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Chapter 13 Two Missing To This Level (3)

the next morning. Fu’s old house.

“What’s the matter, my wife didn’t chase him back?” Fu Huasheng drank milk, walked slowly down the stairs, and glanced at Fu Chenshang who came back alone, not to mention how cheap he was.

The trick to adjust the tiger from the mountain last night was so perfect that he accidentally became handsome again. Fu Huasheng waited for a long time. He waited for this opportunity to tell Fu Jingxi, who was still unaware, and then arranged a Hongmen banquet to open Fu Chenshang in time. Although Fu Chenshang was worthy of being Fu Chenshang, he found out before the car was halfway through. How, everything is a foregone conclusion.

He thought that the Fuchen Chamber of Commerce was furious, launching a manual search across the city, and it turned upside down. He didn’t expect that he did nothing. He came back alone this morning and looked like nothing happened. He didn’t realize that he was on top of his head. How dazzling green.

Fu Huasheng snorted: “I advise you not to test humanity. Do you still expect her to come back by herself?”

Fu Chenshang lighted a cigarette. “What about a bet?”

Fu Huasheng asked with interest, “What are you betting on?” “

Bet on whether she will come.”

“If she comes back, I will take off her head and use it as an ashtray for you!”

Fu Chenshang squinted, his eyes clearly disgusted were saying, “Your brain capacity Even being an ashtray is not enough.”

“If I win, I want your Bugatti.”

Fu Huasheng raised his eyebrows. “The one my father gave for my birthday? Ha, no problem. But what if I win?”

“Whatever you want.” Fu Chen Shang answered without hesitation.

Fu Huasheng wished to scratch his arrogant face twice, “Well, if I win, you will call me elder brother!”

Fu Chenshang raised his eyes and said nothing.

“You’re just so interesting”-he absolutely wanted to say this, Fu Huasheng had never hated so much why he knew that bastard.

“Death profiteer, it’s better to lose you!” At this

moment, Feng Wan accompanied Fu Zhengxun to the morning exercise. Time passed bit by bit, and it was almost the time agreed by the old man. You must know that Fu Zhengxun is the one who talks about time the most. You don’t need to see you even if you come one second late.

“At 7:50, the old man is coming back soon.” Seeing Fu Chenshang was eating breakfast leisurely there, Fu Huasheng gritted his teeth and reminded unwillingly.

At this time, the sound of the courtyard door opening sounded, and the sound of two people’s footsteps sounded outside the door. Fu Huasheng smiled immediately, “Waiting to call my brother!”

“Sorry, I’m late.”

Fu Huasheng looked at the door. Song Anjiu was like a ghost, and when he looked at Fu Jingxi next to him, his eyes were almost glaring.

“Sorry.” Fu Chenshang kindly dropped two words to comfort him, and then reminded, “Don’t forget to give me the car key later.”

Fu Huasheng opened his mouth, froze in anger.

“Fu…Fu Chenshang…” An Jiu dared not look at him, squeezed a fist, wanted to say too much, but couldn’t figure it out for a while, and didn’t know how to explain it.

Just now, she was standing in front of the gate, her legs trembling.

This quaint old house seemed to be a magic cave in her eyes.

However, there are people who say to her, “Everything has me.” She remembered a sentence that she thought was so hypocritical, “Where you are, even hell is heaven.”

Fu Chenshang, who had always been very calm and dressed up with X, turned his head when An Jiu called him at this moment.

Your aura! Your noble and glamorous!

The child’s angry and arrogant expression almost blinded Fu Huasheng’s dog’s eyes.

Suddenly, with a swish, an unknown object burst into the air. Fu Chen Shang’s eyes flashed, and he quickly stepped forward and took An Jiu’s waist and turned around, avoiding the danger.

In the next second, a purple clay teapot shattered to the ground.

