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Chapter 11 Two Missing To This Level (1)

An Jiu’s shoulders were strangled with pain, but he did not dare to say anything. Fu Chenshang threw her into the car and drove home without any pity, and the cold air released along the way could be used as an air conditioner.

As soon as he arrived home, Fu Chenshang sat on the sofa and began to settle accounts with her, with a bitter tongue: “I have been bullied so many times without repentance. Self-abuse is so fun?”

An Jiu pursed his lips without any excuse.

He squeezed her chin and forced her to look at him, “Now I understand? The only person you can rely on is me, and the only person you can trust is me. If you don’t believe it, you have to believe, there is no choice.”

The moment she went to Song’s house He has already received the news. Since she couldn’t break it herself, he had to do it herself. She didn’t show up immediately just to let her recognize the facts and cut off all her retreat.

An Jiu’s rare sentence didn’t choke, but Fu Chenshang didn’t let down his breath for some reason, and the nameless fire in his chest burned more vigorously.

“Follow me home tomorrow.”

An Jiu finally panicked and said: “So fast?”

“Why?” Fu Chenshang glanced at her coldly.

Nothing .” “What are you hiding from me?”


“To be honest.”

“I’m just afraid…”

“Afraid?” Fu Chenshang sneered, because he was afraid that Fu Jingxi would know it!

An Jiu took a deep breath and actively raised his head to look at him, “I’m sure your family will never accept me unless they are blind as you are. Fu Chenshang, I don’t want to make you embarrassed, I don’t want you to be because of me. Embarrassed.”

Fu Chenshang was startled by mistake, his expression changed again and again, after a long while, he narrowed his eyes and looked at her inquiringly.

Like a searchlight, her gaze didn’t let go of her every expression hidden in the dark.

“You…” Fu Chen paused for a while, seemingly uncertain, “Are you going back to Song’s house for me?”

An Jiu’s face changed suddenly, and the hair all over his body was licked away like a cat that was stepped on its tail. Enter the first-level warning state, “What does this have to do with my return to the Song family, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Fu Chenshang only felt that the depression and anger that had just been pressing on his chest was blown by a breeze, and disappeared in a moment. Traces, there are only strands of warmth.


“You’re an idiot! ” “You’re

not an idiot? What do you think you have a good relationship with the Song family, my family will be more likely to accept you? Wouldn’t it be too late to hold the Buddha’s feet temporarily? “Fu Chenshang continued his poisonous tongue.

I have never felt so embarrassed, being said nakedly, without leaving any face, and the most unspeakable aspect completely exposed…

She probably was crazy to tell him this, An Jiu finally broke out, “Fu Chenshang, you let go Now I hate me as an idiot. I hate me for making you lose face. What did you do earlier!”

Fu Chenshang naturally didn’t let go , but hugged his arms tighter and chuckled, “Although I am idiot, it is very cute.”

An Jiu was crazy. “Cute your sister! I said no, no, no. Do you think I was abused because of you? Fu Chenshang, you think too much. I can’t think about it when I went to Song’s house. What’s your relationship? Narcissism also has a limit, is it good? I really think that you are unparalleled in the world and everyone is going to revolve around you… I said, did you hear what I said? I! Only! No! Yes! For! Now! You!”

An Jiu flushed, panting, staring at him fiercely, and smoke was almost coming out of his head like a steam train.

“Heh…” Fu Chenshang just looked at her dozingly, his eyes gleaming, reflecting the cuteness she desperately denied, bowed his head, kissed her chattering little mouth, held her lips and sucked fiercely. A pair of enthusiasm waiting to be swallowed.

Really a silly girl, so stupid to make people worry about her IQ, but so stupid to make people feel so stupid.

He had long noticed that Song Xingguo had bad intentions, but he never interfered and let her make her own choice.

As a result, she would rather choose to abuse her than her so-called relatives.

He was disappointed, angry, and out of control. He thought she was heartless, but in the end he was deeply moved by her; he thought that the only thing she would consider was Fu Jingxi, so he was still at the forefront. This recognition is the biggest reason that makes him happy.

However, is the mood at this moment because of getting closer to success, or because of getting closer to her heart…

“You are too reckless this time, what are you going to do if I don’t come?”

An Jiu curled his lips. “

Nothing . Anyway, I’ve always been so impulsive, and I never want the consequences of doing things.” He was pinched on the waist, An Jiu screamed, and quickly said: “Because I feel that I have a backer, I believe you will definitely come to the rescue. Me.”

Fu Chenshang’s mouth twitched slightly, and then he let go and showed his face, showing an expression of “I count you acquainted”, “Sleep well, tomorrow…”

An Jiu got a headache when he heard “Tomorrow”.

