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Chapter 12 Two Missing To This Level (2)

A is big.

The night breeze was slightly cool, and An Jiu was wearing pink sportswear, standing on the runway and looking up at the back of the stands with his elbows on the railing.

“Jing Xi…” An Jiu trot to the stand, slowly slowing down as he gradually approached.

The moment Fu Jingxi turned his head, An Jiu almost suffocated his heart.

“Come here.”

An Jiu calmed his mind, and said silently in his heart “You are a wife, you are a wife, and you are a wife” and then he said: “Well, is it an urgent matter to look for me in such a hurry?”

As soon as An Jiu’s voice fell, the phone began to vibrate again, and I looked at the screen-Fu! minister! Business!

An Jiu was so nervous that he couldn’t grasp it firmly, and the phone was thrown in the air for several times before grasping it firmly.

“Give it to me.” Fu Jingxi said.

“Ah?” Fu Jingxi’s voice can definitely manipulate people’s minds, otherwise how could she be so mentally disabled that she would pass the phone to him!

Then she watched as Fu Jingxi took her mobile phone and pressed the connect button, and said “She is with me”, then hung up the phone, removed the switchboard, and did not return the phone to her at all. meaning.

Just now, it seemed that something

terrible had happened… as if ten thousand grass mud horses were rushing past in my mind. An Jiu was so stunned that

she was so stupid that she couldn’t recover for a long time. The wandering spirit said in a daze, “It’s over, this time it’s really dead…” The one who committed the crime was Fu Jingxi, who did it. I can’t say a word.

“Now, I ask you questions and answer me well.” Fu Jingxi looked at her with unprecedented seriousness.

An Jiu was cautious and trembling, “Did you…did you know? He really is your second uncle?”

Fu Jingxi’s face became very ugly for a moment, and it looked paler in the dim night.

He did not answer, which is tantamount to acquiescence.

Fu Jingxi quickly regained her composure and asked, “When did you meet him?”

Although Fu Chenshang had told her that Jingxi was his nephew, she had always been lucky. This time, Fu Jingxi confirmed it. Now, An Jiu was hardly hit, and he faintly replied: “About a month ago.”

“Where did you meet?”

“Liang’s family.”

“How did you meet?”

“My parents were there that day to reconsider who will support me. Fu Chenshang happened to be a guest at Liang’s house and ran into him. Then he said that I might as well live with him. I left with him on impulse. I thought He was joking. I really thought he was joking. Who knew he would get the marriage certificate…”

Fu Jingxi had a headache and rubbed her eyebrows helplessly. Degree of expression”.

“Why are you hiding from me? I remember saying that you must tell me something.”

An Jiu was distraught, “I…I don’t want to hear you call me second aunt!”

Fu Jingxi: “…”

“That…” An Jiu raised his hand, weakly said: “Can I ask a question?”


“Ah, Jing Xi, why do you have to ask so clearly? If you ask like this, I will misunderstand.”

“What’s the misunderstanding? “Fu Jingxi looked up at her.

“Misunderstanding you like me.” An Jiu said shyly.

“You misunderstood.” Fu Jingxi said calmly.


A cool breeze blew, Fu Jingxi took off her coat and put it on her, “I don’t care how you are crazy before. But this time, you are too

foolish .” An Jiu habitually messed up when he was upset. Hair, “I know I know! I know this thing is ridiculous. I also thought about remedying it. I read the “Marriage Law” with my merits, and I also planned a lot to try to catch evidence of his derailment and end it. This farce, but all failed.”

“It is impossible to break through from him.” Fu Jingxi’s tone was quite certain, and he paused and said, “It’s not just a way to cheat him.”

“What do you mean?

” You can too.”

An Jiu blinked and pointed at himself, “Me? Who can I follow?”

“Me.” Fu Jingxi replied.

“Puff—” An Jiu almost spurted out black blood, waved his hands hurriedly, “No, absolutely not!”

“Why not?” Fu Jingxi frowned and was dissatisfied.

An Jiu looked embarrassed, but his tone was serious, “Because you…you are sacred and inviolable in my heart.”

“It can be violated.” Fu Jingxi answered very naturally and calmly.

“…” An Jiu helped his forehead, messy, petrochemical.

Just now, what did the great god just say? She feels like the world is falling apart.

“Great God, don’t play.” An Jiu begged, clutching his fragile liver.

“Why not?” Fu Jingxi asked seriously.

“I said, because you are sacred and inviolable!” An Jiu was unable to hide his face.


“Of course! In my heart you have always been perfect like a god. In front of you, I can always be very relaxed. There is a feeling that all beings are equal in front of the Buddha. It is simply redeemed by the light of the Buddha!” ​​An Jiu He said a little excitedly, and then he spread his hands, “Look, no matter what I look like, you don’t have any special reactions. When I turn into a ghost, you won’t despise me and hate me; I’m like this, you won’t follow me. Others made a fuss about me or suddenly changed their attitude to me or something.”

“Really?” Fu Jingxi said, suddenly holding her hand against her chest.

An Jiu instantly felt that his three souls were out of his body and his seven souls ascended to heaven.

