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Chapter 10 was also loved like that (3)

Seeing her vain steps, Fu Chenshang held her shoulders tenderly, and asked unhurriedly, “I wonder if Mr. Song takes Anjiu back home?”

Song Xingguo was taken aback for a moment, and then confidently said: “She is my daughter. I need a reason to take her back? Parents naturally hope that their children will be well. Although Song Xingguo does not have the wealth and wealth of the Fu family, my daughter can’t let you play around!” This can be said to be defending against power and power. Up.

An Jiu glanced at Song Xingguo with a ghostly look. Song Xingguo would actually say such a thing, right?

Fu Chenshang didn’t mean to explain to him, he was too lazy to say a word, contempt to the extreme, “When you have the ability to take people away, come and talk to me, please come back.”

He still sternly used power to suppress people. Up.

“You…” Song Xingguo’s complexion suddenly became like pig liver, and he couldn’t help Fu Chenshang, so he glared An Jiu again, “

Think carefully!” After speaking, Song Xingguo waved his hand and left.

Fu Huasheng suddenly became dispirited and thought there was a good show to watch!

An Jiu looked at Song Xingguo, who had been angered away, with a complicated expression.

Fu Chenshang touched her forehead, and made sure that the temperature was normal and there was no more fever before he felt relieved, “Are you tired?”

An Jiu nodded.

Today is enough. She just wants to get a good night’s sleep now. As for why Song Xingguo suddenly changed his attitude, why Fu Chenshang never explained his relationship with her… She really didn’t bother to think about it.

Fu Huasheng teased: “He is also your old husband anyway. Is that good to him?”

Song Anjiu agreed: “I don’t think it’s good, too.”

Fu Huasheng was immediately excited: “Yes, right!”

An Jiu said, “Dog bites should be allowed.” He’s right, it’s cheaper.”

Fu Huasheng: “…”

Fu Chenshang directly hugged Song Anjiu and said to Fu Huasheng: “You go back too.”

Being hugged by the princess in front of outsiders by Fu Chenshang, An Jiu was a little embarrassed and simply buried his head in his chest and pretended to be dead.

Fu Huasheng gritted his teeth with anger, “Hey hey, Fu Er, you are too unreasonable. Throw me away as soon as I use it up. You are my condom.”

Fu Huasheng and Song Anjiu have something in common. .

I really couldn’t see that Fu Chenshang’s villain who embraced beauty and both wealth and color was so aspiring, Fu Huasheng turned his head and fled.

Just scream. Fu Jingxi stood in the way before, and Su Huili raided afterwards. The internal conflicts continued. Master, I will wait for the fisherman to profit, and see where you can go arrogantly!

Fu Chenshang became busy, and he came back late for several days, but he never stayed overnight.

In the meantime, Song Xingguo made a few more phone calls to her, but she didn’t answer, and he even sent a few touching text messages for the first time.

An Jiu looked down one by one while biting the potato chips indifferently.

“Daughter, answer the phone.”

“Baby, it used to be bad for Dad.”

“Baby, I know you won’t forgive me, but Dad can’t watch you ruin yourself.”

“Baby, can you come back and live? Anping has been arguing. Sister.”

“Baby, Dad promises you will never be wronged again in the future.”

every sentence was what she wanted to hear most. There is also the term “baby”, she has almost forgotten, and she was loved like that. An Jiu sat on the bed with her knees on her knees, watching over and over again, laughing lowly, but smiling harder than crying.

Half an hour later, An Jiu returned to the place where he had vowed never to come again.

“Uncle Zhang, is the old man at home?”

Even addressing people at home is more polite than addressing Song Xingguo.

Steward Zhang looked at Song Anjiu up and down, and was stunned for a long time before calling the maid on the side, “Quickly, go and tell Mr. Song that Missy is back!”

“Miss, it’s really you?” The butler asked excitedly.


“You’re so… pretty good-looking.” The butler said sincerely.

Although this girl was stubborn and bad-tempered, she never felt sorry for them. On the contrary, it was Fang Ru, the new mistress. When he was happy, he would give some money. When he was unhappy, he would not take them as human beings. The babysitter who was just fired was also because he knew too well what Fang Ru found out that he didnโ€™t care about what the child would be. As a result, that’s why I lied.