Fu Huasheng is going crazy. Whatever you turn, you can turn it by yourself, and turn your arms around An Jiu together. It’s like a hero saving the United States… It’s you who the old man is going to smash! Moreover, the old man’s technique is very accurate, he will never hit his face if he wants to hit his head, and he will never hit his second child. He is the most experienced and has the right to say, because he has been hit a lot.

Although An Jiu had seen many such scenes in the Song family a long time ago, this was the first time she felt terrified. She felt weak and weak in her limbs, and her reaction was so slow that she even forgot to dodge.

Sure enough, the effect of doing the same thing for an individual is completely different.

At this moment, there was a thunder in the ear—”Do you dare to come back!”

This middle-spirited, angry-faced old man with stern eyes was the ultimate boss in An Jiu’s eyes-Fu Zhengxun.

As soon as he appeared on the stage, he made a big move, and it was as cruel as the legend. Fu Chenshang, I’m thin-skinned, you must hold back the hatred.

“You asked me to come back.” Fu Chenshang replied.

Fu Chenshang decisively began to mock, good job! An Jiu secretly praised.

“Come on for Laozi!”

Sure enough, Fu Zhengxun didn’t rush to make trouble for her. First, she had trouble with Fu Chenshang, and she still had time to make up a BUFF.

Every wife of Fu Zhengxun and the women he has been with are noble, elegant, gentle and considerate, but this does not mean that he is a good stubborn. When the old man was young, he was also involved in the underworld. He is known as the black dragon in the waves and is known for his violent temper. Over the years, business turmoil has converged a lot, but once people reach the top, they often don’t need to converge anymore, so they will show their nature instead.

Fu Zhengxun went upstairs angrily, and Feng Wan, who was supporting him, the mother of Fu Chenshang and Fu Huasheng, the mother-in-law she met for the first time, seemed to give her a soothing look.

Although the mother-in-law does not seem to be difficult to get along with, this woman who is not the best but can step into the Fu family’s house on the “corpse” of countless competitors is definitely not easy.

“I’ll go up first, come back… and then I will settle the account with you.” Fu Chenshang whispered, his sharp teeth swept her sensitive earlobes intentionally or unintentionally while speaking.

An Jiu shrank his neck, waved his small hand obediently and watched him go to single-handedly challenge the boss.

After Fu Chenshang went upstairs, Fu Huasheng immediately clung to him, heartbroken, “Er Sister-in-law! Er Sister-in-law, why are you so troublesome! Why do you want to come back after leaving?”

An Jiu rarely stared at him sharply, “Why do you all want so much? I’m going?”

Fu Huasheng blinked and reacted quickly, “Aren’t we good for you? Jing Xi played with your classmates anyway. Well, I, although I am not familiar with you, I am a person with a sense of justice. , I really don’t want to see you enter the devil’s den, so I’m kind to help you. It’s not that I said, the second brother is really unkind. Knowing my old man’s temper, isn’t this pushing you into the fire pit?”

“Thank you, you still Don’t help me. I’m not afraid of opponents like gods but teammates like pigs. Also, the third young master of the Fu Group, who has pushed an unknown number of girls into the fire pit, is not qualified to say this.” An Jiu didn’t have a good air.

Fu Huasheng was choked and speechless. He had a very bad premonition that An Jiu became more and more like Fu Chenshang, what should I do!

Distressed. Distressed.

Fu Jingxi, who had been silent all the time, sat down at the dining table, with no special expression on his face.

“Don’t worry, your second uncle will take care of it. Come and eat something.”

Fu Jingxi was as considerate as ever, as if nothing had happened.

An Jiu sat down with a “um”. At least, she has to maintain her strength.

Fu Huasheng looked at An Jiu and Fu Jingxi, not to mention feeling depressed.

He couldn’t figure out how things would develop like this. Even if Fu Jingxi really didn’t want to be wronged by marrying Song Anjiu, he could at least keep Song Anjiu away from Fu Chenshang last night.

It depends on the appearance of Fu Chen and Shang Xiaoren. Fu Huasheng was so vomiting that he almost vomited out the milk he drank in the morning.