Emma was so touched that she could touch the chest of the great god in her lifetime!

The great god is in good shape!

After the excitement, An Jiu gradually realized that the heartbeat under his palm seemed… slightly faster.


What does this mean?

I really want to cry!

Since it is said that I have misunderstood, don’t continue to do things that make me misunderstand even more, hello!

“An Jiu, I am also a human.”

“Yeah, it’s a human being.” An Jiu didn’t overdo it. If you can’t stand the irritation at this time, you will be ashamed to be seen.

“Great God, can I take my hand away from your chest?”

She was determined not to say “Misunderstanding you like me” again this time. No matter how easy it is to misunderstand, it is also a misunderstanding. Keep this in mind.

“Yeah.” Fu Jingxi let go of her hand.

“Um… Jing Xi, can you return the phone to me?” An Jiu asked cautiously.



Fu Jingxi’s complexion looked at the thick, ink-like night sky in the distance. The white clothes fluttered in the night wind, as if it would melt into the night in the next moment and be swallowed up by the darkness. …

An Jiu was suddenly flustered, and subconsciously reached out and grabbed the corner of his clothes.

After a long silence, Fu Jingxi spoke with a vague voice, “I never seem to tell you about my family.”

Hey? Is Jing Xi going to tell her about his family situation now? Isn’t the situation in his family the same as the situation in Fu Chen’s family? Do you want to know what you are trying to get out of Fu Chenshang’s mouth soon? She suddenly felt a little nervous.

“Do you know the Fu Group?” Fu Jingxi’s voice drifted into her ears along the wind.

This exit is five thunderstorms.

The 10,000 grass-mud horses that ran past just now ran back and trampled her crazily.

An Jiu could hardly even speak. It took a long time before he could speak. There was a bit of war between the upper and lower teeth. “You…you are not talking about the multinational group Fu, are you?”


“Fu’s chairman Fu Zhengxun is you…”

“It’s my grandfather.”

An Jiu held on to the railing to stabilize his body, and swallowed, “It is rumored that the Fu’s chairman is particularly terrible…The Fu family’s youngest man is a romantic, so most The women who wanted to enter the Fu family started from him. The women who took the initiative to lie down on his bed were almost succeeded. They tried their best to get pregnant with the flesh and blood of the Fu family, and many of them succeeded. However, no matter if it was someone who seduce him The son, or the family that his son provoked, all those women ended up with miscarriages, and there were even one dead body and two lives… “

No wonder! No wonder Song Xingguo suspected that when she was pregnant, it was not because she was happy to be married, but because of the reaction. It’s no wonder that both Song Xingguo and Zhou Jingyi are determined that Fu Chenshang is just for fun, and that she can’t get anything.

Everyone knows that what the old man of the Fu family hates most is those women whose status and status are vulgar and who do not want to enter the rich family to tarnish the noble blood of his Fu family. He has strict requirements on the genes of his offspring and will never allow the children of women who do not meet his conditions to be born. Any woman who can enter the Fu family’s house has to go through five stages and kill six generals and die for a lifetime.

She actually hooked up with his son without knowing it, although she didn’t take the initiative to hook up, but this is not the point.

The point is that not only did she hook up, she also married silently, and she had seen the gates of hell open to her.

Fu Jingxi looked at her dying, “Now you understand?”

An Jiu nodded gravely. As expected , I dug the grave of Fu Chen and Shang’s ancestor in my previous life.

“What should I do now? Will I be murdered and destroyed and disappear into this world from now on?”

“Divorce.” Fu Jingxi replied.

Hearing these two words, An Jiu was suddenly silent.

Is this the only way?

A moment ago, she vowed to say that Tian would perform well, but she turned around and returned to the original point.

The shadow of Fu Chenshang in his mind surged up like a mountain. He looks fierce and stubborn, he looks helplessly spoiled, his brow furrows slightly, his belly black and poisonous tongue, he said that everything looks like me… all so real. Why did it become so far away in an instant…

Perceiving her hesitating and struggling expression, Fu Jingxi asked: “Are you in love with him?”

An Jiu thought, “Why, how could it be… I already regretted it, OK? Okay! If it weren’t for him always threatening me with wanting to mess with Liang Jiajia, and threatening me to send me back to Song’s Liang’s house, or…”

She couldn’t go on.

Fu Jingxi handed her a handkerchief blankly, and she was shocked to realize that she had already burst into tears at some point.

An Jiu suddenly felt that he was too ridiculous. No wonder Fu Chenshang said that he didn’t care about the Song family’s money at all, no wonder it was useless to win over the Song family. The Song family was a dust in front of the Fu family.

And what about yourself? She is probably the woman whose status and status are rude, and she is still trying to enter the rich family to tarnish the noble lineage of his Fu family.

“Because of emotional discord and separation for two years, you can automatically divorce.”

Fu Jingxi’s words undoubtedly gave the trapped beast in her heart an outlet.

The four words “feeling discord” are very subjective, as people say. Moreover, the situation of the two of them is also very consistent, so as long as she leaves him, not only will she not have to face the terrible Fu Zhengxun tomorrow, but also will end this absurd nightmare two years later.

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