“Thank you.” An Jiu walked into the house.

I haven’t come back for more than a month, it seems like a lifetime.

“An Jiu is back!”

This is the first time Song Xingguo has greeted her with a smile for so many years, and it is rare for even Fang Ru to show her face.

“Anping went to learn to paint and I haven’t come back yet. Sit down and eat first. I’ll go and let the kitchen add two more dishes.”

“No need.”

“Why not, Dad will cook for you himself today. You are not the best Do you like to eat cola chicken wings and tiger skin green peppers made by dad?”

He still remembers these two dishes, and I don’t know how many years ago it was the last time I made them.

Song Xingguo was cooking in the kitchen in an apron. Fang Ru helped him. An Jiu sat on the sofa and watched TV with his chin. The employer brought her a small bowl of mung bean and white fungus soup with seedless watermelon on the plate.

“The dishes are ready! Come try Dad’s craftsmanship, I haven’t cooked for many years.”

An Jiu clamped a piece of chicken wings in an unusually cooperative manner at the dinner table.

“How is it?”

“Very good.”

Song Xingguo smiled with relief, “Dad is really happy that you can come back.”

“Yeah, your dad has been worried about you these days.” Fang Ru gave her a shrimp ball.

An Jiu didn’t speak, but just immersed himself in eating.

Song Xingguo and Fang Ru looked at each other, and were not angry because of her lukewarm attitude. She didn’t make the atmosphere stiff as soon as she spoke, but it was a miracle to eat with them obediently.

Song Xingguo kept picking up vegetables for her, looking distressed, “It’s rare that you have tempered so much. Have you suffered outside these days? You are all thinner and your face is not good. Will you move back to live in the future?”

Fang Ru agreed. “Yes, I have your room cleaned every day. It’s not a problem to always live outside. People who don’t know think I’m not treating you badly.”

An Jiu suddenly covered his mouth and restrained his stomach for a while. Another burst of surging.

“What’s wrong?” Song Xingguo asked concerned.

“It’s okay.”

Fang Ru’s face suddenly became ugly. “An Jiu, you won’t be…have it!”

Song Xingguo was so nervous that he almost dropped his chopsticks, “An Jiu, you…”

“It’s just an upset stomach.” An Jiu answered lightly.

Song Xingguo breathed a sigh of relief, but still worried, “An Jiu, don’t be angry with Dad anymore, neither of the two men is good.”

Fang Ru said, “Yes, girls should love themselves a little bit. You were sure before. I was deceived by their looks, and I wonโ€™t be able to communicate anymore. How many years can girls be younger? Itโ€™s not worth spending on these people.โ€

Song Xingguo patted her hands lovingly, โ€œAn Jiu, my father has always been giving Pay attention to the right person. The other party shows that the talent has a good family background. He will take you to see him another day. You will definitely like it. By the way, he seems to be from the same school as you, called Xue Hao, maybe you also know him.”

An Jiu’s mouth raised slightly. , The face was disappointed, but more relieved.

Finally, did you finally tell the truth? She endured it until now, and she almost vomited until she endured the nausea. The result… really made her feel at ease. That’s right, this is what her Song Anjiu’s father would do.

She always felt that she was worthless, so she was ruthlessly discarded. And now, Song Xingguo finally squeezed out her last point of value-commercial marriage.

Seeing her daughterโ€™s smile, Song Xingguo thought she was moved, and continued to offer what she thought was more attractive, “Dad knows that you donโ€™t like going to school. If you donโ€™t like it, then donโ€™t go there. I will help you with the withdrawal procedures tomorrow. In a few days, ask the teacher to teach you etiquette.”

Song Xingguo knows too well what kind of family background the Fu family is. Even if I broke my neck, I couldn’t afford to climb high, and I couldn’t get rid of him until he didn’t climb the high door. Therefore, at the reception a few days ago, when Xue Zhenchu, who had always been lukewarm to him, took the initiative to talk to him, and when he mentioned An Jiu, he implicitly revealed the meaning of marriage, he immediately decided that this was a good marriage. . He and Xue Zhenchuโ€™s company have always been in fierce competition. If there is such a relationship, a strong alliance after turning the enemy into a friend will definitely bring benefits and no harm.