Study room on the second floor.

“Who allowed you to move that girl?” Fu Zhengxun originally held his hand back, and when he finished speaking, he suddenly turned around and slapped the table fiercely at the person in front of him. The sound of that table shook the whole building. Three tremors.

“You.” Fu Chen replied.

Fu Zhengxun was so angry that he blew his beard and stared. He pointed his finger at him for a long time before putting it down again. “Since I have married An Jiu, I’d better have it cleaned over there.”

Fu Chen’s eyes suddenly turned cold, “You don’t need to worry about this.”

Fu Zhengxun sat down a little tired, he knew this son too well, and he knew exactly what his plan was. He had never expected him to really let go of that woman, but no matter what his idea was, as long as he was willing to come back and inherit the family business, he could open one eye to the others.

The current Fu Chenshang is the tiger returning to the mountain and the dragon into the sea, and An Jiu is like a super powerful plug-in that makes him even more powerful.

Fu Zhengxun knew that he could no longer suppress this son. However, he still needs to declare his position.

Fu Zhengxun took out his father’s majesty, and said solemnly: “I know you can’t like that girl. But, no matter if you are sincere or fake, if you marry her, even if you lie to her, you will lie to Laozi for a lifetime. Otherwise, what will you do? Don’t even think about getting it! As for the women outside, you can only be the women outside. I will only recognize a daughter-in-law

like An Jiu.” Seeing Fu Chen Shang seemed to be angry, Feng Wan came out in time to finish the game, “Master, don’t you To put it so pessimistically, I just saw that girl is pretty good, not as unbearable as the rumors say. Children always get emotional when getting along with each other, don’t you think?”

Fu Zhengxun glanced at Fu Chenshang and didn’t expect him to be. Answer “Yes” and say to Feng Wan: “Go and call that girl up.”

At this moment, An Jiu was taking millet porridge downstairs. Hearing Fu Zhengxun asked her to go upstairs, her legs were so frightened that her legs became soft, subconsciously. I want to ask Fu Jingxi for help, I want to ask the great god to add blood, throw a BUFF or something, but it’s really shameless. Jing Xi helped her in this way last night, and even took the initiative to dedicate her life, but she didn’t know what was good or bad.

As for Fu Huasheng, forget it, she would be grateful if he didn’t apply DEBUFF to her.

As soon as An Jiu was called up, Fu Huasheng hurriedly moved his chair and rubbed him next to Fu Jingxi, gossip about what happened last night.

“What’s the matter? Luckily, I even went to help you

distract Fu Chenshang. How come this nailed-up thing has gone wrong ?!” “You seem to have helped the wrong person.” Fu Jingxi hit the nail on the head.

Fu Huasheng was stunned. It was true that he and Fu Chenshang were relatively close when talking about the close relatives. So, is this scolding him for turning his elbow out?

With such an annoying brother, he must be able to turn his arm back.

No matter what, you must win once. For more than twenty years, he must come to this tone.

“It’s better to beg for yourself. It seems that only Xiaoye has dedicated himself.” Fu Huasheng’s tone was as frivolous as before, but his eyes were more serious than ever.

Fu Zhengxun looked at An Jiu very deeply and for a long time. An Jiu tried his best to observe his words and expressions, but he couldn’t see the clues from the expression of joy and anger at all.

Feng Wan coughed slightly to break the silence, and Fu Zhengxun finally said, “You should know that I am not satisfied with your family background. However, the ministers promised me that you will meet my requirements, so I will give you one time. Opportunity.”

After hearing this, An Jiu wiped his sweat secretly and met his requirements? Where did Fu Chenshang’s confidence come from? Although I have escaped the catastrophe for the time being, I will die sooner or later.