“Can you change the day?”


“Then can you tell me what your family does? How many people are there? Where is the god of the ancestors? I’m so prepared.”

” I’ll know when I go. “If you let her know, maybe she will run away overnight tonight.

“Why can’t you tell me directly? I think everyone seems to be afraid of you. You will not be the boss of the underworld. You lie to me to be the wife of the village?”

Fu Chen Shang squinted at her, “Which wife of the village have you seen? It’s so ugly?”

An Jiu kicked him angrily, and he grinned in pain.

“It takes me a few times to understand that you don’t have to think about anything, and it’s useless if you think about it. In addition, I have one more thing to ask you.”

“What’s the matter?” An Jiu suddenly had an ominous premonition.

Fu Chenshang put away the medicine box and threw two things over.

An Jiu looked intently, dumbfounded.

A colorful scarf, and a copy of the “Marriage Law” she secretly bought. The leaflet of the book contains the regulations on divorce…

“You, you…I was hidden under my underwear, why would you find out!” An Jiu He hurriedly pulled everything into his arms.

This wretched man!

“I can’t see any of your things.” The

servant began to have a full-blown aura again.


Everyone got the stolen goods, what else could she explain.

“Since I gave up defending myself, I just pronounced the sentence. Knit a sweater for me before the beginning of school. The mathematical, physical and chemical formulas must be memorized. I will check.”

“I protest!”

“The protest is invalid.” Fu Chenshang finished speaking. Throw the book and scarf into the box, and then take the box away.

An Jiu nervously said: “What are you doing?”

“Destroying the stolen goods.”

An Jiu was struggling to death with a murderous look, “Can I keep the scarf? I have knitted it for a long time…”

Fu Chen smirked, “Unexpectedly. Knitting love scarves for other men under my nose. Why didn’t you see you so diligent when you were studying? And, what is this? I never took the initiative to study but studied the “Marriage Law” hard for me, so I wanted to give up on me all the time? “

An Jiu knew that he was wrong, “I will correct it.”

Looking at her good attitude towards her mistakes, Fu Chenshang became a little angry, “Do you know what to do tomorrow?”

“I will behave well.”

“What about these?”

“I will throw it myself.”

Walking out of the house, An Jiuyi Standing in front of the trash can, holding the box with her face tangled.

That scarf was secretly knitted by her while hiding from Fu Chen Shang while he was not at home. Every time she took it out, she calmed her upset heart.

Now let her throw it away, really reluctant.

However, some things that could not belong to oneself have been greedy for too long, and it is time to let go.

Plop, like a heartbeat, the box fell into a black hole in the trash can.

An Jiu felt lost and relieved.

As Fu Chenshang said, she is already married, and even if she doesn’t have that idea, she shouldn’t do these things. She was found to be knitting a scarf for another man. She was already merciful if she didn’t draw her.

Taking a deep breath, An Jiu secretly made up her mind that she wanted to recognize the fact that she was already a wife. The first step was to observe the integrity and cut off contact with Jing Xi.

At this time, the phone in his pocket vibrated suddenly, and An Jiu was thinking about it, so he answered it without even looking at it.



“King King …… hope! I am!”

“Can see your face? I wait for you in the old place.”

“Twenty minutes’ll come!”


Until hang The pounding heartbeat of Anjiu on the phone calmed down, and at the same time he reflected what he had done just now.

Song Anjiu! What a bastard of your temper!

Twenty minutes, come right away!

Come on your sister!

Fu Chenshang is at home! How could she come right away in twenty minutes!

An Jiu couldn’t wait to shave his two big ears, and he did so.

“Why the second wife? My brother was punished again?”

An Jiu turned around and saw Fu Huasheng, who was here at some point behind him, wearing a sloppy pink shirt and carrying the car key in his hand.

“I’m annoying, don’t talk to me.”

Fu Huasheng rarely came up to gossip, just shrugged and knocked on the door and entered the room. After a while, he walked out with Fu Chenshang.

Seeing Fu Chenshang’s suit and leather shoes, An Jiu suppressed his excitement, “Are you going to go out?”

“Well, if you have something to socialize, you may not be able to come back at night. Tomorrow at eight o’clock, don’t forget.”

“I see.” An Jiu obediently replied. .

Before the two of them left, Fu Huasheng gave her a meaningful look, which made her feel a little guilty. Does he know something?

It should be impossible.

However, I still have to thank him for showing up in time, this is probably God’s will!

An Jiu squeezed a fist. For the last time, let’s take advantage of this time to make it clear. It’s even more awkward to meet when you save time.

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