Here Song Xingguo was conceiving the future for himself. On the other hand, An Jiu looked at him and said every word: “Song Xingguo, you are crazy about dreams.”

“You…” Song Xingguo’s eyes widened, unexpectedly An Jiu would suddenly turn his face.

An irritation flashed in Fang Ru’s eyes, but she still softly persuaded: “An Jiu, what’s the matter with you? Your dad is all for you.”

“You shut up, there is no place for you to speak.” An Jiu Without even looking at her, he stared straight at Song Xingguo.

Fang Ru was so frightened by her fierce arrogance that she didn’t dare to speak any more. Song Anjiu is not easy to provoke, she has seen it a long time ago.

“An Jiu, why don’t you understand? Dad just wants you to have a better life.” Song Xingguo still tried to persuade.

“Ha, Song Xingguo, why are you so hypocritical. You tell me directly, I’m just a waste of food at home, and I can only shame you outside. The only use is business marriage. Don’t be shameless.” , I can still believe that you are a man. I canโ€™t wait for me to die outside when Iโ€™m okay. When Iโ€™m okay, I think you have a daughter? Why didnโ€™t you think you had a daughter when I was bullied at school? I have a high fever. When lying in a 40ยฐ coma on a hospital bed, why didnโ€™t you expect you to have a daughter?โ€

Pushing her to marry casually will not only get a lot of help but also solve a big problem, it also fulfilled his reputation. As expected to be Song Xingguo, he is truly a dripping water!

Song Xingguo unexpectedly didn’t get angry. After all, it is his biological daughter, and he was prepared for her temperament.

Song Xingguo raised his hand, and two tall and strong bodyguards in black quickly blocked the door.

An Jiu stood there in silence, his eyes hollowed out, and there seemed to be light falling quickly, leaving nothing but a dark and dead silence.

Song Xingguo turned her head too unbearably, avoiding her gaze, “I admit that you are right, but I don’t think I have done anything wrong. For you, the best ending now is to marry.”

“Is it true ? Do you know that Xue Hao ever molested me at school? It was the time when the head teacher said that I

caused trouble and beat someone and asked you to come forward.” Song Xingguo looked calm, and seemed to know about it.

“You can’t be serious about children’s mischief. Xue Hao is very good, and he was admitted to B this year. Although you are two years older than him, but the other party does not dislike you at all, and said that they have a good impression of you, do you know this? How rare is it? Now itโ€™s not for you to get married right away, itโ€™s just an engagement, you can slowly cultivate relationships.”

An Jiu laughed self-deprecatingly. I really don’t know how to repent, and I still have ridiculous expectations of him at this time. She glanced at the two bodyguards calmly, “Song Xingguo, you really are refreshing your lower limit all the time.”

Song Xingguo knew that he couldn’t speak of this sharp-toothed daughter, and directly gestured to the two bodyguards with a sullen expression . , Obviously it is soft but hard to come.

An Jiu is just an ordinary girl. Although she is agile and a little clever, as Fu Chenshang said, in the face of absolute power, skills have no meaning.

The moment An Jiu’s hands were clasped by big iron-like palms, Fu Chenshang’s face appeared in An Jiu’s mind…

“Girls don’t want to fight without moving, haven’t I taught you?”

Accompanied by a reproach, An Jiu The power tied up in the hands disappeared, and everyone looked at the unexpected guest who suddenly appeared in horror. Song Xingguo’s expression was almost as hell, his mouth was open, and he couldn’t speak for a long time.

When An Jiu reacted, he had fallen into Fu Chenshang’s arms.

Easily twisted the bodyguard’s hand, grabbed someone into his arms, turned and left, in less than a minute. Except for the warning to An Jiu, he didn’t leave a word to Song Xingguo. However, in the near future, Song Xingguo and Xue Zhenchu, who want to abduct his wife, will have a deep understanding of the high cost of grabbing food from a tiger’s mouth.

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