Feng Wan on the side took her hand and patted her, and took the opportunity to put on a pair of finely carved gold bracelets that looked age-old. “I have heard about you. Who hasn’t passed it yet, don’t give yourself too much attention. Great pressure. I believe in the ministers, and I also believe that you are a good child with potential. Work and study are important, but there are more important things than this. I, now I only hope that you can give birth to a child to the ministers sooner. I will hold my grandson.” Anjoute

was very touched by the first half of the sentence, and he cut off half a tube of her blood directly and brutally in the second half.

Sure enough, Feng Wan is not a fuel-efficient lamp.

Fu Zhengxun frowned, “Children are not in a hurry. Young people should focus on their careers. An Jiu’s current situation is not suitable for having children.”

Here, finally, she knew that she didn’t pass the test so well, and Fu Zhengxun was truly perfectionism. Although she had never thought of having children, she was still very depressed when she heard him say this. Is it because she can’t become what he likes in one day, so she can’t give birth to Fu Chen Shang’s children in one day?

An Jiu thought about it and felt something was wrong, suddenly his face became hot, ah, ah, stop and stop, why should I think about this, as if…as if I want to have a baby for this guy too much.

Finally, the two elders each exhorted a few more words. Fu Zhengxun gave her a small box wrapped in red brocade. Once opened, it contained a whole set of jade ornaments, exquisitely cut, and the texture was actually carved from the same piece of jade. It is priceless.

In short, she hasn’t been swept out and lost her face today. She has never been able to gain a foothold in City A since then. She has gained so many benefits. It is simply a bad character and a system bug.

An Jiu said inexplicably, “Believe in a profiteer, and gain eternal life.”

However, the crisis has not been completely resolved. Feng Wan warmly invited them to stay at home for one night. She wanted to cook for them personally. She was stupefied when she heard Feng Wan secretly instructing people to buy drunk shrimp, oysters, eel, antler, seahorse and bullwhip…

How come the more you listen … …

As soon as the two of them came out of the study with their front feet, An Jiu was caught off guard by Fu Chenshang and dragged them into a room. Visually, it was Fu Chenshang’s room in the old house.

With a slap, the door was locked, An Jiu was impermeably pressed behind the door, unable to move, nose pressed against the tip of the nose, breathing entangled in breathing, “What do you want to do? Can’t blame me, who told you not to tell me clearly at first Your house is so terrible…”

“This is not the reason you can spend the whole night outside with a man other than your husband.” Fu Chenshang’s eyes burned with fire, An Jiu was frightened when he saw it, and he wanted to pouting. Blow out myself.

Fu Chenshang reached her back with a finger and pressed a button, An Jiu immediately felt a cold in her chest, her underwear was untied, and a paw on her chest.

The skills are so adept!

As if the memory switch was turned on, and suddenly thinking of the night he was angry and left him behind, An Jiu’s body couldn’t help shuddering.

“I did a whole night of psychological struggle, okay? It’s not to be happy.” Her voice was muffled, and she bit his paw off bitterly, Fu Chenshang put it back, put it again, and put it back again. a chance to recapture ……

Anjou: “……”

“you’d dare” Fu-chen business Lengheng soon, because desire is particularly enchanting face faction lazy, “Do not worry, I will not move you today.”.

as Wen Tianlai, An Jiu sighed, his back was soaking wet, as if he had just caught it from the water.

She estimated that he was still a little bit worried that this was in the old house, and it was still in broad daylight.

“This will only make you comfortable, and will not have the effect of punishment.” Fu Chenshang analyzed seriously.

He, mother, de, over, estimated, he, de, festival, fuck, it!

An Jiu’s forehead bounced with blue veins, he pulled out the corset that he had taken off his waist and threw it onto his face, “Comfortable with your sister! Who is comfortable!”

If she hadn’t practiced both hands, her body was flexible. Dujia, I have fractured N times a long time ago, okay? Can normal people stand up to those unbelievable postures…

Fu Chenshang calmly caught the matte underwear he picked up by himself, and then naturally pushed up her clothes and re-dressed her, putting her with a strand of longer hair Behind the ears-“Let’s change to a more exciting way of playing.”

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