s more sad is that she actually has many ways to make Fu Chenshang feel sorry for knowing her, but she doesn’t want to and can’t do that.

Fu Chenshang lit a cigarette, looked at her aggrieved little appearance, frowned, “It’s fun to knock with me every time?”

“…” An Jiu pressed his pen cap heavily, funny your sister! In order to quarrel with him, her brain cells were almost dead, and the worst part was that she had never won once.

“It’s not a problem if you can take out half of the college entrance examination in the third year of junior high.”

An Jiu retorted angrily, “It’s easy to say, how can you know how I had a poor life that year. Besides, if you want to Is it still a human being to do everything?”

“Why not?” Fu Chen asked rhetorically.

Shouldn’t communicate with non-humans!

The more An Jiu thought about it, the more angry he became. In the end, he didn’t calm down, and poured out his words like a bamboo tube, “Don’t judge me by your standards! I’m just a ruin. You can’t teach rotten wood and mud can’t support the wall. Why do you follow? Why did your dad make such a promise to make me look like you all like? Do you know that I am under a lot of pressure! If I can be likeable, I won’t be where I am today; if I can be likeable If you like it, it’s not Song Anjiu, and it’s not your turn to marry me and take care of me. Who told me that I don’t have to take care of anything? Now you still want to put so much pressure on me, forcing me to make you all Satisfaction!”

Her chest rose and fell violently because of her emotions, and finally raised her lips with a mockery, “If I can’t do it? Should I give up? Then what is the difference between me and the Song family? You and Song What’s the difference between Xingguo?”

Fu Chenshang wanted to touch her, but was forced back by the hurt and hatred in her beast-like eyes. The ready-to-go posture seemed as if she would pounce on him as soon as he approached.

Fu Chenshang retracted his hand and retreated to a safe distance to calm her down, “You are not trying to please anyone, you are helping yourself. If you are strong enough, you don’t need others to like you at all.” An

Jiu immediately returned to him. “I’m not strong and I don’t need others to like me.”

“Really? Then I tell you, if I’m not strong, only being bullied…just like this.”

Fu Chen’s voice just fell, and he forced her to close, regardless of her struggle. He held her chin, leaned over and bit her lip violently, punishing her without mercy. Facing her angry eyes, he said: “Perhaps you really don’t need other people’s likes. But only if you are strong and others don’t like it, you won’t be hurt.”

An Jiu’s expression was shocked, Fu Chenshang’s words were like a dazzling beam of holy light descending on her head accompanied by sacred chants, a group of white angels flying around her with harps…

Fu Chenshang shamelessly used a trick!

An Jiu shook his head abruptly and slapped himself, shook off the terrible vision, put up a shield in his heart, and stared at him vigilantly.

Seeing her reaction, Fu Chenshang knew that she had listened to her words, and continued: “Since I have this opportunity and I can help you, why not try it? Not for others, just for yourself. Do you want I am immersed in a miserable life experience all my life, under the shadow of my parents?”

Her eyes flickered, and he approached step by step, “Do you think that no one in this world is worth your effort, no one is worth your effort?”

An Jiu steadily retreated. , Can’t wait to cover his ears to resist him peeling and deboning layer by layer. He dissected her so thoroughly and cruelly.

Fu Chenshang slowed down, “It is true, including me, I am not qualified to let you do anything. If you really don’t care, even if you are bullied, you will not be angry or angry, I have nothing to say. But, it’s like What you said, if you can do everything you want, is it still a human being? People are not plants, Song Xingguo uses you, you will be sad; Liang Jiajia framed you, you will still be angry; you are obviously afraid, but you are not coming here for me You really don’t want the salted fish to stand upright and change so that people who once despised you and don’t want you regret it? You really don’t want to be able to stand upright beside me?”

“Who is the salted fish! Who wants to stand by your side! Okay. A flower can be turned into rotten leaves by you!” An Jiu glared at him, concealing his heart that is about to loosen.

Damn, this guy is absolutely dead. No one is so brainwashed, she is almost formatted and re-entered by him.

Take it when you see it, and Fu Chenshang does not expose her, “Well, now tell me, what do you want to do when you grow up?”

An Jiu glanced at him like an idiot, and replied, “Scientist!”

What do she want to do when she grows up, OK? How old are these, and I still ask this kind of questions that kindergarten teachers would ask.

Fu Chenshang: “Be more realistic.”

Song Anjiu: “Racing driver.”

Fu Chenshang: “…”

Song Anjiu: “Well, I know it can’t. Actor?”

Fu Chenshang: “Don’t even think about it. “

Song Anjiu: “News reporter?”

Fu Chenshang: “Too dangerous.”

Song Anjiu: “Nurse?”

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